Friday, December 09, 2011

Mystery Stuff !!

This is one of those reasons why I am home when running mysteries--- QUESTIONS come in!

Please, please believe me in the sizes for step 4....the directions ARE correct. I've gone over this and over this. I’ve already MADE the quilt, I know what I’m doing :c)

Please don't second guess me when you don't know where these triangles are going to go or what they will be added to.

If you cut a 5-1/8" square on the diagonal, it is the SAME shape and size as the triangle cut with the companion angle ruler using the 3.5" markings down the center of the ruler. I laid them on top of each other. They match. They are the same.

You have to trust me ----That said, if you decide to cut some other size, I won’t be responsible for how your quilt turns out – or doesn’t ;c)

I’m TRYING to accommodate everyone here by giving traditional rotary cutting measurements AND the Easy Angle/Companion Angle measurements. I don’t have to do that ---but I take extra time to make sure that things work.

I use these rulers for EVERY MYSTERY we do and will continue to do so. They are standard rulers for me and I use them all the time with terrific results. I have included them in the last book, and will in the next one.

This is why screw-drivers come in so many sizes --- there is no ONE screw driver that will work for every job you have.

I don’t consider myself a “ruler hoarder” But I do want the right one for the job. These rulers are so inexpensive when purchased with a coupon.

A Reader wrote:

I want to get this fixed quick if it is wrong so I sent a note to the quiltville yahoo group but I thought I would send a note directly to you.

This is the piece I am worried about. If you are cutting 3 ½ inches on your companion ruler shouldn’t we be cutting them to 4 ¾ inches for quarter square triangles--


  1. Anonymous5:08 PM EST

    I think your directions are very clear, especially with the photos! Truly, the EZ rulers are the way to go! I have always been glad that I made the blocks, as you suggest, with the EZ rulers because other methods just haven't worked that well for me.

    Thanks for all your time in creating this mystery and for sharing it with us, and also for babysitting all of us and taking the time to correct our misperceptions. You are awesome!

    Diane in Salt Lake City, UT

    P.S. I still don't have a clue how all of these blocks will fit together, but I completely trust you, and am excited to see the final results in a month's time!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to do these mysteries for us. I have been saving the steps as I don't have time to do this right now with teaching school and getting ready for Christmas.
    Thanks for your patience in answering questions from people who are confused or just want to do it another way. You are the best!

  3. Anonymous5:18 PM EST

    I thought your directions were pretty clear. It is very important to do tester blocks to make sure they are accurate before sewing all the pieces, Mystery quilts are like a puzzle, and I love puzzles. Yes, I'm trying to figure it out, but there is still a ways to go.

  4. Bonnie, girl, you rock.

    I've been quilting solo for over ten years, yet am very willing to put myself in your hands. Everything always comes together perfectly. Hey, I'm even doing the string blocks after swearing I wouldn't. I can see enough that they are necessary. And ya know what, they are beautiful. Thank you so much for doing this and keep on keeping on.

  5. I COMPLETELY trust you and your instructions! I made a "Christmas Lights" quilt a couple of years ago - and it turned out AWESOME! I was too chicken to vary the colors so I used yours. I'm doing the same thing this time because I KNOW that it will be one gorgeous quilt when it all comes together - your color choices and instructions are always right on!

    Thank you, Bonnie!! Now - if I could just catch up - everything would be perfect! ;))

  6. I trust you and just follow along...the instructions are clear and easy to follow and I know that I will have a stunning quilt top in a few weeks!

  7. i had that thought too but once I started making them and cutting at the 3 1/2" line, it all comes back to the 6" thing I'm GUESSING.....

  8. The price on the Companion Angle ruler was $5.99, the Easy Angle ruler was $5.99 and the small Square Up ruler was $6.99 without the coupons at Joann's. And if you are on the Joann's mailing list you can get coupons for all of these. Why not save yourself the headache and aggravation and just use the same ones that Bonnie does?

    Stepping down off my soapbox now.......

  9. PLEASE don't get our sweet Bonnie upset so early in the game!!! ;c) LOL
    These people don't know your baddazzness ;c)

  10. Anonymous5:59 PM EST

    I really love all three of these rulers and wouldn't want to make my blocks using any other method.

    I see another quilt in my future with the string blocks. This is so much fun?!!
    Mil Gracias,
    Anita in Abq.

  11. Anonymous6:05 PM EST

    Whoa, wait a minute, are we talking about some people I know who only look at the pictures without reading the instructions and figure they have it all worked out? Isn't that why it is called a MYSTERY, 'cause you don't know what it will look like but TRUST the person who not only designed the quilt but also has made it to lead us in the right direction? I am not currently making this quilt, but have made some in years past and TOTALLY TRUST that Bonnie knows what she is doing. Come on folks, join the fun and STOP WHINING!
    OK, whose turn is it now to get on the soapbox?

  12. I love love love my companion ruler and easy angle rulers.
    Thank you so much for writing these mysteries for us. Sorry you have to put up with whiners while you give us your time and patterns...most of which are free! No problems here. My daughter, age 13, and I are cruising along just fine with the use of these rulers and your clearly written directions.

  13. I was weaned on your easy angle and companion rulers as I pretty much stuck to squares before doing "Bonnie" mysteries. They even work well for me. I have a few wonky parts sometimes between my cutting, stitching and pressing, but even so I end up with a quilt that I'm proud of, and they aren't made out of all squares either, lol. I wouldn't even try at this point to try to see ahead as I don't know how many block types we will have, I'm guessing two but who knows and also who knows if some of what we've already done will end up in the border and not in a block at all. Only you and maybe a few close friends I would guess. That's what makes it so fun and why we all look forward to these all year long.

  14. I am about to crack and buy another Eazy angle ruler! I still haven't found mine! Thanks for introducing me to these rulers 2 years ago!

  15. Bonnie, you are the teacher, don't listen to the ones who THINK you are wrong. You will always be right in my book! Can't wait to start stringing again..a little under the weather now.

  16. Anonymous7:00 PM EST

    I do think it is important for a person to understand their rulers. I am using the Omnigrid version of the angle and companion rulers, and it measures to the finished size. For example, on the 2" strips in Step 3, I had to measure them at the 1.5 line to make my HST. When all sewn together, they were 2" squares, like Bonnie's. If in doubt, get the EZ brand, like Bonnie uses. It will make life so much easier if new to this, or unsure. Also, trust Bonnie...she knows what she is doing.

  17. Anonymous7:04 PM EST

    Bonnie - I am so sorry at this time of year you are so stressed by people who want to question everything. The thing I love about your mysteries - you don't have to THINK - just follow the directions. Sometimes I have to read them twice because I am thinking as I read, but this is a problem with ME not you. Thank you so much for providing these wonderful patterns - FREE, yes people FREE!
    Teresa in Nashville

  18. This is my first mystery with you, and I haven't gotten the rulers yet, so I really appreciate you including both sets of directions. Thank you! I know it's tons of work and we are so happy for the chance to participate!

  19. I think this all kinda goes back to rule #1. Chill out people!! Bonnie...it'll be ok. Have some eggnog and ignore all haters.

  20. Hey, guys! Joann's has these rulers (and others) on sale this weekend for 50% off - get 'em now while you still can!! ;))

  21. Anonymous7:38 PM EST

    Bonnie....I wanted you to know that the KY girls that came to Cathedral Stars in Pigeon Forge in March are meeting at the Farmhouse on Fridays to work on Orca Bay. We love love love you and your patterns. We do not blog except for Tracy and Mary Lou so you do not see our progress but we are progressing along.
    To the whinners....go buy the rulers and follow the directions. If you can ever go to a Bonnie class you will understand she knows what she is doing and puts everything she has into her class. Thanks so much, Paula, Debbie Mary Lou,
    Lynn, Tracy, Jenny, Judy, Norma, Nancy

  22. Just following instructions blindly, without thinking too hard, can be the simplest path at times. But, oh so hard for some to do, as you're finding out, Bonnie. Thank you for your patience with the doubters. Thank you too for continuing to go to the trouble of providing these mysteries.

  23. trust! That's what they need to do! It will all be Ok...your instructions are great and it is wonderful that you take time to do these mysteries AND take time to add extra tibits etc....I love the sense of wonder and fun and visiting new blogs. Big thank you Bonnie!!!!

  24. P.S maybe too much thinking and trying to 'put' the quilt together is NOT a good idea...just do what the the Orca does.....go with the flow!

  25. Anonymous9:32 PM EST

    Interesting this is coming up now - I have been thinking about sending you email (not fan mail) to say thank you for the effort you put into the mystery. My confidence and skill level has gone up a HUGE amount this past year. I have made quilts with more pieces than EVER - never thought I would be good enough to! I've also taken orphan blocks and used some of your ideas to make a unique quilt. Plus - all the shirts I've collected from the "pounder"! Can't wait to turn them into something beautiful!

    Don't let the turkey's get you down!
    Thanks again!
    Chris in Tacoma

  26. Thanks, Bonnie! Your instructions are great. Keep on keeping on. We love your work and the results we get. Re: Balinda's comment...the last line you posted mentioned quarter square triangles. I don't believe I saw QST in the Part 4 directions or did I miss something. That could be part of the problem. Just my 2 cents.

    Thanks again for all you hard work, Bonnie!

  27. Okay I don't know why I have not ordered them, but I did this evening from Joann's online.
    3.49 each. and if you order 35.00 worth of stuff .......free shipping just use promotion code PER345.
    So I have done every mystery with your clear directions and have had everyone turn out beautifully.....now I am set for the NEXT dozen or so mysteries :0).

    thanks Bonnie for all you do to give us these
    mysteries.......it is part of my holiday celebrations now!

    Happy Sewing and Merry Christmas

  28. Bonnie your instructions are very clear. I think some people can't read. As for the rulers, I've had mine even before I knew what to do with them. If some people want to cut corners, then they have to find their own way around the obstacles. You are very generously giving your time and effort to teach us using YOUR method. If a person wants to use a different method, it's their problem, not yours. No one should expect special treatment because they can't be bothered to learn a different way. They can wait until the mystery is finished and work things out for themselves then.

  29. hello Bonnie, I am having a great time following your mystery! I hope the comments don't get to you. The instructions and photos are very clear and easy to follow. I did roll roll cotton boll and it was great! Its best just to follow your instructions and wait and see! thats the fun of these mysteries. best wishes Gina in sunny Oz

  30. I bought my husband those screwdrivers, and they n.e.v.e.r have the right size for a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g he lays his hands on. And because he IS a carpenter, the ones he needs ARE expensive! How blessed are we! Just one ruler to go to fit all quilts! And even more: no heck of a noise when we start doing something! 8^}
    Love the mysteries, will join in a week or two. Had the foundations made though, as that will make place for another book when the golden pages shrink.
    Happy in a sunny Amsterdam,
    love, Irene

  31. Hang in there Bonnie! You are doing a great job!

  32. Anonymous7:51 AM EST

    Bonnie, I do not have strings in my stash (I know you do not have this 'problem'), so I will be cutting up yardage to make the string blocks. I want to be sure that I get the right kind of randomness in strip size and variety in color/pattern to accomplish what you're after. I have about 12 to 15 fat quarters that I can cut into for this purpose. Is there a methodology I should use to achieve the goal.

    Thanks so much for all that you do to keep all of us Bonnie groupies happy. I love all your stuff and so appreciate your generosity in sharing yourself and creativeness.

    Sherri in Phoenix

  33. Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie....I don't know how you do it. I love it when you sit ppl down and steer them straight. The very first time I found your website and looking around I knew I'd need the EZ rulers. I kept and eye on my JoAnn's adds and purchased them very reasonably with 40% off coupons. That was several years ago and I have made quite a few of your quilts. Including all of your mystery quilts. I have never had one bit of trouble with any of them! Your instructions are awesome! Very clear and easy to follow. Thank you soooo much for all the time and effort you put yourself through for us! I certainly appreciate it! Thank you, Linda


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