Thursday, December 01, 2011

Go Climb a Tree!

We have a lot of trees. More trees than anywhere we’ve ever lived in our lives ---and I love them.

I love being tucked in under the green shade of leaves in the summer to the point where I can’t see any neighbors at all unless I try really hard…

I love the smell of woods in all seasons….

I love to hear the wind blowing through the branches…

I even love the sound of the acorns bouncing off the roof and on to the back deck….but those acorns are NOT so fun when you can’t see where you are walking in the dark on the way to the hottub for a midnight soak…and mistakenly step on one!

I don’t like the branches that break off and take out the power or block the driveway in a wind storm or ice storm—so today I had some guys come by to take out some of the big dead limbs and a few other dead trees that could prove to be a hazard in the upcoming winter months.

novelties 021

You shoulda seen this guy! He had these spike things on his shoes, a belt around this waist..and a rope…and up he went. Just that fast --- like nothing at all!

It didn’t take them long at all, and the dead wood was set aside for chopping for firewood later, or disposing of ---Now I don’t have to worry about DH trying to do something like this to save money and break his neck!

Now THAT’s what I call a tree hugger!!

I was a good girl today. I stuck to it, I did! We are ready for part 3 of Orca Bay to go live tomorrow morning!

I also finished up one pattern section of the next book, and sent it off to my editor ahead of schedule! Woot! On a roll now. Now that December is here I really need to buckle down and get those patterns written out.

When I was done, and had hit SEND --- I rewarded myself with a bit of this:

novelties 022

It’s all laid out and ready to sew together! Might get the center done tonight. Now I’m thinking of the next thing it needs --- BORDERS! Another conundrum CHALLENGE!

What do you think? Does she keep it simple, or does she just keep on marching on, Bonnie style?!

Stay tuned and find out!


  1. Anonymous6:52 PM EST

    Bonnie, aren't those guys great. They climb the palm trees here in Phoenix all the time and I just worry one will fall one of these days. I actually had to hire one years ago because my silly cat decided to climb a palm and couldnt get down. lol. no one else would go after her. Wow

  2. Keep it simple girl - there's enough "busy" in there already. Remberber - it's a BABY quilt!

  3. Keep it simple Bonnie---you know the KISS principle
    It is FABULOUS just as it is, Marilyn

  4. Anonymous7:05 PM EST

    The quilt is looking good. I think a solid color (dark, maybe black) would be a great border. I'm not there to see it though, and I know whatever you choose will be great.

  5. Anonymous7:10 PM EST

    Cheddar border?

  6. Less is more, you know it better then us!!! But it is wonderful!!!

  7. love, love, love the baby quilt. I think a bonnie style border would be great. I see the extra hst's being used in the border...pinwheel style...following a small solid border.

  8. Is there any question what YOU will do? : )

  9. My guess is that she puts in a not so wide more quiet boarder and then marches on in TRUE Bonnie style. I kind of agree with Marilyn with the KISS principle but I do think it needs a boarder to stop the eye from bouncing out into space! However you finish it.....it will be wonderful!

  10. March on in full Bonnie style!! Go on you can do it. I am looking forward the the next OBM step.It is so much fun to see what everyone is doing, but most interesting, is where everyone comes from....all over the world....and that is just the bloggers!

  11. If it were mine, I'd bind it just like that.

    It always puzzles me how tree maintenance comes in cheaper per man-hour than many indoor contractor jobs.

  12. That is one GREAT baby quilt!! I love how b/w goes with brights. And, just for the record, I like it without a border!

  13. Those tree trimmer guys are amazing and so scarey to watch.
    I vote to add a Bonnie style border of piano keys with maybe some pinwheel corners. It should be fun, as it is a baby quilt. Whatever you do we will all be amazed and wish that we had thought of it. This little quilt does give us something to focus on while waiting for the next step of Orca Bay.

  14. I'm thinking a skinny inner border of a dark , then flying geese longways for the next one and bind it with a black and white. Whatya think? Can't wait, but will HAVE to until morning for the next OB step.....sleep tight.

  15. I love the baby quilt. I like to add a solid border after I have done a pieced border and I almost always use cornerstones. I agree with Angie that another border would "wrap up" the center of the quilt and stop the eye. Cannot see your finish on this, Bonnie.

  16. Anonymous8:30 PM EST

    keeping it simple is the way to go, after all it's a baby's quilt. I'd love to have the pattern for the Evening star that you used in this colorful baby quilt, it is just wonderful! Thanks for inspiring us all!

  17. A plain solid border will look too blah with all you've got going on in there. You've gotta have some piecing in it!

  18. (chanting) piano keys! piano keys! piano keys! perfect for your every border need!

  19. Bonnie that looks great...really colorful and lively. It will definitely be a quilt that will "grow" with the baby and provide alot of pretty colors and interest...good job!

  20. I love my trees too, except in a wind storm! I grew up in CA and survived many a quake, but wind storms terrify me. When I am at home, I can hear the wood cracking, and know a tree somewhere close is falling, and wait for it to fall on my head! But mostly, we lose trees because the ground gets so wet, the roots have nothing but mud to cling to, so down it goes!

    I see a bright piano key border, with a cheddar binding of course!

  21. I'm thinking no border, so looking forward to what you do. It is a great block especially with the bright colours and the black/white checker board. I love the sound of the trees in the wind a nice not over the top crashing down the tree wind, just nice and gentle. i find it calming, like the hum of my sewing machine. Peace is found, even for a little while. Better to hire those guys than hubby trying to do it all! Happy stitching.
    piano keys, might be busy...

  22. Bonnie, I would just keep it simple. Any more movement on the top, I think it would loose some of what makes it so neat looking.....
    Try something new!! just sandwich it, quilt it, bind it - and call it DONE!!!

    Now, how is that for 'trying something new'?!!

  23. Do a Blue border and use the same blue for the backing. That's my Idea of the Finishing of this one!

  24. humm..I'm seeing a narrow inner border, black, red or royal blue? And then an outer border in the usual Bonnie style.

  25. Anonymous7:09 AM EST

    Wow! I really like that. Almost doesn't need anything else. But, I think an inner border - blue, red or green and then a busy outer border. Maybe some more of the checkerboard????
    It is busy enough already but I love busy borders.


  26. How about a bright lime green or cheddar/orange border?

  27. Forgot to say to Enjoy those Trees! What few trees we have, they've been planted by us.

  28. Those trees guys are great, they run up a tree faster than we can walk uphill sometimes! As for the borders, it will be 100% Bonnie style I am sure! Maybe a small solid black then a postage stamp, or piano key border using all the colors in the quilt.

  29. Those tree trimmers make it look simple and easy, but it is actually a pretty dangerous job.
    My nephew was a trimmer/cutter until an unfortuante accident when a branch that was rotten in the middle broke off unexpectedly and crushed his leg. He's ok now, but not climbing trees anymore!

    I think your border should be simple ... all those b/w squares are busy and your eyes need someplace to rest.


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