Sunday, March 04, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! Clean That Purse!

This is insane.

When was the last time I cleaned out my purse? Why did I wait so long?

Because I couldn't find what I KNEW was in there and I got tired of digging so I dumped it out--

Of course, you have to add this phone I am typing on to the mess because it was in there too!

Ready? Now go clean out YOUR purse because I know I am not alone in this----and yes, it's things like this that sidetrack my packing for Virginia Beach in the morning---- :c/


PS -- Yes, there are random pieces of scrap fabrics AND a whole cone of black thread in there. Don't you have this kind of stuff in YOUR purse too? :c)

Some Inklingo Fun!

My long time friend, Linda Franz has SUCH a sense of humor! ((Or that would be HUMOUR because she IS in Canada after all ;c) ))

I love keeping up with what she’s doing --- the way her mind works fascinates me. We go way back to the early days in the late 1990’s to the first origins of the Dear Jane list – and it is so wonderful to see what she has come up with, and what she will come up with NEXT!

I just received this via email and I had to check it out, she writes:

I wanted to let you know that I posted a 70 second video tutorial (just over a minute) this morning on the blog and there will be drawings for finger-pincushions--one for every 25 comments, so great odds.

70 second video!? Drawings?! I had to go check it out myself…..I love to see what kind of mess MONKEY gets into too!

And leave her a comment because she is drawing for winners of her finger-pincushions, 1 winner for every 25 comments. I thought I’d reiterate that, even though she said it above, just in case you were skim-reading. ((You aren’t, are you?!?))

Click the pic above to take you to Linda’s blog page to go see this cute and speedy tutorial. And turn the music up loud. It’s a MUST! You’ll be galloping along at break neck speed, I guarantee it!

*Note* Something is wrong with my linking skills because when I clicked it, it took me to a blank page -- but if you look at the menu you'll see the link for her BLOG right there in the menu bar. Click that. :c)

That’s the kind of music I need to play when I’m cleaning house.

I might just get it done faster!

Quilt Jacking Alert! Please Help Spread The Word!

The more I hear about this the more I am afraid to be a traveling quilter with quilts always in my car, or in my luggage. What do people think they are DOING stealing a quilt? It’s just so wrong--- it’s absurd!

Patsy Thompson is an amazing quilter and fiber artist. She recently had her car broken into and posted about her missing quilts HERE.

Yes. That was QUILTS. As in --- More than one.

The quilts were stolen when someone(s) broke into her car in Corbin, KY. They also took her sewing machine and other items.

Read Patsy’s post. You can hear her despair and the sound of defeat in her voice. The quilts that were stolen were not even complete quilts yet, they were pieces in progress – so what good are they to the person who stole them? It’s insane. Seriously. When not even your needlework in progress is safe in a locked car.


This is another one of Patsy’s works in progress…the last photo she had of it, she’d added more to it since this photo was taken and the incomplete top was stolen out of her car. Can you believe it?

Please help me get the word out on this. Please pass the link to this post on to your email lists, your fb walls, your news groups, message boards & flicker groups –wherever quilters gather.

It’s a long shot, as Patsy fears, to find her treasures, but we can at least spread the word and rally round her and help.

Thanks everyone --- this just makes me so sad.

Lazy Sunday, Catch-Up Edition!

First – Yesterday. Balm to my soul. Nuff said!

I received several mails asking how I paper piece my blocks, have I drawn them out in EQ or what --- so I figure that showing you here is an easy way to answer.

Remember magic markers?

This is a photocopied page for the block I was doing. There are no templates or cutting directions in the book, so it is up to you to take each drawing and decide how you want to execute it.

With blocks this size, I find it very easy to cut the block into workable sections and just paper piece them, leaving more than 1/4” excess beyond the edges of all the sections. Then I trim each section 1/4” from the edge, remove my papers, and sew the sections back together.

But first --- I have to know which color goes where before I cut the block all apart or I’m likely to get everything in the wrong order, in the wrong spot, or forget what is what. That’s where the markers come in. I use them to just put a slash of color on each piece so I know which color goes where. After the block is color coded, THEN I cut it into sections and I start sewing.

nearlyinsane 023

These are the 4 blocks completed yesterday! 10 more to go! And since I had all my stuff already together for Sew Day yesterday, this stuff can just continue on to Norfolk and Virginia Beach with me tomorrow – so the car is already half packed ;c)

Yard Sale Saturday is still in full swing as some folks have added NEW items to their listings! I’ve moved the linky to the top section of my page so you don’t have to wade through my sold items to get to it. I like having it at the top ---hopefully you will too! Click to get to Yesterday’s Post HERE!

In answer to some questions about Yard Sale Saturday ---YES you must have a blog to participate in selling your own quilty items. No, you can not just link to your etsy shop. That’s not what this is about.

Blogs are a way of communicating more than just saying “Here is my shop”. I hope you understand why I want to keep it that way. Blogs are more personal, or can be if you let them be, and an etsy shop is just ---well ---- a store. I only used etsy as my checkout point because I wasn’t going to be here all day to answer emails and deal with inquiries. I’m fine with using etsy as your “Shopping cart”, but you must have a blog that links to the etsy to begin with.

To link up in Yard Sale Saturday, you MUST have a blog. There is no time like the present to start one, to become involved and start recording your life, your thoughts, your quilting accomplishments, and making some new friends along the way.

The downside to using etsy for me was limiting my sales to the USA and Canada, because there were too many variables in shipping that couldn’t be added ahead of time without having everything boxed, weighed and measured for each country before entering it into the system. That, and I really didn’t think a $10.00 shipping charge on a $4.50 book purchase was going to interest anyone.

So what’s up for today? Getting all the packages from yesterday’s Yard Sale sales packaged up and ready to drop at the post office tomorrow on my way out of town! Got some book orders to throw into that mix too. I’ve got to repack the trunk show, exchange out some of the quilts for some others I’d like to include --

And this afternoon we are off to the airport to pick up our friend Michael who has spent the past two weeks in Kenya for his mom’s funeral. He’s been missed!

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

Saturday, March 03, 2012


LOL! I love this image!! HOLY COW --- Get it? ;c)

I got home from our Bee Sew Day at Leann’s to find that I have new neighbors! The old neighbors moved out over the past couple of months. We never really got to know them, they weren’t very approachable, and no one came to welcome us when we were in the process of moving in --- so upon seeing that a new family was starting the process of what looked like unloading, and seeing the for sale sign gone, I went over there to make friends.

I met a delightful couple with two small boys, ages 3 and 6 --- and the first thing the mom asked me was “Are there younger children in this neighborhood?” I wished I could tell her yes and where to find them, but a funny thing happens when your kids are grown --- and you aren’t involved in school schedules and activities any more.

You lose track of who has small kids and who doesn’t. Especially here, because everyone here has 1.5 to 3 acre lots --- and houses aren’t right on top of each other and it is a fairly quiet neighborhood at our end. They said they won’t officially be “Moved In” until mid March, and I look forward to spending more time with them. On my walk home I thought…..how did my youngest get to be 22? And hers is 3? And I suddenly realized I’ve probably got nearly 20 years on her. I still feel 30! Life is sure funny that way, isn’t it?


Now if I can only get her interested in quilting ----hmmmmm!

After getting back in the house, DH arrived with items for dinner. The guy had a hankering to GRILL – and when the man wants to cook food for dinner, I don’t stop him. We had a yummy meal, and here I am sitting to check email for the first time today ----I couldn’t believe it! What a successful day Yard Sale Saturday has been. Great participation, and I sold out of EVERYTHING I had listed! Hopefully our other participants are also doing well. Remember there are some late joiners – I’ve kept it open all week, so new things may be continuously added. Check HERE to see if you missed anything!

Listing my items on Etsy was easy. That meant I didn’t have to wade through everything after coming home. Yes, it cost – 20 cents to list each item, and 3.5% of the purchase price as a surcharge. I also had to pay a fee for accepting pay-pal, but I still feel like I came out well in the long run because I didn’t have to baby sit it, or wait for anyone’s check to come and clear.

I know some were disappointed that I didn’t offer to send to Europe and Australia, But I didn’t have the shipping prices to add to each item for each different country. And I didn’t think that anyone would be happy with a $15 shipping charge on a $5 book.

Thank you to those who purchased my items! I’ll be packaging them up and mailing them out on Monday morning as I leave for Norfolk!

Now I’m off to go wander around the other links and see if there is something that might just catch MY fancy!

Shall we do this again, First Saturday in April? I just checked and it is the day BEFORE EASTER. What do you think? It's the day in between Good Friday and Easter. It might not affect all of us, but I'd like some participation if we do decide to do it, so leave me a comment so I know who wants to. The NO's don't need to reply --- just the Yes's -- okay? Thanks!

Have a great Saturday evening, Everyone!

iPhone-o-Gram! 11 to go!!

Sewing our brains out!! Maybe one more before I call it a day---

iPhone-o-Gram! One Down 13 to Go!!

Yes, I came to Bee Sew Day!

I am so happy to be surrounded by such talented ladies! I am inspired by their projects, delighted in the conversation and laughter, and encouraged to keep going on this long time UFO---

Definitely a great day to spend some time with friends!

Yard Sale Saturday, Take Three!

This is the third go-round for Yard Sale Saturday! I’m so excited that you are participating with me….if you’ve got a hankerin’ to clear out, clean up, and move out, write your blog post listing your items and come back and link your post to mine below.

There will be some ground rules…These items need to be QUILT RELATED. Patterns, Books, Fabric, Notions, Partial UFOs…whatever you want. This is for gently used –white elephant type items, not new-sell-at-retail-stuff or new crafts you have made to sell for craft shows, etc. You must link your post back to THIS POST, not the whole blog ---we need to keep this post specific so that people will be able to find this post even days from now after it is buried underneath more posts ;c)

You write the post on your blog, you come back here and link it up. It is up to you to decide how you are going to interact with your buyers.

In an effort to save those who are just arriving from having to wade through all of my items to get to the bottom of the post where the linky is found, I've moved it to the top of the page!

This time, after watching and learning from others, I’ve listed my items on Etsy. You can purchase and check out there, no muss no fuss, and if the item is sold it will say sold. If it doesn’t say sold, it’s available!

This is a long post, because I’ve got a lot to list. Books are first, Vintage quilt items follow at the bottom.

**NOTICE!!** All the items listed below are SOLD! Yard Sale Saturday was a great success, and I hope you will join us on future Yard Sale Saturdays. The other vendors listed below at the top of this post may still have items for sale, so be sure to check them out!!

I’ve got quite a few books to unload, I’ve been a book hoarder and these need new homes as I have gleaned all that I can from them. All books are used, but used gently.

etsy 001

Aunt Reka & The Peace Creek Quilters

Publication Date: 2004
"This is the fourth book on the Clothier family's history and quilts. I want to continue telling Reka and Wilford's stories and share women's history and a set of quilt designs from 1900-1929. Reka's quilt group of friends and relatives maintained a long history of making quilts for Navaho Indian missions, World War I victims, and political support for the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) and women's right to vote. Friendship blocks and quilts represent long lasting ties with the Peace Creek Kansas community in Reno County, Kansas". --Terry Clothier Thompson
Retail price: Was $19.95 new. Sale price: $8.00 Click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 003

Here is a delightful collection of patterns for 14 quilts from the former "Irma's Sampler" Quilt Shop in Haarlem, The Netherlands, including pieced, appliqué, and combinations of both. Pattern designs include Dutch Bouquet, Delft Blue, plus12 more. That Patchwork Place. The shop is now known just as “The Sampler”. I have two copies of this book, I’m keeping one and letting this one go to a new home. Sale price: $5.00 Click HERE to purchase!

etsy 002

Old & New Quilt Patterns in the Southern Tradition by Bets Ramsey

A treasury of ideas for the quilter, Providing 41 full-scale patterns of southern quilts, it also contains many tips and quilting ideas from master quilter Bets Ramsey. Book is gently used, and in good condition. Sale Price: $5.00 Click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 005

The Thimbleberries Book of Quilts by Lynette Jensen

One look at Lynette Jensen's quilts tells you who so many people are crazy about her designs! There's something irresistible about the way she takes traditional quilt designs and adds a wonderful twist. Lynette's booth at quilt shows is always swarming with people who want her patterns. Now you can get more than 40 of her designs all in one book! Take your pick from bed-size, wall or miniature quilts, table runners, place mats, pillows, chair pads and an assortment of festive Christmas projects all in Lynette's bold designs and deep, rich country colors. Even if you've never made a quilt before, detailed diagrams and step-by-step instructions guarantee you'll be pleased with your finished quilt. Sale Price: $5.00 click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 004

Nancy Zieman’s Sewing A to Z

The Answers to All Your Sewing Questions!
Whether you’re a novice sewer or a skilled seamstress, who better to go to for sewing answers and advice than expert Nancy Zieman? Set aside your sewing fears and let Nancy guide you step-by-step through 100+ basic to advanced sewing methods and techniques.
§ Arranged in alphabetical order for fast and easy reference, this handy guide will make its permanent home by your sewing machine or on your workspace.
§ With over 100 topics ranging from Appliqué to Zippers, Nancy will help you achieve beautiful results with every project.
§ Helpful Notes from Nancy throughout the book provide insights and tips for a variety of sewing techniques and skills.
§ Spiral binding allows the book to lay flat for hands-free reference while you sew, cut or press.
§ Clear, concise instructions and detailed illustrations help make even the most advanced techniques easy to understand and successfully execute.
A wealth of information and instruction from your favorite sewing expert is at your fingertips in this go-to guide! Stitch with ease and assurance with Nancy Zieman’s Sewing A to Z by your side!
read once through! New price: $29.95 selling for $12.00 Click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 006

Building Block Quilts by Sara Nephew

by Sara Nephew: For a touch of contemporary, these quilts offer many options for the designing eye. Layout, shading, and color choices will drive your skills to a higher level of quilting. The designs may seem difficult, but with the Clearview Super 60 or 8” triangle ruler what appears nearly impossible is definitely possible. Learn 3-D theory. Includes 14 Quilt patterns and 18 plans for quilts with suggestions for many more. Quick cutting and piecing methods.
Used, in good condition. Sale Price: $5.00 Click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 011

Color Magic by Ann Seely & Joyce Stewart

Using the color wheel as a starting point, quilters can explore color relationships to create show-stopping quilts. Just a few simple guidelines and techniques help quilters choose and use colors effectively. More than 800 fabrics plus 24 color wheel relationships work like formulas for combining colors for more than 250 quilt blocks. 200 illustrations. 275 color photos. By Ann Seely & Joyce Stewart Sale Price: $8.00 Click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 008

Patches of Glory by Deborah Gordon

An Americana Sampler by Deborah Gordon. 35 traditional blocks plus original applique designs. Full size patterns and historical information. Complete directions for making your own unique quilt to celebrate America. Sale price: $5.00 Click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 007

Deck The Halls by Possibilities, Nancy Smith & Lynda Milligan

Really cute book chock full of Christmas ideas in a sweet country style. Includes Instructions and full size patterns. 63 pages of inspiration plus full size patterns. Sale Price: $5.00 Click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 012

Quick Country Quilting by Debbie Mumm

By Debbie Mumm. You really can make a quilt in less than a week! 300,000 copies in print. Quick Country Quilting is- Fast! Easy! Fun! Debbie Mumm's tried-and-true methods for quick cutting, quick piecing and quick appliqué create great-looking results in no time. Step-by-step directions and over 600 diagrams guarantee that every project will be a success. You'll enjoy making wall quilts, holiday decorations, pillows, baby accessories and more to give as gifts or keep for yourself! Hardcover. Sale Price: $5.00 Click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 010

Scrap Quilt: Strings & Spiderwebs by Marcia Lasher for Quilt in a Day

Easy fabric foundation method for doing string quilts and spiderwebs. by Marcia Lasher for Quilt in a Day. Book is used, but in good condition. Sale Price: $5.00 Click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 009

Homecoming by Little Quilts

by Alice Berg, Sylvia Johnson & Mary Ellen Von Holt. Collection of quilt desings for quilts, pillows, table mats, etc. Homecoming quilt, crows & patches quilt, calico table mat, wooden crows, tiny pillows, etc. Very Cute!
Book is used but in good condition. Sale Price: $4.50 click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 025

Isn’t this just the wonkiest thing?! It measures 41” X 62”.

etsy 016

The blocks themselves measure 11.5”

A very wonky plaid quilt! I had the intent to remake this by removing the sashings, squaring up the blocks and sewing all back together, but I know that time will never allow me to do it. The vintage plaids, checks and ginghams are wonderful, and there is a fun bottom border of shirtings and indigoes -- large pieces that could be purposed into another quilt if needed. Selling this for the same price I bought it for, just to move it on to someone who will do something with it. Sale Price: $25.00 Click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 020

This top needs some help. I bought it thinking I could repair it and complete it, and I know that just isn't going to happen in my life time. This is a vintage piece with stains, thread-bare places and fading fabrics. The fabrics are from the 1930s. Completely hand stitched, the right person could fix this and finish it up with a little love and care. I'm selling it for what I paid for it. It measures 77” X 91”.

etsy 022

The fabrics are wonderful!

etsy 023

Each flower has a yellow center surrounded by pink, and then the lovely 30’s prints, followed by white, and then connected with the green path.

etsy 021

This is the worst of the threadbare flowers. Someone washed this hand pieced top at one point and these seams shredded and came loose. Quilt top sold As Is. Sale price: $45.00 Click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 024

This top needs some help. I bought it thinking I could repair it and complete it, and I know that just isn't going to happen in my life time. This is a vintage piece with stains, thread-bare places and fading fabrics. The fabrics are from the 1930s. Completely hand stitched, the right person could fix this and finish it up with a little love and care.

etsy 017

I found it interesting that this quilt was pieced with partial seaming, shown in the pic above. I always wondered how they knew how to put what/where without strip piecing, and now I know! I'm selling it for what I paid for it. Quilt top measures approx 50" X 50" with each square finishing at 1-1/4".

etsy 018

It would make a lovely baby quilt if you removed the 3 unfinished rows and bordered it and quilted it. That was my plan.

etsy 019

Aren’t the fabrics sweet? Sale price: $35.00 Click Here to Purchase! SOLD!

Do you have items you wish to sell? Please link your blog page to mine!!

Friday, March 02, 2012

“On Track” Winners!

I know this post is late --- at least for those on the East Coast! I had a phone emergency today. As in ---not quite dead as a doornail but going there quickly. You remember last week when it wouldn’t hold a charge?

Well, last Sunday morning on my way home from Florida it was also doing this thing where I could hear the person on the other end, but they couldn’t hear me at all. Then it seemed to be fine mostly, but sometimes the conversations, especially on the receiving end were crackly – meaning I could hear them, they heard me from the fizz, fuzz and crackle of a bad connection.

Today when I was trying to talk to my friend Karen, I could hear her fine, she could not hear me – and we resorted to text. I tried to call DH –--- he couldn’t hear me at all, though I could hear him, so we resorted to Tango, which is a video chat app.

My phone was going belly up and fast, and so he met me at the AT&T store to see what we could do, who’s account was available for an upgrade, and I replaced my phone. We decided that the little cute and slim case I had on the phone just wasn’t durable enough for the likes of me! I need a case that can BOUNCE. Literally. I am the biggest clutz, I am always dropping this phone --- so now it is in an “Otter” some what indestructible case – and we’ll see how it goes.

So now as I type this, the new phone is synching with the old one and hopefully everything transfers over before the other one is completely gone. Technology we love to hate, and hate to love, you know?

So let’s get on with it:

fortmeyersFL2012 305

Our three winners of the “On Track” magazine are:

Lynn who wrote:

Would love to win a copy of this magazine. Besides your article the cover art features the beautiful Nebraska State Quilt Guild 2012 raffle quilt, Magic of the Rose,that will be drawn for the end of July.

Chatty Kathy who wrote:

I just saw this quilt at the Mid-atlantic Quilt Festival and would love to read more information about how it was created (plus, i ALWAYS like to read your articles, Bonnie!).

And finally:

Jennifer who wrote:

I didn't even know this magazine was out there! Love having as many idea's and tips for quilting as possible. Also, love spreading the word about leaders and enders - everyone is always so amazed by how many quilts I complete and it's all due to this system. Thanks for the giveaway!

These ladies have all been contacted by email and I’ll be mailing their copies off to them as soon as I have snail mail addresses to send them to.

fortmeyersFL2012 304

Thanks everyone for participating in a great giveaway! And thanks to the International Machine Quilters Association for including me in their issue and giving me the opportunity to spread their wonderful publication around --- this was lots of fun!

And tomorrow? On to Yard Sale Saturday! I’m ready!

Looking For ----

I’m getting my items ready for Yard Sale Saturday tomorrow.

One or more of our participants last time did something neat and listed their items on etsy and linked to the etsy items in their blog post so that when that item was sold, it was sold, the shopper could go ahead and check out, and the seller didn’t have to wade through emails upon emails of all the wanters and inquirers to find out who was buying what.

I’m thinking this might be a good way to proceed ---

If you had your Yard Sale Saturday connected to your etsy, can you contact me by EMAIL please? I have some questions for you!

Thanks Bunches!

To Bee or Not to BEE!

I got a lovely surprise in the mail yesterday.

I had been complaining about the foot pedal to my featherweight, about how I hate that “one toe” button ---- how it would slow down and speed up and slow down, and it’s just not fun to sew with.

Randy picked me up a new “gas pedal” foot pedal for my featherweight when she was at a show last week! Yeeeehawww! I had to plug it in and see if it worked….like a charm, baby, like a charm!

Tomorrow my bee is having a Sew Day at Leann’s barn. I’m hankering to go. I haven’t spent time with these ladies much since we went to Camp Dogwood in January. I also know that Saturdays at home with my family are few and far between, so I’m kind of on the fence between what I want to do – and what I should do, when both are things I want to do, you know?

The last Saturday I was home, before going to Florida, DH and I had a lovely afternoon driving over to Welcome, NC to check out a new burger joint that had just come in. I love visiting small independent restaurants and places that are not “chain”. And this place was very well worth the drive it took to get there. We talked as we drove and caught up and just relaxed into normality for the afternoon drive there and back.

So I guess I’m waiting to find out what HIS plans for the weekend are – before I go running off to sew with the ladies. I can’t choose both – but I’m weighing my choice on his! I don’t leave for Virginia Beach/Norfolk until Monday morning, so we would have Sunday as an option to spend together too, depending on what he has already lined up.

And in the back of my mind I hear the voice saying “But I really want to go!”

I’ve even decided that I need to pull out those “Nearly Insane” blocks and start working on them again. Paper piecing small blocks on the featherweight is perfect as a “to-go” project. I can try out my new foot pedal! What do you think?

So off to the drawer I went --I had to go pull this stuff out and see if it was all there --- I thought I was half way done with this project. I know why it got way-laid---we moved to NC 4 years ago and I haven’t worked on it since!

nearlyinsane 002

The bag of pulled scraps separated by color family is still in tact. As far as I can tell, EVERTYTHING I need is already in here.

((What did we ever do without ziplock bags?!))

The sashing fabric is here. The cornerstone fabric is here ----I’ve got it all ---

nearlyinsane 004

I’ve got my binder with my foundation papers, I’ve got the half blocks that finish the edge already done waiting in page protectors. My book is right here – I had it spiral bound so it would lay flat – love that! But wait – I’ve got WAY more done than I thought!

Look at this diagram:

nearlyinsane 005

There is an X through each block that is complete?! I’ve ONLY got 14 blocks to go! How come I thought it was more than that?

nearlyinsane 008

Here is the whole thing laid out on my floor. I’ve been assembling the rows as I make them. I like to see progress, and it inspires me more to KEEP GOING than just a binder full of page protectors filled with blocks. But how come I thought this was only HALF way done?? Holy Moly!

nearlyinsane 013

I have been in love with this quilt long before it was called “Nearly Insane’. Back then it was just the “Salinda Rupp” quilt, and I first saw it in Robert Bishop’s book “New Discoveries in American Quilts.” The book was published in 1975. I bought my copy from a guild “for sale” table for $2.00 around 1992. I’ve poured over the quilts in this book….this page has the most wear:

nearlyinsane 014

Can you tell why? It’s even got a binder clip to hold my page open! I’ve taken magnifying glasses of different strengths to study the fabrics up close in each and every block until I was driving myself crazy ---and then I finally let go and decided to go with my own choices.

nearlyinsane 017

One year for Christmas, DH gifted me with this huge coffee table book. It’s also so worn out that the pages started falling out ---so, it’s probably against all the “book rules” but I took the page out and kept it in my binder where I could refer to it:

nearlyinsane 006

Which photo from which book shows the “TRUE” colors in the original quilt? Who knows. The colors are all so different between the different photographs that I just gave up and again went with my gut. After all, this is MY quilt. My interpretation of Salinda Rupp’s beautiful work of art.

nearlyinsane 015

This book is also a favorite: The Ultimate Quilting Book by Maggie McCormick Gordon. Gorgeous antiques in here….can you see where I got my love of Cheddar, Red, Purple, and all things “Pennsylvania Dutch” era? Bring on the color!

nearlyinsane 016

There is not a picture of the full quilt in here…but look at the close ups we do get of the actual blocks! While the “Nearly Insane” book gives good diagrams for the blocks, the colors in the photos and the fabrics used in the “modern remakes” don’t capture the feel of the original quilt to me, so I’m glad to have these other sources to show me the quilt as close as possible since the quilt is owned by a private party and is not view-able to the public anywhere to date.

nearlyinsane 009

I look at these blocks and get excited all over again!

nearlyinsane 010

I think that I need to take those last 14 blocks and get them DONE, don’t you?

nearlyinsane 011

I started this in 2003—can it really be that it’s coming upon it’s 10th year UFO-anniversary?

nearlyinsane 012

Bee Sew Day? Home Day with DH? How can a decision be so hard?