Monday, December 12, 2011

Virtual Christmas Party!!

I just did the MOST FUN thing!! I’ve never done this before, and I was a bit nervous, but I figured if I could do radio shows live on the phone, I could do this….the only hard part?

Wondering if I needed to put make up on for this?! Do I do my hair? Hahaha!

((And you can see ME taking a pic of the laptop screen with my phone in the bottom right of the screen..LOL!))

My friend Mary Koval of Antique Quilt Fame has an adorable quilt shop in Bedford, PA--- it’s a very very cool old building they’ve renovated! I saw it in the construction phase when I visited with her after my last visit to Hershey, ummmm….wasn’t this year, so last? 2010? I need to get myself up there to see it live and in person. Bedford is an adorable historic old town!

Mary designs delicious reproduction fabrics, many of them based on fabrics in the antique quilts she has. Below are links to several of her lines. I bet if you checked your stash, you'd find some Mary Koval in it if you are into reproductions at all!

Baltimore Album ca 1847
Cat In The Manor
Mary's Blenders
Victorian Rose
The Coverlet Collection c. 1820-1860
American Beauty
American Vintage Harvest
Family Tree
Family Tree II
Lady Liberty
Mary's Favorite Blues II c. 1810-1890
Mary's Muslins c. 1870-1910
Paradise Garden
Remember Me - Blue
Remember Me - Gold
Remember Me - Green
Treasures Uncovered c. 1810-1870
Victoria c. 1870
Vintage Christmas
Winter Carnival

If you want a real antique quilt treat, take a tour through her website HERE!

She has a wonderful group of women that meet at her shop ---they are SO heavily into making charity quilts for local organizations, it just blows me away. Show what does this lead into?

Today was their Christmas party, and Mary had called me last week arranging a Skype call with the ladies as a surprise! They put my patterns and Scrap User’s System to good work this year, making over 200 donation quilts. THAT’S A LOT OF QUILTS!! And a lot of scrap fabrics finding a good home.

One of the sweet ladies is 90! And still sewing her brains out --- so I said that I didn’t need to worry about turning 50 next month, that I’ve still got a long way to sew :c) Another of the ladies has made nearly 100 quilts herself for donation. One quilter donates her time machine quilting all the tops for free. I am just so inspired!

And so thrilled that they wanted to include me in their Christmas luncheon party! However, I think they got the better end of the deal, their food was REAL – I just had to watch them enjoy it! Hahah!

This just made my day ---Could it be? I’m feeling festive? I think I feel the need for some egg-nog coming on!


  1. Bonnie,

    Think of it as a victory. Think of all of the calories you saved at the virtual party! :) Yeah,

    I know .. it is a hollow victory. It just doesn't compare to a great gingerbread man. :) But, you did save some time at the gym! :)


  2. Over 200 donation quilts? Wow... that's fantastic!!!

    As Ida mentioned... you saved a lot of calories attending the party virtually... so go enjoy some eggnog!


  3. Bonnie, that sounded like it would be alot of fun for them!! ;-) They got to see you, enjoy what you had to say and eat their snacks and laugh!!
    And you got to watch!!!

    But, it would have been fun!! I think it's really neat how you can be there with them and still be at home, with your own things around you, and not the rush you are usually in when you travel. That is one nice gift you gave them and the fact that they are using your talent (your patterns, your scrap user system....) is a testament to how wounderful you are!!
    Merry Christmas Bonnie!!!

  4. Bonnie, I am also turning fifty next month. It is funny that you mentioned this today because in fact I turn fifty in fifty days. I only know this because my sweet sister is bringing me FIFTY gifts today! One to open each day leading up to my birthday. Fun, fun, fun.

  5. Quilters are the best, most generous people on the planet. How wonderful what these women are doing!

  6. Anonymous4:19 PM EST

    That sounds like a very giving group. And for you to share your time with them was probably a big treat for them as much as you learning that your hints and patterns means so much for others. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Go with the feeling, Bonnie. Egg Nog or Wassail--they spell Christmas!!


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