Thursday, August 09, 2012

Evening Edition: Free Kindle Book!

Yes, I’m browsing! I think I’ve sewn all I can tonight…I’ve got my top finished ((Just the center)) and photos will follow tomorrow – it’s dark out side now so not good for photography!

I just found a little freebie I thought I’d pass on. I’m sure I have plenty on my kindle to read on the way to Bali --- but what’s one more?

Misthaven of Maine by Loretta Boyer McClellan is free this evening in the Amazon Kindle Store

Genre: Contemporary fiction.

Book Description:
With genuine characters and settings steeped in history with stunning visuals, journalist and debut author, Loretta Boyer McClellan paints an engaging, coming-of-age journey, rich in the beauty of friendship and abiding love.

Misthaven of Maine offers readers an empowering, contemporary story, amidst the sweeping vistas and echoed grace of New England.

Born and raised in Boston, with unyielding ties to her ancestral home of Maine and to the sea, sixteen year-old Eliza Hales is from affluent, yet grounded means.

Despite experiencing her mother’s death when she was a young girl, inner strength and confidence prevail, providing a well-rounded independence and knowledge of self, which carry her into adulthood and throughout her authentic life.

An accomplished artist and sailor, her unshakable sense of family, loyalty and the pursuit of her dreams witness the growth of a remarkable soul, who lives and loves deeply, always true to her heart.

Like the ocean itself, Misthaven of Maine offers up captivating and thoughtful treasures – a multilayered perspective, sure to entertain!

Having made my first trip up to Maine this year ---I’m anxious to read it!

As always, double check before clicking that it is still free for you ---

Have a great evening!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I do not have a Kindle, but I have been downloading the free books onto my smart phone Kindle app. It's been great when I am waiting somewhere, or having lunch by myself. I can just flip open a book and read for a while :-)

Centergranny said...

I downloaded to my laptop until I got my Kindle. I love it. I don't leave home without it!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, all those tiny pieces would drive me crazy!!!! Can't wait to see it finished....