Sunday, January 13, 2019

Ice Storms, Hands & Quilt-Cam!


This is what I woke up to this morning.

ICE coating everything -

(Yes,  cue the “Ice, Ice, Baby!” soundtrack!)

I made a trip to the grocery store late yesterday afternoon, the place packed as folks stocked up on food and sundry supplies for a storm that should last less than 24 hours, but hey – it’s the south. 

Winter storms here are an EVENT!

“Did you get the Doritos?”  “Yes!” “and the Krispy Kreme Donut Holes?” “Absolutely!”

I get a big charge out of looking at what other folks have in their carts.  I admit it.  I am a grocery voyeur.

As for me – I’m planning a big crock pot of chicken soup, so I simply had carrots, celery, an onion, salad fixings, bananas, yogurt, cottage cheese, Jeff’s favorite coffee creamer (Cinnabon!) in my small cart and I was out of there.

Or so I thought.  I forgot the cat food, which we were out of at home and was the whole reason I headed to the store in the first place.

Since I was already at the car, and NOT wanting to go back into the madhouse of the grocery store, I drove up the road about a mile to the easy-in, easy-out Dollar General to pick up cat food in a hurry.

Only it wasn’t.  Because they didn’t even have an open parking spot available, and I ended up parking on the side by the dumpster – fighting the slightly-pelting-not-quite-frozen-yet rain to get to the front door.

I could write a whole blog post about things that I find at Dollar General.  Our small rural communities have one about every 10 miles or so – and they are NEEDFUL.  

Imagine a small Kmart with shelves so packed and aisles so narrow that you can hardly get down them.  Still, we are grateful – or it’s a 12 mile drive to the nearest “big shopping area” where a Walmart or Target can be found.

One check-out stand – a line of about 20 people.  Get the picture?

“Have a nice storm!” says the clerk as I pocket my receipt, grab my purchase and head out the door.

It’s the South.  We get into celebrating big storms around here.


Crystal Coated!



I fell asleep last night to the sound of ice crystals pelting the window, and woke up to the same this morning.  And so far, the power has stayed on, for which I’m grateful. 


This can go away any time now.


I’m over it!

Hands. Let’s talk about hands.

When was the last time you really considered your hands?

January 12, 2019 at 12_36PM

I've been following along with the hashtag #amakershands posts on Instagram, each one so very inspiring.

To be honest, I never gave my nearly 57 year old hands much thought until I read @poppyprint and her post.

From the time I was little I was always making things. Paper, string, tape, staples, bits of fabric, glue, clay, paint, wax (Oh, the year I made sand candles in the sand box and sold them to neighbors - I was about 10.) cross stitch, needlepoint, macrame, clothing and finally quilting which took a stronghold in my 20s and never let go.

My hands held the hands of my husband when we were married 37 years ago. They remember feeling my babies move when placed on my belly along with his.

My hands cradled my firstborn daughter for a short 2 1/2 weeks before she left this life while held in the comfort of my arms. They remember vividly the softness of her downy blonde hair.

These hands have loved deeply and completely - made many school lunches, applied band-aids to scraped knees, wiped away tears, and tucked little boys into bed.

These hands are responsible for many tickle fights with gales of laughter, but also knew how to hold up a signal of "Stop right there, young man!" in reprimand.

They have cooked, cleaned, fixed, painted, planted, canned, played piano and guitar but mostly they long to sew.

This hand is a thimble-wearer. Always. (My thumb wears tape to keep it from bending due to a recurring issue with trigger thumb from loads of book signing.)

These hands will never forget the feeling of being warmly held in the hand of my brother Mark, wrapped in the quilt I made for him before he passed in September. These hands and my heart miss him every day.

I am grateful for the hands that have served me so well for 57 years. 

Thank you, hands. 

I love you dearly.

Today – please consider your hands and thank them for all they have helped you to do throughout your life!

This also happened yesterday – QUILT-CAM via Facebook Live!

We had a great time, and I am digging these blue 16-patches so much! 

Feel free to join in should you wish an easy project – Yes, I still have this year’s Jewel Box Stars going, but it’s up at the cabin, and I really wanted to find a way to purpose those leftover lengths of Idaho Square Dance piano key border – so what can I say?

There may be more sewing on them TODAY!


Quiltville Quote of the Day –

Vintage crazy quilt found in Boone, North Carolina.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!


  1. Thanks for taking time for a quiltcam yesterday! I enjoyed sewing and watching which I don't usually do. I managed to get four blocks put together for my son's race quilt. I may have to get them all made to decide what I want to do with it. I am thinking it may too busy without a solid border between it. So I will just plug along and see what happens.

  2. My daughter told me she remembers my hands meaning comfort and safety when she was little. This pleases me so much. ♥

  3. I enjoyed your quilt cam when I couldn't sleep over night and watched it then thoroughly enjoying every minute while I stitched on my quilt in the frame ... hand quilting and pondering my hands from your post yesterday too... I like my hands even with arthritis they are useful still today. Thanks for all you do for quilting and for us! Enjoy your upcoming trips and I look forward to your next time to share via quiltcam! Kathi

  4. thanks for mentioning tape on the thumb to keep it from bending - I think I need to do that. Here in Arkansas we go crazy over winter storms too and you can feel the excitement in the preparation for being snowed in. Of course all that changes if you loose power - but hey we have a generator and a fireplace so we would be ok. No snow or ice here though - just chilly rain :(

  5. FOR HEAVEN SAKE... IF ONLY... I'm attempting a rescue of the first hand made quilt (pieced & quilt-as-you go) for my first born ... if i had only known about polyester batting then. THEN it was THE thing and i am so saddened by what has happened... who knows how much effort, time and materials have been wasted!!!Love disintegrating all around. sigh... well, thanks for telling us... we should take out ads. thanks for Quilt Cam, keep on educating us and advising... Cats in Carlsbad CA

  6. What a beautiful loving post - I will make time today to write my own journal entry about hands. Counting my blessings rather than my sorrows helped get me through a horrible deep depression, and to this day I am thankful for the many blessings of each and every day. Hated to miss quilt-cam yesterday, and plan to make time for it today as well. It's lightly snowing here today, so no plans to venture out.

  7. For over 60 years my hands have been doing beeds, embroidery, needlepoint, sewing, crocheting, knitting, cross stitching, hand quilting, cooking, tending babies, paperwork at jobs. I applied for a bank job last year and they had trouble getting good fingerprints for my background check as my "whirls and swirls" were crisscrossed with fine lines from all the living my hands have been doing.

  8. We really do take our hands for granted, except when they hurt.

    Winter storms are nothing unusual here in Nebraska, but there is still the feeling of excitement. I don't usually have to visit the store beforehand since I keep pretty well stockpiled. The main thing is the electricity. Even with a gas furnace it needs electricity for the fan or it doesn't work. Electric spark ignition too.

    Dollar stores are fun because of the ever changing stock. See something you want or need better grab it because it might not be there next time you go. Dollar General is what we have nearest us, but I like the Dollar Tree 60 mi. away the best. Everything is actually a $1. Great for little gifts or game prizes or just a little something for the youngest grandchildren.

    Enjoy the peacefulness a storm brings and I hope your power stays on so you can sew, sew, sew and make your soup.

  9. I have my grandmother’s hands, a permanent remembrance of her. It’s quite appropriate though, because she was my best friend! She taught me to cook, sew, embroider, crochet, play the piano, and many other things with these hands. Sadly, it’s also a reminder of the pain she had in her hands later in life, which I am experiencing much too early. But, with her in mind, I try to keep using them, pain and all, and remember all she did for me in her 93 years here on earth.
    And all hail the Dollar Store. They built one about a mile from our house, and it has been a lifesaver when the hubs has gotten sick and wants sprite and crackers...or I need tubs to store fabric...

  10. Thank you for your loving post...full of smiles and then touching my heart so with your words about hands. I got teary-eyed at the photo of you and your brother's hands. I have one just like that with my husband and I when he was in hospice, with the quilt on him which loving quilting friends made for us during that difficult time. Many blessing to you, Bonnie and family.

  11. My older son is an ice storm baby born nine months after a serious ice storm when we lived in TN. The labor and delivery department was very busy that srptember!

  12. Hands are so very important in our lives. Your sharing got to to thinking how my hands have aged through the years from a young bride at 20 to being a grandmother in my 70’s. A few more wrinkles and a little thinner but they can still hold the hand of my beloved husband who is fighting cancer and other issues. My dear sweet husband of almost 54 years that I comfort when he he is down. Thank you Bonnie for reminding us of how our hands really do hold the history of our lives in their palms.

  13. Touchingly beautiful and so honest. And I remember the hardworking hands of those long gone...some of my favorite 'portraits' are hands...

  14. Your blog post today gave me much to think about. I make my living with my hands (medical transcriptionist) but I never have given much thought to all they do and have done throughout my life. Your posts often make me remember the more important things in life. Thank you, Marcy

  15. What I remember about hands is holding this warm little hand in my hand. That little hand has grown into a 6'5" man. I still see the little boy hand so trusting in mine. Where does the time go?

  16. My mother passed away suddenly. As I looked at her I realized I was focused on her hands. I kept thinking and wondering how many diapers did she change, meals cooked, dishes washed, brows rubbed, etc. That also makes me appreciate my hands.

  17. I so enjoy reading your posts
    ..todays made me think i held my grams hands as she passed and then years later when her sister was passing i sat and held her hands....on a more cherry note. Today we had snow so i sorted thru my stash picking out blues and creams to start your blue ridge quilt...just love that one so much...stay safe

  18. I also want to thank you for Quiltcam yesterday. I was preparing for clue 6 while you were sewing your 16 patches. I loved the post on hands. For me the list would also include many of my pet being raised and buried. Two years ago I held my Mom's hands a week before she passed away. I know and feel your pain. I don't know if this will help you but try to remember the good times and when you need to cry do it. There is no shame in what you are going through. Lots of hugs from you almost neighbor.

  19. I was surprised to read your post today about hands. Yesterday I stated "Your hands look like your Grandma B's hands." to my daughter as I held her hand as we cried together. She was just diagnosed with stage four cancer. I want to thank you for the example of grace and courage you have shown me. I love reading your blog each morning. I so appreciate your positive attitude and the wealth of information you so freely share with the quilting world. Thank you !

  20. thank you for the beautiful reminder about hands. if i think about it, any given part of my body could sing an interesting song of service rendered over all these years!!!

    1. There is a commercial on TV about a new line of lingerie. The one lady says her body of a road map of her life and she wouldn't change a thing. Kind of like our hands are road maps of our lives. Love your thoughts Bonnie.
      Polly Blank

  21. Loved your quiltcam didn’t get to watch live as was cuddling my granddaughter as she was sleeping here. When she drifted off to the land of nod I popped on my headphones and enjoyed your lovely blue blocks so pretty how with just one colour in different shades and designs such a wide variety of beauty can be created.
    Love the pictures of the ice on the trees have never experienced an ice storm here but can imagine the frenzied shopping, whenever a snow drop is predicted here the shops are stripped bare lol .
    Keep warm and safe and enjoy your sewing time.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  22. Having been "under the weather" lately, I, too, am so grateful for my hands in spite of many trigger finger and two carpal tunnel operations and now osteo arthritis setting into thumb joint. I am grateful for being able to use a rotary cutter,my sewing machines and getting up every morning.Thank you Bonnie for inspiring me daily.

  23. I love this post - I also lost an infant, a son, who I was able to hold in my arms; they are with us always. This song,"Blessed Hands" by Della Mae, sums it all up -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sylOgq9xUtA

  24. I have arthritis in both thumbs, and have started stitching hexies again. Boy does that make my left thumb hurt. I may try your tape trick, and see if it helps. Hope you are 'defrosting' already.

  25. as usual i will be watching quiltcam a bit late, but sewing along on good fortune as i do.
    i remember the first time i looked at my hands and saw my mom's hands and wondered when that happened......

  26. Thank you for your "from the heart" post. Grateful every day.

  27. I've lived in the South since '82, so I do know how an oncoming storm (usually a hurricane on the Gulf Coast) can bring out the need for supplies. It's funny what any given household regards as "vital" provisions--bread, check; milk,check; beer, cigarettes, well not my house, but for some check and double check! The water aisle can look like it's been pillaged by Viking horde, and the snack foods likewise.
    We do take our hands for granted, as other parts fail me, it's my hands that keep me sane. I can still do quilting and sewing and crafts, and that gives me a sense of accomplishment even though I struggle with basic mobility.

  28. Thank you for your beautiful photos of a frozen wonderland - for those of us who no longer live where trees get covered in crystal or snow covers our yards in a silent blanket of white. And thank you for the thoughts on hands. I've always loved memories of my grandmother's and my mother's hands, but I've never thought about how much my own hands have done for me.


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