Friday, December 02, 2011

Quilt-Jacking ---Get the Word Out!

This morning I received a note from Sue who told me about Sharon’s devastating news that her quilt disappeared after being shown in Houston. It is not a misplaced shipment --- the quilt went missing before shipping.

She writes:

I’m hoping you can post this information and picture on the on-line quilt group you’re with. I just found out that my “Really ‘Wild’ Flowers! Second Season” quilt went missing the day after the Houston show and I’m devastated and heart-broken beyond words. I’m offering a cash reward for its safe return, no questions asked. I would just like to have my quilt back home. The size is 62” x 64.5”.

Please urge each of the gals to send the information out to their own personal contacts as well if you would.

Thank you so much,

~ Sharon

If you have seen this quilt, please contact Sharon Schlotzhauer.

Sharon, being one who has to ship quilts often, and travel with them often, I feel your horror and devastation over your missing quilt. I hope we can find it and return it to you in short order!!

Everyone, please get the word out! I hate the thought of Quilts being stolen or missing for any reason.


  1. For the life of me, I don't know how this type of thing happens. It is mind boggling to say the least. Terrible.

  2. Hopefully it was just mislaid or redirected to someone else by accident..There were so many quilts and displays there. Please let us know when it is found (I'm optimistic)...

  3. Oh, no, not again! I certainly hope it turns up, but by spreading the word, it may "show up" unawares. It's pretty distinguishable (and very beautiful!). Good luck to Sharon!

  4. Such a shame - I really hope Sharon gets her beautiful quilt back. To think it has been stolen is truly awful.

  5. That just made me feel sick! What goes through some people's minds?

  6. Sadly this seems to happen. I can't imagine taking a quilt from anyone. Even at my minimal skill level, each of my quilts is so dear to me personally that I would be devastated at their loss.

  7. I just retweeted this - and to the thief - this is so uncool, watch out for Karma.

  8. Ugh! I just felt my stomach sink when I saw that beautiful quilt, now gone "missing". What kind of person would do this? Here's wishing a successful recovery of this beautiful work.

  9. Sharon, your quilt is absolutely beautiful. I'll re-post to my quilting friends and on-line groups. In the meantime, keeping my quilty fingers crossed that it is returned (or found).

  10. There are so many sites to report missing quilts has she tried to contact them as well. I can't imagine not doing so to get the word out to as many people as possible. I reposted My Quilt Life page.

  11. I will pray that it gets recovered. It is absolutely stunning.

  12. A dear friend, who is a authors quilt books, had one of her quilts disappear from a trunk show/book signing at a fabric store. Amazingly enough, it showed back up many many months later. She never asked where it had been nor what had happened to it -- she was just grateful to have it back. We'll all be sending up quilty prayers for the safe return of Sharon's Really Wild Flowers.

  13. Somebody needs to invent some kind of tagging system for the quilts in an area. A sort of GPS for its location.

  14. How terrible, the crew at the Festival worked so hard keeping track of what was going out the door, they went thru our bags and boxes before we could leave the Community Service booth area and no one was coming in or out w/o a check. My prayers are with Sharon.

  15. A nightmare! Seems to be happening more these days.
    Be sure to post about it on lostquiltscomehome.com - Not sure that is the correct address.

  16. Anonymous5:51 PM EST

    Oh!my! how sad. Lets hope that it wasn't stolen but, missplaced. All that time and

  17. Anonymous1:30 PM EST

    Let's pray the quilt is returned. Quite a few years ago, my daughter had a quilt disappear.
    She had a more Christian attitude than I...
    Publicity (fom me) helped and about 2 months
    later it was returned through the Catholic Church. Perhaps, the person who took this quilt will also feel guilty...

  18. What's wrong with people?!?!
    Over at the William Morris blog (AU), shes lost a couple recently, back to back! One, her friend made and recently passed away.... Terrible! Glad yall are getting this out to use the power ofthe web this way

  19. http://williammorrisandmichele.blogspot.com/

    Here it is. Not the same situation, but stil....

  20. There is a website for posting lost/stolen quilts.


    It should be entirely possible to "chip" touring quilts, much like you can now chip a pet. RFID devices are inexpensive enough now to show up in credit cards, so the technology is certainly there.

    I had the pleasure of seeing that quilt at the NJ Mancuso show last winter/spring - I was white-gloving and I was able to examine both sides of that wonderful quilt and listening to 2 women try to deconstruct it.

    I truly hope that Sharon's quilt shows up. I will repost this to help spread the word. It is truly heartbreaking that it's missing.

  21. Has there been any news, I posted on Facebook, hope the right person sees this.

  22. Sharon L. Schlotzhauer12:03 AM EST

    I thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers regarding my stolen quilt. My heart goes out to ALL who have had a quilt missing or stolen. My Wild Flower quilt has not been recovered to this date, and I've not heard from anyone in regard to seeing it anywhere. I would appreciate you all keeping an eye out for it - maybe it will be seen, reported, and returned in perfect condition - soon.
    Thank you all again!


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