Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Grand-Kitty Addition!

I was out for a walk yesterday when my phone rang….and I answered it ---

“Hi Mom! Watcha doin??”

“Out for a walk! How about you?”

((Insert additional information – it’s been UNSEASONABLY warm here – pushing 70 degrees…in DECEMBER! Keep it coming, I love this!))

“I just adopted a kitty.”


“She’s 6 months old and as sweet as can be ----“

What was really weird is I had woken up yesterday morning DREAMING of cats --- a whole house full! There must have been 6 cats in the house, and one of them a kitten that looked just like Oscar did as a baby – so I already had cats on the brain.

Was it a premonition?

Jason loves cats. And a single guy like him, coming home to a one bedroom apartment all alone --- I can see why he would want his own purry furry to curl up to, or have on his lap to study with. I’m okay with this. Cats are great therapy to cat lovers!


He sent pictures, and she is adorable!

I asked later, after the pics came in via text ---what her name was.

He said “Maybe Lola.” LOLA?!?

Are you hearing the juke box in your head start to rev up yet?

Or how about THIS Lola?!

I’m going to take a road trip down to Columbia next Monday for a visit, go love on my son a bit, and get to know my new grand-kitty too! By the time I come home, she might NOT be named Lola after all! LOL!

This afternoon should be fun….DH and I are going to Greensboro to a Trans Siberian Orchestra Concert! I think he is doing everything he can to force me into the Christmas Spirit! This just MIGHT do it – because I love their music, and I’ve heard their shows are great.

As for the sewing part of things…not a lot to show you since the quilt top yesterday. It’s gotta be quilted. I’ve pulled backing fabrics. I’m still cramming on pattern writing for the next book deadline, and there isn’t a lot to show you there, but you know what? It’s kind of nice not having a whole lot to talk about!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I was thinking "Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets". She is a cutie and I'm sure she will be a great companion for Jason.

  2. lol! Will be singing The Kinks "lola" now all day!!! Which is not a bad thing! Love it, thanks!

  3. I love that name. A few years ago there was a cute Disney cartoon named "Charlie and Lola". She was a cute,smart, witty thing. Maybe the kitten will be the same way? Anyway this is what I always think of when I hear that name.

    I know what you mean about having alot to do and not getting to sew. Of course it seems as if you get an awful lot done. Which is not the case here, as I'm getting ready for finals next week. From that point on I will have my associates degree. I'm not sure what my next step will be. But I do know that the first break I get I am going to sew my heart out. :)

  4. Beautiful kitty!!! I have 2 grand-kitties in Carolina who are always as excited to see me visit as the grandkids are! I swear, they are at the door meowing for attention right along with the kids the minute I get there! Enjoy Lola =^..^=

  5. Oh! Lucky you getting to see this concert!!! She does look like a Lola, though. This is preparation, you know, for when they get to name your grandkids and you get no say LOL :)

  6. Barry Manilow playing in my mind now. Enjoy the concert. I have watched them on TV, but a live concert would be very cool!

  7. A few weeks ago my niece adopted a kitten that looks alot like Lola. The kitten just showed up on their door-step. She has 6 toes on the front (there's a special term for that which I can't remember), and they named her Serendipity -- Sara for short.

    The same weekend my sister rescued a little kitten in a parking lot that was frantically running from car to car. She named her Kia -- as she's fast and sleek. Enjoy the TSO -- it's on my bucket list!!

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  9. Hm....Lola is the name my brother and sister-in-law call their GPS system in their car, but I can see it as a kitty name too. I am seriously Jonesing to be working on Orca Bay but I had to put it aside to do some Christmas present sewing. This is torture not to work on it!

  10. congrats to your daughter about the kitten :-) Have you seen simon's cats? on youtube?? that's what the CUTE kittens/cats do :P
    How long before you quilt a little quilt for the kitten?

  11. Such a pretty grand-kitty. I haven't met my grand-kitty in person yet. He was a rescue from the Missouri River flooding this past summer and resides at my son's acreage. Any time I've stopped, I know he sees me but is careful that I don't see him.

    Today is "putting up the tree" day. I'm trying for a little Christmas spirit too, but it's slow going. The fun & excitement just isn't there once the kids grow up and leave home.

  12. Oh wow I'd love to see the TSO.....I have their CD's and have seen them on TV...I'll want to hear all about it. Sweet of DH to bring on the Christmas cheer!

    Congrats on the grandcat....I have two and have learned to fall in love with cats.....I never knew they were so wonderful.

    Happy Sewing and Merry Christmas.

  13. Lucky, lucky girl. Trans Siberian Orchestra puts on one awesome show! I saw them a few years ago and keep hoping I'll get to see them again. You are going to love their performance.

  14. I love that Kinks song! Thanks for posting it! And that is a lovely name for her!
    We just got a boy kitten, named Gus by the people who had him before us. We tried changing his name to Chairman Miao, Mr. Pajama Toes, Megatron, Fluffy and/or Sven, depending on which kid went to bat on the naming...But Gus seems to have stuck as he will actually answer to it. It also boils down to what you are willing to be heard calling all over the neighborhood when the cat gets out! : )

  15. Anonymous1:24 PM EST

    TSO puts on a great show, but it is very LOUD!!!! We went a few years ago and I was sensory overwhelmed by the time it was done with the decibles and the light show. All in all it was a great show. Have fun!!!!!

  16. Anonymous1:55 PM EST

    Congratulations on the new grandkitty. Because she is young- watch her if she decides to hang out in the quilting area- my youngest kitty ate thread and I won't tell you how much the surgery cost to get it removed. Not to mention 3 weeks of 1:1 round the clock nursing care. Young cats are curious by nature!!!! Lola huh? thanks now I have Barry Manilow on t he brain!!!!! Enjoy the TSO- should be awesome!!! Joy in AK

  17. Jealous that you're getting to see TSO! I bought their first Christmas album the year it came out and everyone was asking What is that? That's not Christmas music! lol. I guess it's grown on a few people since then.

  18. Lola looks lovely, I am sure she is sweet as pie!

  19. Congratulations n your Son adopting a Kitty! Or did she adopt Him?! Either way, it's a win-win.She looks precious...Have fun at the Concert.

    1. the cat has your son trained already,welcome to my kitty home

  20. What an adorable grandcat! If she stays named Lola, you'll have to get her a feather boa to play with! :D

    If your husband is trying to get you in the Christmas mood, TSO's holiday show will do it. Hubby and I saw them a couple years ago, spectacular!

  21. Aww! Kitty cats are so great! I have 2 and would be lost without them. We are going to Trans Siberian on the 16th. Went last year and it was great!

  22. I LOVE the name Lola! Our kitty is called Bella. Lola sounds like a great name for the darling girl! Good for me...time to move on!

  23. I haven't thought of The Kinks "Lola" song for years! Guess that kind-of dates me! Adorable cat!

  24. love cats, and it's true they're a good therapy, being through a bad moment, my Benito and Frodo give me all the hugs I need

  25. I can just see myself as the ol' broad with an armful of cats.... sigh...

  26. P.S. I have *2* 'grand-cats' but, alas, no grand-*children*...

  27. Oh...let her keep her name. I have to admit that I love "Lola" by the Kinks - and am listening to it (through your link) right now!

  28. Oh I do like that happy ending. I am still living with a large shedding dog that a kid brought home!

  29. Anonymous8:45 PM EST

    Hey, my daughter's cat is named Lola--go for it!

  30. Congrats on the 'grand-kitty', that means your son is a 'cat-dad'. She's pretty. We just adopted too... our 8 wk old is named Raven..she's black & white. She was named by my boy. He named the other cat too. Her name is Fanner - maybe it was her extra toes giving her "big feet". Boys come up with interesting names.


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