Sunday, December 04, 2011

Rock you like a Hurricane!

It was a great night last night in Raleigh!

I’d only been to one “live” hockey game before --- that is unless you count the countless times I was at Jason’s street hockey games when we lived in Idaho ----they were rough and tough kids, and played on roller blades. Fun! But this time I’m talking professional NHL hockey.

Hockey fans are like non-other in the world. They wear their jerseys proud! And you could definitely tell who was rooting for the Pittsburgh Penguins, and who was dressed in Red for the home team, the Carolina Hurricanes!

We had two vehicles full….We packed Shamu with DH driving, me riding shot-gun, and 4 co-workers who are up from Reynosa, Mexico working with DH. The other vehicle had 4 other co-workers from Mexico ---and they’d never been to ice hockey games at all! So this was fun. They are up here for 6 months learning the running of the plant, and will head back to Mexico at the end of the month and put their knowledge and experience to use there. Great people – we had a wonderful time!

Can you see our little posse? Bonnie, Dave – and the 8 Mexicans. Sounds like a musical group! LOL!

hockey 001

Guess who made the best use of what daylight was left on the way TO Raleigh?! I got a bit more than one side done before it was too dark to see to thread a needle any more. One side done is one side done, right? And we keep working, one side at a time as we can squeeze it in!

hockey 002

Waltz of the Zambonies!! I don’t think there is a guy there who wouldn’t love to have this job!

hockey 003

It was even “free bobble head” Night! LOL! Not sure where I am going to put this guy --- he’s still in the box.

Hurricanes lost to the Penguins 2-3. SUCH a close game, all the way to the end! In the last few minutes, Penguins only had 3 on the ice…everyone else was in the penalty box! It was funny explaining to the Mexican guy sitting next to me why all those players were in that little glass cube in “Time Out”. It was hilarious, there were more IN the penalty box than were out of it!

It was a long drive home…the worst part of course, is getting back OUT of the parking lot with all those thousands of cars trying to do the same thing. THIS is why I don’t go to very many big-venue events. I hate the parking thing, and the getting OUT thing even worse…

But we'll always remember these highlights!

Remember that tomorrow is Mystery Monday Link-Up day! Remember to come back and share your progress on our Orca Bay Mystery, especially Part 3! You can show ANY progress you have made in the past week.

Have a Super Sunday!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time at the hockey game.
    My daughter madeline, 13, and I sewed on our mystery quilts last night. I almost finished part 3...and she is 1/3 done on parts 1 and 3.

  2. You're a hockey pro now, Bon! Did you get a jersey??? Glad you had fun!

  3. Bonnie, You should get yourself one of those little headbands with a battery powered light on it. That's what I use in the car when the "lights go out". Also, I thread several needles onto my spool before I leave and then I don't have to try to thread the needle in the car. Just a thought ;-)) Sandi in TN

  4. Glad you had a great time....step 3 done, trimmed and in its own ziplock. waiting for next Friday, but back to work tomorrow...UG!

  5. Bonnie,
    You may already know, but many of us that live in Canada are hockey mad LOL There is a reason that they call us Crazy Canucks. Sounds like a wonderful experience for you and your group.
    My husband had season tickets to the Edmonton Oilers for many seasons- Together we have been to many hockey games- Currently my husband co writes a hockey blog for our city newspaper. Our son played hockey from age 5 to age 18 when he was no longer able to play minor hockey. When he lived in Alberta, he still enjoyed playing shinny on the local outdoor rink. Did I say we are a hockey crazy culture in Canada... Anyway, I am glad you all had a great time..

  6. Early in our marriage my DH was the shift manager at an ice skating ring and he did drive the Zamboni. Fun stuff!

  7. So glad you enjoyed the hockey game. When I was in High School in MN, I cheered for hockey (would have played if they'd allowed girls in sports back then!)and the team played outdoors--very few indoor rinks in those days, BRRRRR! But adolescent adrenaline kept us warm! Went to a college where hockey was king and I still watch the college team when they're on TV. LOVE HOCKEY!


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