Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Holiday Freebie --- Paper Pieced Tree!

I’ve been having a lazy day --- but that doesn’t mean that hands are not busy! I’m sewing bindings like crazy, trying to get these quilts ready to be sent off for photography!

I’m going to have to spend some time doing some labels too, but for right now, I’m tackling bindings.

I’ve had a heck of a time binding with 100% cotton threads that want to shred back against themselves after only a handful of stitches through the binding. Does that drive YOU as nuts as it does me? I’ve tried “thread heaven” to lubricate the thread, it doesn’t matter --- after a few stitches, it drags and shreds into a lump and the thread breaks.

This morning I decided to try something different and tried some bottomline thread that I usually use in the longarm machine bobbins. It hand stitches like a dream! I had read somewhere that people liked it for applique too ---it behaves like silk thread, but it is quite strong.

I know what I’ll be binding with from now on!

This free little 4" tree is so cute, I thought I’d pass it on to you! I’m thinking mug-rugs or Christmas ornaments ---could even put 4 of them together for a small wall hanging --- it would be a great place to pull out the green and neutral scraps and crumbs for the tree, some blues for the background, and a hunka chunka brown for the trunk --

Click HERE to download the free pdf!

I’ve had emails today saying that the link to comment on the Story-Time Stars post wasn’t there..but yet several people were able to comment, so I think it’s either a blogger thing, or a browser thing? It isn’t anything I did, so there is nothing that I can do to fix it – my thought is to just to reboot your computer, try a different browser, and/or wait it out!

And with that…I’m headed back to put in some more binding time!

The finger feels much better….I’m watching it to see if any red streaks or swelling or other symptoms arise, but I am about 30 hours past incident and other than tenderness in the nail bed, I’m fine. But I sure will be more careful from now on…..and pay attention to that heel tap feature on that Bernina pedal!


  1. Anonymous3:29 PM EST

    Thanks for the adorable Christmas tree pattern.
    Glad your finger is feeling better today.
    A nice day to sew here in Maine as it's raining. What's with that in December anyway. So I made a Santa to go on my door. Fun!

  2. Anonymous3:38 PM EST

    Thank you Bonnie for the tree pattern. I think I'll make a couple for our tree. I'm always looking for new ornaments to make.

    I just noticed your blog about sorting your strips and I couldn't believe it when I came across this other blog where this woman must be the queen of organization and fabric hoarding!
    Her basement is TOTALLY UNREAL!!


  3. I'm glad you discovered the Bottomline thread for hand sewing. I too love it for applique and binding and bobbin thread! I fill my bobbins half as often. And for hand applique it does behave much like silk without the high cost.
    I want to sew too, but back to packing, packing, packing...

  4. Thanks - goign to try that this evening. I am with you, it drives me nuts when the thread shreds. I have some bottom line

  5. Anonymous5:12 PM EST

    Long ago I discovered to use my longarm bobbin leftovers for hand sewing bindings down. It works wonderfully and "clears" the bobbin for a new thread color. :-) Ouch...on that finger! Also the quilt on your bed is wonderful!

  6. Hi Bonny,
    I know the thread problem, too, but I got used to turn the needle between my fingers every now and than in the opposite direction of the shred back while stitching and the problem was gone.(Does this make sense to you? I am afraid my English is not well enough to express myself :o( )
    xx Doris

  7. I am using bottom line on a quilt I am making and have used it for everything since I accidentally bought about 3 times what I needed and don't anticipate using navy a lot. It has done everything I needed. Hand work is a dream.

  8. I like to use bottom line for bindings and applique. I have tons of it. So fine works great too, and even glides easier than BL. So Fine is my favorite long arm thread, just runs like a dream for me.

  9. Thank you for the freebie pattern!

  10. Glad your finger is feeling better, this morning the comment section on that post was not there, figured blogger was up to no good as usual.

  11. Bonnie, My husband is dealing with a bone infection resulting from stepping on a nail which went all the way thru his foot. No fever, no red streak, no sign of infection. Completely healed. Area would swell sometimes and hurt sometimes. Finally went to Dr. Xray showed bone infection. (This is weeks after incident.) So if your finger doesn't seem right even without sign of infection, get it checked out. Okay??

  12. I like this little tree pattern. Thanks for the link. Little buttons sewn on would make cute ornaments.

  13. Thanks for the free pattern, and for the update on the finger. I've been wondering how you are doing! I haven't heard of Bottomline thread, now I'll have to hunt for it!

    Enjoy your day....I finished cutting triangles last night, tonight I start sewing! I am so determined to finish before Friday :-)

  14. Thanks for sharing this cute little Christmas Tree pattern.

  15. Bonnie, I agree that Bottom Line thread is the bomb for applique and hand stitching bindings! If you really want to treat yourself, get all three "Frostings" packs...you will have every color you will ever need: 30 different pre-wound bobbins. I put all mine in a traveling box and keep them in my hand piecing/applique kit!


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