Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mug-Rug in a hurry! ((Free from me!!))

I’m in a hurry…..I’ve got to be to the car dealership at 8am to have Shamu in for some routine maintenance….and then after that I’m on my way to Columbia SC to see Jason!

There was a ton of stuff I “SHOULD” have been doing last night, including packing, but I didn’t..because…well….you see there was this pile of crumbs. and the greens were playing so nice with each other, and the little strips and pieces of neutrals were just too cute, but small..and I was thinking of pitching them ((Yes I was!! But I did not!!)) and before I knew it….

Well, I had this idea for a cute little stringy strippy mug rug….and…well! It turned out SO. DANG. CUTE! It’s a Tannenbaum Mug Rug!

Before I even knew what happened I had layered it, pin basted it..and I was sitting down and dropping the feed dogs on my trusty old Bernina..and FREE MOTION QUILTING this thing!

storytimestars 005
I haven’t free-motion quilted on a domestic machine in years, and let me tell you, it’s an acquired skill that needs constant up-keep if you are going to keep it! OY! Do you see those loops that cross over each other? And how square some of those rounds are? I did some of the ugliest stippling of my life..LOL! But It is still so cute I decided to bind it and keep it…

SO…you want one? I’ve quickly drawn up my foundation pattern and you can get it HERE.

After clicking to view the page, right click and save the file to your computer.  To print, find the file on your computer and print it after clicking to open it there.  If you just print from the page view, it might not print the correct size.

I’m not including paper piecing instructions with this. I’m assuming you have some paper piecing skill, or can look it up on the net. I didn’t even number the foundations, but I did put it so 4 trees print per page so you can run multiples.

The foundations are “missing” some lines…because instead of having all lines drawn for you so you can make each tree identical ((Who wants to do that?!?)) you will place the pieces free style to fill in your trees and your backgrounds.

If you want to...you can add pencil lines to the blocks to give you a guide where to sew your green pieces in the tree, and you can draw lines in the block background to help you with string placement for that ---just look at my completed mug rug and you can wing it just like I did! The great thing about string piecing? It doesn't HAVE to be perfect...EVER!

You are going to:
  1. Crease template on "Tree Triangle” lines for ease of placement
  2. Place trunk piece as #1
  3. Add two pieces to either side of trunk
  4. String piece up the tree triangle with crumbs. The creases help you know where to aim and shoot for…have your scrap and stitching go BEYOND the crease line.
  5. Fill in the backgrounds with random strips and strings.
  6. Trim Trees 1/4” from the seam line.
  7. Remove paper foundations.
I have the utmost faith that you can do this without me having to show you each step!
From here--Sew your trees side by side! You can put the short one on the left or right, it doesn't matter. Have fun with it!

Cut 4 border rectangles 1.5” X 4.5”. Cut 4 1.5” squares for cornerstones.

Sew the borders and cornerstones to the block and press. Layer with a scrap of batting & backing --- quilt, bind and enjoy! Your mug rug will finish at 6-1/4” Square.

I’ll be back Wednesday night, or maybe Thursday….not sure, playing it by ear. I’m taking binding with me to keep my hands busy if we decide to stay in, have pizza and visit.

As I type this, we’ve got over 70 links on yesterday’s Mystery Monday Link-Up! Be sure to stop by and check them out..I’m loving the different colors that people have chosen!

Oh--- and that job??? Jeff starts TODAY! Yeah! No one who hasn’t lived and struggled with a bi-polar ADHD child can understand what a big deal it is to see any amount of progress. ANY amount. The smallest positive is a HUGE POSITIVE.
And so we move forward!


  1. Too cute Bonnie! I so hear you about your son. My eldest (whom I think is Aspergers) has been in and out of uni twice. Hasn't finished the degree. Has moved states, and at the age of 26 has just landed his very first job - working at a service station..... and I am over the moon! God Bless your family this Christmas.
    Rainy (Down Under)

  2. Anonymous8:02 AM EST

    Bonnie, thanks for the mug rug. Good news for Jeff; in this economy, any job is a good job. Good for him. May your travels be safe and your visit a wonderful time.
    Best always

  3. Now, you see, I would have looked at your free motion quilting that you did on your dsm and said, "Wow - I can't wait to grow up and be like her!" Looks great to me. And congrats to your son for getting the job. I know how proud you are of him!

  4. Your rugmug is too cute! I just read an amazing book on dyslexia- The Dyslexic Advantage, that talks about the positives. I think everyone should read it...there is a free sample on Amazon, and I checked it out from my local library on line as an ebook. It talks about brain function "wiring" (my word), and the advantages in the different brain function styles. It is very different than any other book I've read on the subject. I'm mentioning it because it talks briefly about other diagnoses, and also because it is the first book I've found that points out the positives, instead of dwelling on the negatives of those of us with learning differences (aka disorders). It was very uplifting for me concerning both myself and my young adult son. Now if I can get him to read it...and his new wife.

  5. When I read "bipolar", my heart went out to you. My brother deals with having a bipolar child, and it has been such an incredible amount of stress on them and on the whole family. Bless your heart for all you do for free for we fans, amid all your responsibilities and burdens. And a very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    P.S. I looked at your free motion quilting and thought it was lovely and wished I could do it as well. Don't point out your failings - no one else is looking for them! We just enjoy what you do.

  6. What a cute mug rug! I love making them because they are fast and a great way to try out a new block. Congrats on your son getting a job!

  7. Thanks for the super-cute and free pattern! I love it, and may just have to whip up a few if I ever catch-up on the mystery :-)

    I'm so happy for Jeff. I didn't realize he was bipolar as well as ADHD. That is a lot to struggle through. I'm sure your love and support has made a huge difference for him.

    Enjoy your visit!

  8. Cute trees.
    SO glad Jeff got a job. Today, any job is GOOD.


  9. Awww, that's adorable!!!! Will definitely have to try one just for the fun of it! And congrats on the job .... I'm one of those mothers too so I rejoice with you!!!!

  10. Thank you for the quick gift idea as I am running out of time. I think these may find their way into my weekend hideaway in the sewing room.
    Congrats on your son getting a job--mine is 16 and has Aspergers and ADHD. We are trying out volunteering at the PetSmart, taking care of the kittens up for adoption.
    Trying to learn how to deal with the public.
    Now if I could get him to wake up!!!!

  11. " someone stop me"
    Are you kidding we all reap the benefits of your "I must make this" moods!
    We're not going to ever stop you :0).
    Have fun with boys, this too will pass, no one ever told you it was gonna be easy right?

    Big hugs,
    Happy Sewing,

  12. Bonnie, I am envious of you having time with your child today, etc. It is always a special time when you can be with them. Just remember this, God never gives us more than we can handle and you are a strong woman and will get thru these times. Thanks so much for the wonderful mug rug. I am going to do this, maybe even for a gift? And of course one for me and mine! Keep up the good work and know you will endure and come up smiling as always!

  13. Thank you for the mug rug pattern. I needed a quick gift for tomorrow, hope I'll get it done.
    My son is also bi-polar. Found out when he was 28, kind of late. He already had a trade and was working for his dad. Took him several hospital stays (one for a year) before he figured out he has to stay on his meds. Now if we could find a lady friend for him life would be good. It is a lot to take on and most women don't want to deal with it.

  14. It must be a Mug Rug Day. I need to make one for our Guild Exchange tonight. You're Mug Rug is very Cute and so YOU in being scrappy and using strings. Have a great visit in SC.

  15. Such a cute little mug rug. You're just always giving us things....Thank You. Have a safe trip to SC and I hope Jeff loves his new job.

  16. Bonnie, I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip. I have an adult ADD child living with me, so I kind of know what you are going through.

  17. thank you for this nice rug mug ! I'll try one tomorrow ! I love it !!!!

  18. Step away from the strings... LOL!

  19. CONGRATS ON HIS JOB. sUCH AN ADORABLE LITTLE BLOCK. I'd be glad to have my completed block look so nice.

  20. You are so generous with your talent and time. What a cute little mug rug!
    Safe journey to you and good luck to Jeff on his new beginning!

  21. Thank you for the mug rug pattern. It is lovely. So nice of you to share.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

  22. I was just looking at this one again, and I want to make a mug rug for my kids teachers, but they all like purple and because I piecked purple instead of one of the ORCA colors I'm running low, so a tree in the middle with a purple border would look nice instead. hmmmm

  23. I made one today and I'm so proud of it. Thanks for the pattern. Click on this link to see mine:


  24. Beatrice3:30 AM EST

    Hello Bonnie,
    I took the liberty of borrowing the Tannenbaum mug rug picture. I've posted a link to your tutorial on a French quilters'forum.
    Thank you for sharing.

  25. The mug rug is great. Congrats on the job for the person who lives with Bi-Polar disorder. Don't forget, the disease is not the person. No one would want to be called a canceric. This is just a pet peeve and I had to get it off my chest. I love your blog.

  26. Anonymous5:44 AM EST

    Hi Bonnie,I have only just found your site and have spent most of the day sourcing your free patterns. I am involved with an anglican group of ladies that are making what they describe as prayer quilts for anyone in need of support or comfort after a request has been received and the offer of a quilt has been accepted by the recipient. Your patterns will be of great value to help show new patchworkers simple ways of constructing and making quilts.I am enquiring as to the the copyright of your patterns for this use.

  27. This is the gift that keeps on giving! I know you posted it in 2011
    but I just found it in 2014. So cute thank you so much!


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