Monday, September 09, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Strip Twisting Again!

Group #2 is giving group #1 a run for the money---or is it scraps---on how many blocks can be sewn in a one day class!

It's a lot of fun when ladies come from far away to join in on a class – our farthest group came from Utopia, Texas!

We've also got quilters from the not so far Brownwood area here with us today.

The colors and fabric styles are varied – just as our personalities are!

One thing is for sure and for certain – quilter's are great anywhere they are found!


julieQ said...

Looks like fun to me, Bonnie!! Have a great day, and get some good barbecue while you are here!

Julie Vee said...

We should have tshirts that say "Quilters like to strip ...fabric that is"

They look like a group having a wonderful time.
Have fun, keep smiling

Farm Quilter said...

One theme I keep seeing in all the pictures of your classes...everyone is smiling!!! Must be you, Bonnie!!!

Jaynie said...

Thanks Bonnie,..."HOLY SCRAP" I had the best time ever at quilt class today in Abilene. Can't wait for the next one I signed up for in Granbury, in November. Your lecture was one of the best I've ever been too.