Just for fun, occasionally I will turn the webcam on in the studio so you can commiserate with my creative mess in progress and sew along with me!

Warning -- it's not always neat in here!  I'm not always dressed well or made up with my hair done ---as always, enter at your own risk!

And just so you know, I sing to the radio ---you may want ear plugs!

When am I on?  SOMETIMES in the evening at 9pm Eastern on week nights, as time allows.

Sometimes in the afternoon on Weekends around 2pm Eastern, as time allows.

My MORNING blog post will usually tell you if I'm going to be able to fit Quilt-Cam in somewhere in my day.  The best way to know if I will be on is to CHECK THE BLOG directly during the day!

And of course, this is not when I am out of town teaching ---It's a busy life!  Quilt-Cam can't be a regular scheduled thing, it's just for fun!

Quilt-Cam is now streaming on Facebook Live and embedded after the fact into the blog posts archived below.

If you are on Facebook -- go to my QuiltvilleFriends Page, like my page and follow me and you will get a notification when I go live from within Facebook. I always send a message ahead of time alerting everyone to the time we are going live so give us a LIKE on Facebook and stay connected!

Posts are also sent through Google+ if you have added me to your circles.

Past Quilt-Cam Archives:

  • 3/26/2021: Snail Trail blocks while checking in to say hello! (It's been a while!)

  • March 19, 2020: Shoo fly Shoo quilt assembly!
  • Jan 5,2020: Making cushion covers from cutter quilts. Includes a binding tutorial!

  • 12/18/2019: And we are back! More Blossom Time blocks.
  • 10/2/2019: Sharing some Crooked Courthouse Steps Love!
  • 6/19/2019: First broadcast from the Quiltville Post Office!  A bit blurry - but we are streaming! 1925 Singer 99 and Fancy Basket Quilt Assembly!
  • 5/18/2019: Making some Blossom Time Blocks from the March/April Addicted to Scraps Column in Quiltmaker Magazine!  1950s Necchi Supernova Ultra.
  • 4/6/2019: Quilt-Cam and a String Frenzy Blog Tour!
  • 2/14/2019: The finishing of the blue 16-patches!  What a fun way to spend a Valentine's Day!
  • 1/13/2019: Stitching 16 patch blocks from leftover borders - vintage pink Atlas makes this girl extra happy!
  • 1/1/2019: A Happy New Year view of projects in progress from the cabin!
  • 12/3/2018: Impromptu Quilt-Cam!  This girl just needed to SEW!
  • 11/17/2018: Talking Color with HollyAnne Knight of String & Story!
  • 10/19/2018: Back after a long hiatus!  Chain & Hourglass blocks on Jeff's Singer 66.
  • 7/30/2018: Impromptu with no warning! Robin's egg blue WHITE?  Why not!
  • 6/24/2018: Split Screen Scrappiness with HollyAnne Knight of String & Story!
  • 5/29/2018: All about Busy Bags!  (Give-away ends June 4, 2018)
  • 4/11/2018: Our Diamond Tile Sew Along Blocks!  1950s Wizard Machine.
  • 3/22/2018: Piecing those leftovers into a backing for Checkerboard Rails! Green "Southern Pride" Machine - 1950's, made in Japan.
  • 2/26/2018: The LAST 10 red string blocks! Singer 227M treadle to the rescue.
  • 2/11/2018: More String Blocks, Centennial Singer 66 gift from my son Jeff.
  • 1/27/2018: String Blocks, Singer 301 and a close up "Webbing the block" demo!
  • 1/7/2018: Neutral Strings and my 2018 Singer 127 Sphinx treadle!
  • 12/21/2017: Trimming, trimming, trimming! The last quilt-cam of 2017!
  • 10/17/2017: Never-ending Sugar Bowl Blocks, 1967 Wizard Citation machine!
  • 10/5/2017: Sugar Bowl Blocks, so many more Sugar Bowl Blocks! (I need loads of these!)
  • 9/17/2017: Sugar Bowl Blocks, Bindings and quilt finishes! Aqua/Cream best built machine made in Japan in the 1950s.
  • 8/31/2017: Sugar Bowl Blocks!  Just like potato chips, you can't make just one! 1960 Pink Atlas machine hard at work.
  • 8/16/2017: Webbing the top!  If you haven't grasped what webbing is yet, this is my on the floor demo! :)
  • 7/19/2-17: Back on the string snowball production! I NEED MORE!  Blue 1950s Wizard.
  • 6/20/2017: Baby Quilt On Point! Still on that lovely 1913 66 red eye -- sweet machine!
  • 6/8/2017: More String Snowballs and a new way to use the Simple Folded Corners ruler! I'm stitching on a 1913 Singer 66 Red Eye.  Sew much fun!
  • 5/3/2017: String Snowballs with the Simple Folded Corners ruler!  EASY! 1950s green Southern Pride machine found in Alabama.
  • 4/16/2017: The resurrection of the green "Southern Pride" Class 15 found in Alabama!  This is a Quilt-Cam Quicky, only 7 minutes in length.
  • 4/4/2017: Four in Nine blocks and a bit of binding!  1953 Black short bed 301 still going strong!
  • 3/22/2017: Working on our Leader & Ender Hourglass Challenge!  Black 1953 shortbed 301 - Black Betty at the ready!
  • 3/6/2017: Square in a Square cutting demo using the Easy Center Square and Essential Triangle Tool rulers!  Sewing on my black 1951 301A, Black Betty.
  • 2/12/2017: Working on some square in a square units for my Straits of Mackinac Quilt, block found in Quiltmaker's 100 blocks vol 14. Singer 301 just a humming away!
  • 1/28/2017: Quilt-Cam Quickie!  Only 8 1/2 minutes,  sharing the 1960s Singer 500a that I just got up and running, and the cool card table that it fits in.  Blue string blocks for the border of Dawn's Early Light in progress.
  • 1/25/2017: Dawn's Early Light is getting string borders!  1957 short bed 301, light brown, oyster white, or in other words, the color of a "rootbeer float!"1/15/2017: Stitching binding strips and border string blocks on 1950s Best Built. Short cam, runs 40 minutes.

  • 12/18/2016: Sewing on a 1960 Pink Atlas with ressurected Garlic Knots blocks!
  • 12/4/2016:  Facebook Live from Quilt Villa!  Neutral strings on singer 301 long bed.
  • 10/25/2016: My New-to-Me 1953 Bernina 117k.  More string pumpkins..and who has quilted vests still in the closet??
  • 10/16/2016: Our FIRST Facebook Live Session!  Whoowhoo! String Pumpkins underway.
  • 9/7/2016: Starting some Four in Nine blocks! Still on the green machine --sew much fun!
  • 8/7/2016: It took two tries but we got it!  1950s Green Electro-Hygiene and string block assembly!
  • 6/11/2016: Garlic Knots and talk about Quilting Addiction! 1950s Modern machine.
  • 5/24/2016: More Garlic Knots Blocks! 1950s Bryson machine.
  • 5/3/2016:   Garlic Knots Blocks on a Singer 500a Rocketeer.
  • 3/30/2016: Topsy Turvy Triangles and H blocks on Singer 201-2
  • 3/2/2016:   More String Blocks and thoughts on politics!
  • 2/24/2016:  Grey String Blocks
  • 1/20/2016: Blue 1950s Home Mark Machine, and more grey string blocks.
  • 1/14/2016  Aqua 1950s Necchi Supernova Ultra and Addicted to Scraps column basket blocks.
  • 1/7/2016   Aqua 1050s Necchi Supernova Ultra and MORE basket blocks
  • 12/16/2015   Making 4 patches on a blue 1950s Morse.
  • 11/29/2015   Quilting at the cabin: Singer 301 and joining string blocks.
  • 11/15/2015   Neutral String Sashings and a 1967 Wizard Citation.
  • 10/2/2015    Last minute sample sewing, A Little Bit Hexie on the 1967 Wizard Citation.
  • 9/13/2015   (Two parts, got booted off and started again!) Singer 15 and crumb star blocks.
  • 8/25/2015   Singer 227M treadle and crumb star blocks.
  • 8/11/2015   Singer 227M treadle and neutral strings for sashings.
  • 7/22/2015   Singer 227M treadle and neutral strings for sashings.
  • 7/9/2015     1950s pink "Modern" machine and making stepouts for online workshop.
  • 6/13/2015   1950s pink "Modern" machine and framed 4 patch blocks
  • 6/2/2015     1950s aqua White machine and more Lozenge quilt assembly 
  • 5/27/2015   1950s aqua White Machine and Lozenge quilt assembly
  • 5/12/2015   1950s aqua White Machine and Lozenge quilt assembly
  • 4/30/2015   1950s aqua White Machine and Lozenge quilt assembly
  • 4/17/2015   1950s "Best Built" machine and framed 4 patch blocks
  • 4/7/2015     1950s Singer 404 and Lozenge blocks
  • 3/23/2015   1950s Singer 404 and H blocks
  • 2/25/2015   1950s Singer 404 and small string blocks for star quilt
  • 2/9/2015     1950s green Electro-Hygiene machine and sewing corners to 4 patch units
  • 2/3/2015     1950s green Electro-Hygiene machine and sewing corners to 4 patch units 
  • 12/28/2104   1885 black Singer Improved Family treadle machine, foundation paper piecing kite strings for String Spider Web blocks
  • 12/1/2014   1920s black Singer 127 treadle, Scrappy 9-patches getting flip and sew corners to become Dancing Nine Patch pattern
  • 11/23/2014   Framing Scrappy 9-patches on pink Atlas for baby quilts
  • 11/17/2014  Scrappy 9-patches on 1957 pink Atlas, quilted Carolina Crossroads.
  • 11/12/2014   Pink Atlas, using Accuquilt and recycled shirts to build strip sets into 9-patches, need 2 baby quilts.
  • 10/21/2014  1950s Pink Atlas, assembling String Spider Web units
  • 10/1/2014   1950s Wizard, made by Brother in Japan, Sticky seam guides, binding, hanging sleeve, label on red and white quilt Copper & forest green metallic HOUSEHOLD machine, circa 1950s. String Spider Webs
  • 9/8/2014    Box Kite Blocks with 1950's Brother machine
  • 8/18/2014   Blue 1950’s Brother machine, Carolina Chain blocks
  • 7/30/2014   1948 black Singer 201-2 in cabinet, String Spider Web
  • 7/22/2014   1948 black Singer 201-2 in cabinet, String Spider Web
  • 7/15/2014   Joe Cool 'Wizard' by Brother, sold in the USA through Western Auto stores and catalogues in the 1950s, early 1960s. Drafting yellow kites for String Spider Web
  • 7/2/2014   1950s pink Necchi Supernova Ultra and more String Spider Webs, foundation paper pieced
  • 6/18/2014   String Star revamp ramps up with 50's 'Best Built' machine
  • 6/2/2014   String Spider Web comes forward from 'time out' to be stitched on 'Best Built' aqua blue and cream 50's machine
  • 5/15/2014   Late 50's aqua blue and cream 'Best Built' straight stitch machine, using an Accuquilt cutter, red and white four patches
  • 4/23/2014   Necchi green and white Supernova Ultra, new small ironing station, 4.5" diagonal blocks from recycled shirt strings
  • 4/2/2014   1957 pink Atlas machine, binding the Wonky Wishes quilt
  • 3/25/2014   pink Atlas machine, 4.5" diagonal recycled shirt strings for Cheddar Sampler Quilt
  • 3/3/2014   1920's Singer 27 or 127? also shown 12/1 episode. (Sphinx/Winged Victory?) treadle, Neutral string sashing for Wonky Wishes Stars
  • 2/6/2014   Jamestown Landing 'Step Outs' for taping of the Quilt Show, diagonal shirt fabric strings
  • 1/27/2014   1955 black Singer 99, Wonky Wishes Star blocks, rare Singer penguin walking foot
  • 1/13/2014   Light green Japanese style 15 Electro-Hygiene, Wonky Wishes Star blocks
  • 12/28/2013   Green Electro Hygiene machine, Wonky Wishes blocks made from Maverick Stars Two parts, #1 26 minutes, #2 1 hour.
  • 12/18/2013    Singer 201-2 AH843591 which dates her to 1948. Cheddar Sampler rows webbed and ready for assembly
  • 12/4/2013   short bed mocha 301, cornerstones for Cheddar Sampler
  • 11/16/2013   Cheddar Sampler progress on Japanese blue model 15 Morse
  • 11/11/2013   Singer mocha 227M. Foundation paper pieced 2.5" recycled fabric sashings
  • 10/31/2013   1950s pink MODERN machine, Boxy Stars progress
  • 10/22/2013   1950s pink MODERN machine, building Boxy Stars using Scrap Users system 2.5" strips
  • 10/14/2013  Serata hand-crank machine, black and scrappy square in a squares foundation paper piecing
  • 9/30/2013    Singer Improved Family, a fiddle base machine with a coffin top in a smaller table. Using plastic tubing for treadle belt. String pieced sashing for the Cheddar Sampler
  • 9/24/2013   Late 40's/Early 50's Viking Husqvarna Nordic model 12! in green. Foundation paper pieced square in a square for Cheddar Sampler. 
  • 9/14/2013   Green Japanese 15 model (?). Foundation paper piecing square in a square corner stones for the all things orange blocks.
  • 8/28/2013   Singer mocha and brown treadle (?model #) making crumb strips into big crumb blocks 
  • 8/14/2013   Japanese light green Electro Hygiene machine, Crumb strips, tips for 2013 leader ender project Split Nine Patches 
  • 7/17/2013    Japanese blue model 15 Morse. Real life with no eyebrows :) Crumb blocks and strips.
  • 7/2/2013   Singer 15-30 Treadle, diagonal string blocks, 47 minutes.
  • 6/23/2013   Mocha and Cream Singer 301A, assembling Crumb blocks
  • 5/29/2013   Foundation paper piecing tips with Crumbs and strips on Singer Red Eye treadle 
  • 5/24/2013   1953 mocha Singer 227M short shank, sewing bindings for the two Dancing Nine Patch baby quilts including how to do Triangle labels
  • 5/14/2013   Singer Treadle (?model) using scrap user system to make strip sets for quick 9-patches, inner border for Dancing Nine Patch baby quilt 
  • (two parts, #1 35 minutes, #2 1 hour)
  • 5/7/2013   Pink Atlas, more progress on Dancing Nine Patches, setting ideas for simple blocks. 
  • 4/23/2013  Pink Atlas, plaid and stripe 9-patchs well on the way to being Dancing Nine Patch babyquilt
  • 4/17/2013  Pink Atas, leader ender plaids and stripes growing into baby quilt project
  • 4/6/2013   Pink Atlas, how to web blocks
  • 3/27/2013 Singer treadle, (?model) Sisters Choice
  • 3/18/2013  Singer treadle, Sisters Choice -How to cut stripes for direction, Bonus triangles
  • 3/15/2013  1958 Necchi Super Nova green/white, Defining neutrals, Sisters Choice remake