Thursday, December 08, 2011


Guess what Santa is bringing me for Christmas this year?!

Actually, I hope it shows up a lot sooner than that! I just placed my order ---

This is my extension table for my Bernina machine, and --- ooops! I was reattaching the legs, and I don’t even KNOW how this snapped! But let’s just agree that it is NOT fixable :c/

((I may find myself resorting to some duct tape and some flat paint sticks as a bottom brace until the new one gets here—I’ve got projects to finish!))

This just puts a GRRRR in my day, Ya’ll!

But to get me in a better mood, here’s something I thought I’d share with you…


This is Cathy’s Tree!

Do you see what is ON Cathy’s tree??! Look closely!


Yay to Cathy!! But now she is going to have to wait until after Christmas to take them down and iron these suckers..LOL! Or at least until the next step that builds upon these units is revealed!

Tomorrow is the release of Part 4 of the Orca Bay Mystery! Will you be ready?

JoAnne McKee is! This morning she posted this silly poem to our Quiltville facebook wall!

Dear Bonnie Hunter;

Do you even have a clue?

The wild things you started, with your little strings of blue.

My husband thinks I’m crazy. My friends all think it’s sad

I used to be so normal…Now they think I’m mad!

I’m chopping up the phone books-- I’m slashing up old shirts.

I sew and sew into the night until my body hurts!

I rush into my best friend’s house, start digging through her trash!

She doesn’t care as long as I just stay out of HER stash!

I cut and sew for days and days and finally I am done.

Those little strings all blue and cute-- oh they were such fun!

So everyone is relieved and simply shake their heads,


Hahahahah!! I love love love this! And with this cheerfulness around, how can I be so upset about a little cracked machine extension table?

Now just WHERE is that DUCT TAPE?!


  1. Duct Tape would do wonders, especially "Gorilla Tape".

    While it will do wonders for your table, it is not so good for dogs... Long story short, my son's dog got some duct tape stuck to his fur and his belly. Getting it off was painful to the dog until I thought to spray him with Pam cooking oil. He needed a bath when we were done, but half a can of Pam released the tape with minimal fur and skin loss!

    LOVE the Christmas tree...


  2. What a great idea for those pesky HSTs!! Wish I thought of that. But please, please, please let tomorrow bring in the RED!

  3. Anonymous3:34 PM EST

    Love, love, love the poem, says what we all feel!! Regarding the table: I think they make some Gorilla Glue not just the tape, that may work until the new one arrives. Just a thought

  4. You may need to prop up the broken part as well as duct tape it. I'm sure you can make it work until the new one comes.
    Have a great day, Bonnie!!

  5. Anonymous3:51 PM EST

    I did the same thing to my table - sat something on it on the way home from the Hershey show. I fixed it with "Plastic Surgery" glue and it works good as new. I have also used PS in the past to repair a longarm template that I broke and it is still holding strong.

    Carole D
    Altoona, PA

  6. Great post. Started with tears but ended up smiling and laughing.

  7. Love the poem and decorations on the tree - some serious chain stitching. Oops on the extension table. Sounds like there are some good fix it ideas in the thread. I will have to remember plastic surgery. Is there such a thing as pottery surgery?

  8. So sorry about your table--been there, done that so I feel your pain. Love, love, love the garland on the tree! How clever is that? Reminds me of the year a friend decorated his tree with blue lights and several cases of Absolute minis. By the time New Years rolled around all the bottles were empty.m

  9. ohhh not good that it broke.... unless you have a husband like me who has a CNC router that can cut out a new piece??? though I don't need one.
    Those two stories are too FUNNY!! love the tree decorations and the poem..... after being in disney for a week- last week and coming home sunday, I had to catch up to #2 and #3, got 2 done and working on 3 but all pieces are cut and maybe 100 sewn together, I sew 20 and then cut and iron and snip off the dog EARS! like you TOLD us to.... are ever doing the next color? also I played with layouts on my blog and I'm guessing everything matches up to a 6" block (or 12" I guess) how many clues are there?

  10. What is that reflection I see in the broken table...could it be your OB Quilt?? yall look close..I see HST and maybe string blocks????. Can't wait until tomorrow for next clue!!

  11. Anonymous4:30 PM EST

    Bonnie--I know you'll want to replace this, but I've just made myself a 'Cheap Sewing & Quilting Table' out of styrofoam insulation, per the set of 4 videos here on youtube:
    I LOVE it!
    ~Jillian in North Dakota

  12. Poor table broke from the weight of fabric! HA!
    My brand new clear table's leg cracked when I was putting it on. I used two elastic hair bands to hold it together. It has been over 10 years and it is still holding!
    XOXOXO Subee
    try some small plastic containers to balance the weight distribution.

  13. Anonymous4:41 PM EST

    First of all, thank you for sharing your day. Brings back memories of when Dana came here for our January retreat and snapped her nice little table when she closed the trunk of her car. There was lots of scurrying too find another for the weekend.lol And the poem is wonderful. My feelings exactly and I love it.

  14. My table broke 7-8 years ago and my husband said to order a new one so I did...the larger one! Then my maintenance employee said he could fix it and he did! The repaired one goes to class with me as it is smaller and if it breaks again no loss. He used some sort of plastic repair "stuff" and sanded the top and bottom smooth after it set. Maybe the people at Lowe's can help you find the right "stuff" to do a repair.

  15. Anonymous5:25 PM EST

    Love the poem! Only Orca makers could smile so at it. Neat idea for the tree too. Be sure and NEVER carry your table by the legs either. My friend was and the leg fell out and the table broke all over the place because of it.

  16. Love that poem! and the christmastree girlands.
    ANd I know how you feel about yuot extension.table , did the same to mine, putted my knee on top of it - wups - broken. Look forward to tomorrow (only 8 minutes left here now - hint hint...)

  17. Love that poem! and the christmastree girlands.
    ANd I know how you feel about yuot extension.table , did the same to mine, putted my knee on top of it - wups - broken. Look forward to tomorrow (only 8 minutes left here now - hint hint...)

  18. I know at times Bernina dealers are difficult because of Bernina, not the store. But, it really looks like it broke really straight and maybe you didn't see a flaw or crack because of your excitement. It is worth a try since it is so new. It's not like you abused it. Good luck, that was a grrrr moment.

  19. OH the poem is terrific! and that just bites about the table...Will they trade the table, I hope, seems may be a design flaw--I have seen that happen before! *~*CAROLE*~*

  20. Anonymous7:12 PM EST

    HI Bonnie
    Sorry to hear about your table...the same thing happened to me...I had it sitting close to the door ready to pack the car for a retreat.
    My husband caught it with his foot and broke it.
    We "mended it" with clear packing tape and I've never replaced it!:0)
    Had done the same with a ruler that broke packing it to class....:0( The clear tape has held for both items for years!!
    Love all your scrappy quilts!
    Elaine st-eakin at telusplanet.net

  21. Duct tape is holding my June Tailor Shape Cutter together! Hope it works for you.
    I knew my tree was missing something--I just couldn't put my finger on it.
    Love that poem. What a hoot!

  22. It is almost Friday afternoon down here in Tasmania, Australia .... we are all (and I am speaking for everyone here in the Southern Hemishphere I am sure) anticipating the next step as we finish off the last little bits of Step 3 ... looking forward to it Bonnie. Sorry to see your extension board - it needs more legs on those things! Thanks for the Mystery, poems and photos - lovely x

  23. I have a teeny tiny table top tree (try saying that three times -- fast!)...it would be buried under all those HSTs!

    What fun!

  24. Love the poem. Orca Bay has kept me focused, excited and under the gun. So fun! Even my quilting friends aren't quite sure what I am doing, but at our lqs last week, someone came in just before me looking for fabrics for Bonnie Hunter's mystery!! Her scraps must have low!

  25. Aww man! That is a bummer! But, duct tape will make-do 'til the UPS guy, uh, Santa comes!

    LOVE Cathy's tree!

  26. I broke my table in the exact same place...do you have something like Tap Plastics where you live? They bonded a piece of plastic to the bottom - very strong - a little expensive but much less than the cost of a new table.

  27. I broke mine about a year ago. I got lucky and I glued it together. That lasted about 11 months and it broke again. So I ordered a new one too!!

  28. 3 snow days this week and I still didn't get to part 3. I am booked til Christmas at this point. Part 3 and 4 and probably 5 will just have to wait til the after Christmas lull. :(

  29. The HSTs on the tree are so awesome! I might have to do that with some of mine sometime! That is if I ever put up my tree!

  30. If you go to a glass shop they will repair it for you--they do acrylic repairs that may not look great, but will be smooth and will be strong.

  31. If you go to a glass shop they will repair it for you--they do acrylic repairs that may not look great, but will be smooth and will be strong.

  32. I just received my table. One difference I noticed is that mine from Sew Steady has an extra leg that attaches to the table in the middle with a suction cup. This would allow more support for the weight in the middle of the table.

  33. Sorry to hear about your table Bonnie....sending you some duck tape! Love the HST's as garland on Cathy's tree but I am so glad mine are all done and ironed, can't wait until tomorrow for step 4!

  34. I did repair mine with duck tape and it is working for years!

  35. wow- I have snapped the legs on my Janome one- actually only 1 leg- but it was easily replaced. Sounds like you have the solution tho. Love the HST tree and the poem! Some people are just SO luckily creative! Having fun still on the blues but working on other projects along the way...


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