Thursday, August 23, 2012

12 Days of Show & Share! Day 3!

Along with the photos of beautiful quilts that people send ---and sometimes much more meaningful than the quilts themselves---are the stories that come with them.

This first photo today touched me so deeply because it is the reason many of us do what we do, it connects deep down to who we are inside, and changes the lives of those around us.

Julie shared her story in an email to me. She writes:


One of the great things about using your scrap storage etc. method is YOU HAVE WHAT YOU NEED RIGHT AWAY!

One of my dearest childhood/lifelong friend's call to say, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer (thankfully C# stage “curable".). Chemo has started, surgeries planned etc. One of our daughter's had breast cancer. I had made her a comfort quilt to take to chemo for warmth and loving. Just made Betty one also, this weekend.


Julie’s String Comfort Quilt for Betty


Back of Julie’s Quilt – USE IT UP! :cD

So when I say THANK YOU for your sharing your ways and methods, you will know how much I do mean what I say. (HUGS). See photos attached for Betty's Quilt... the blocks are 8" finished, with 2" sashings.


Julie in TN

Julie, thank you for sharing your story with us..your quilt is SO CUTE, and so very cheery! You sent your email to me in April, I hope that Betty is doing well. She is lucky to have a friend like you!

Next up! Emily B in SC!

She writes:

Bonnie- Thanks for your simple and easy to follow instructions. I am new to quilting and am a bit intimidated by all of the jargon, different tools and equipment.


Your site helps maintain the fun of quilting - which is creating. I'm looking forward to trying more of your patterns in the future. This is the second quilt I've made.

I am donating it to the Citizen Sam project. I used red and blue instead of light/dark and when my strip sets didn't quite measure exactly, I cut them and pieced them for the border. Thanks again!

Emily in South Carolina

Emily! You did a great job, and I love that stringy border..it’s perfect! And I love to hear about quilts that are being donated to others, where they are going. I am sure the new owners will be so grateful for your beautiful quilt!

And lastly ((but not leastly of course!)) for our 3rd day of Show & Share ---

Brigitte S of Switzerland!

((Yes, the SAME Brigitte I had to do a shout out for because her email kept bouncing back. So glad we found her!))

She’s sent in pictures of her gorgeous Orca Bay!


Brigitte’s Orca Bay found in String Fling!

((Kitty Not Included!!))

She writes:

Dear Bonnie

I have picture from my finish Orca Bay.



Words are not required when the pictures are worth MORE than 1000 words!


Close up of Quilting!

I just LOVE close ups of fabric choices…and you can see the quilting so well on this one…..looks like feathered wreathes in the white star areas, and plumes that extend beyond the black backgrounded stars. BEAUTIFUL!!

Writing these posts ahead of time --- thinking of day 3 in Bali ---I’m wondering if I will have lost my sunglasses or camera to the monkeys yet, or had my chance at riding an elephant?

Oooh! Have I had that massage on the beach yet?

I can only hope so!

Tomorrow…Day 4 of 12 days of Show and Share!


Angela said...

I must say WOW to the Orca Bay Quilt. Amazing job Brigitte.

beaquilter said...

lovely quilts!

Cindy, The Purple Quilter said...

Amazing quilts!!! I see that you have enjoyed an elephant ride by now! Enjoy each and every moment!!

Carolyn Sullivan said...

OH WOW to all of those quilts! and i hope you get to ride an elephant (i don't want to) and get your masssage, on the beach or off of the beach.
I continue to work on piecing my Jared Takes a Wife. Finishing the small squares w thier side pieces... then I get to press what like 300 pieces??? and start asssembling those blocks together.Maybe by the time you get back I can send you a pic.

SweetAmbrosia said...

AH Bonnie, Betty's surgery is FINALLY being done in Birmingham Al Aug 28! This has sure been a long haul for her.

She loves the quilt. Says little did she think she woud love it even more as Chemo went on, and on and on etc. Thank you for asking about Betty.



LynCC said...

LOVE the elephant train pic!! :D And one day I am GOING to make an Orca Bay!

Linnie Quilts said...

Well, the "danger" of reading your blog each day before I do my work results in the desire to throw everything to the wind and just quilt. After seeing those beautiful quilts today I'm doing exactly that ... the housework/laundry can wait ... I am quilting up a storm today!! Thanks for all the inspiration and so happy to see any posts of your trip to Bali ... keep 'em coming!

slinkysmom said...

Emily is right. You help keep the fun in quilting. Don't worry about making it perfect and sometimes it is fun when only you know where the mistake is.

Andra Gayle said...

Wow! I really need to go finish my ORca Bay!!!!!

Denise R said...

I love seeing all of the show and tell quilts. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

It's really nice to see the quilts that people share with you, thanks for sharing with us too. Makes me want to spend all day at the sewing machine too but unfortunately that "working for a living "thing gets in the way. Maybe, someday, I'll be able to find a job related to quilting and can have the best of both worlds. Thanks too for sharing Bali. I am soooooo jealous. Have fun.
Linda in CT

Anita said...

More great quilts...love the Orca Bay :)

Cathy said...

Such lovely quilts...thanking the makers and Bonnie for sharing with us. Really glad you are having such a good time in Bali.
Cathy R

Sandy said...

Fons and porter is having a scrap quilt challenge. All the ladies on this blog should enter. You all make phenomenal quilts!