Thursday, January 03, 2019

Out and About to Boone!


Meet Cohorts in Quilt-Crime, Martha and Toni!

I’ve shown you around Martha’s place before.  She owns the farm (part of an original land grant!) I shared back a couple of months ago HERE.

She introduced me to Toni one afternoon when we all met up for Mexican lunch in town (It had to be October I’m thinking, the West Jefferson Antique’s faire was that weekend.) and we got on like wildfire.

Toni is also a quilter, and highly involved with Quilts of Valor with a group in Mouth of Wilson.  And I just fell right in with a marvelous group of gals – just like that!

The only sad part (for Martha and me…) Is that Toni is relocating back to where family live in Louisiana come spring.  So we are getting in as much Toni time as we can before she starts her next chapter in the company of her dad and sister.  She promises to come back for visits!

With all of the holiday madness, and spending my days working at Quiltville Inn while I had family help, (gotta make hay while the sun shines!) I just didn’t have a day where I could run off and play, so we scheduled yesterday, and it couldn’t have been better.


Beautiful Boone, North Carolina!

Lunch out with the girls, and an antique mall right next door.  Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!

The thing is, you never know what you will find and pretty soon you start to sense a theme – because everywhere you turn you find:


Odd chairs with very round seats.


Face detail.  Creepy or gorgeous?

I immediately gave this one the name “The Goddess Chair” and sat in it.  A bit hard.  A bit round on the bottom. 

And then we couldn’t help but giggle and start in on our own quilter’s version of the song “Fat Bottomed Girls” by Queen.  LOL.


Turn the corner, see this one, and go into another chorus!

“Round Bottomed Girls…..”

We laughed and laughed…..sitting in these chairs feels a bit like sitting on a commode….and then we laughed again.

No round bottomed chairs came home, but I am still thinking of the Goddess Chair – and wondering if there could be a place for her at Quiltville Inn.  She was kind of pricey- but maybe she is worth it.


Scales and clocks and old irons, oh my!


Quilts here and there -

From very utilitarian


To mind- numbingly perfect points in double-knit polyester.

(This thing was a heavy beastie!)

And then we saw it –Hanging on the wall:




Oh darling – how could you be so haphazardly handled!?


The feathers, the echo stitching -

The applique executed in white thread in the tiniest of buttonhole stitches -

1850s maybe??

Should there ever be any forensic tests on this quilt, they will find evidence of 3 quilter’s DNA from drool left behind.  At $500 none of us could afford to bring it home, but we touched the stitches, we called out to the maker in our hearts, we left behind all the good quilter’s karma that we could and told her we are honored to carry on her work of keeping quilting alive and well in this century.


There were stitcheries that made us smile -

Especially the bottom left -

Today is the Tomorrow we Worried about Yesterday.  LOL.


1940s – 1950s fabrics in this one….


Oh, dear.  Do you see it?

Did the maker see it? At what point?



(This sign was at the check out desk!)


Sweet bow-tie.  One block going the other way.

See sign above.  LOL.


Oh, my love – at last I found you!!  *singing*

This sweet Martha Washington cabinet is headed to Quiltville Inn!

I’ve been looking for one, but they were always just beyond what I was willing to pay.  This one was marked $65.00 and I snatched it up in a heartbeat.  It’s in pretty good condition, needs just a bit of attention on the top where someone evidently placed a cup of coffee out of habit while they stitched or knitted or whatever they used this lovely piece for. 

I’ll be dropping it at the Inn this morning on my way home.  Yippeee!  Not sure if it will end up as a bedside table, or between two comfy chairs either in the den, or perhaps in a seating area – The turret in bedroom 3, or the corner in bedroom 2.  We shall see!


Oh so many triangles!

There are many lessons to be learned in this quilt that can be applied to our coming year ahead.

1. Don’t fear color or worrying that things aren’t going to match.  It’s more beautiful when you play with the whole box of crayons.
2. Don’t fear the bias. 
3. Matched points are highly over-rated.
4. No matter how your day goes, make a bit of time to sew “just a bit.”


Quiltville Quote of the Day -

And most of all:

Don't let your mind make all of the choices where your creativity is concerned.

Lead with your heart!

And a quick PS –

ALL DIGITAL PATTERNS in the Quiltville Store are currently 25% off through today using Coupon Code DIGITAL25.  Coupon code must be used at time of purchase. No refunds.

And yes, all 500 copies of String Frenzy in wave 6 are sold!  So guess what is waiting for me at home to do? LOL! Bring it! I feel relaxed and ready to tackle whatever lies ahead.
I’ll spend the next week or so getting these out the door, and will place another wave in the Store when I am just about on top of getting these out.

Thank you for working so patiently with me.  I will offer up as many as I can possibly get out before I leave for Japan on the 17th.

Our Mystery Monday Link-Up for Part 6 can include your progress for Good Fortune Part 7 as well, and is open until Thursday Night at 11:55pm Eastern.  Add another link if you already participated before part 7 was dropped as a surprise at the stroke of midnight New Year’s Eve.

This girl is headed home – I’ll catch you from the Wallburg, NC side!


  1. OMG, what a wonderful cabinet! I know you enjoyed the special time with friends. It makes life so much sweeter. :)

  2. How poor we would be without girlfriend time!!!

  3. I have TWO Martha Washington cabinets...one from each grandmother. There are alot of things I would shed if I have to downsize, but THOSE two are not among them! What a sweet find!

  4. I like to think mom was busy getting ready to put the blocks together before haying. Then at the next farm they would start quilting since there would be sitters to keep the littles. Mom got up to tend something & husband knocked off her box & picked it up. She didn't notice because it was the last block & she was tired. Both of my grandmothers had 7 kids & didn't drive. I know neither grandfather would dare say he knocked off her quilt blocks! My dad's sisters told me sometimes it was on purpose. Maybe an oops to keep a sick child occupied when feeling better. Find the block with an error. If they placed the blocks where it wouldn't be noticed without a lot of looking. Maybe just someone out to say I am not afraid of the "quilt police"! My sister & I had non conforming ideas when it came to quilt design. It was smashed by our quilt police mother. We tell her now, just think we could be on TV & be famous. I also add I have my own mind. I sew so I can be different & give special gifts. If I want a quilt like others I will buy it!

  5. Oh what a fun time you ladies had!! Some seriously lovely finds. I'm so glad you got some much needed girl time with friends. Enjoy your day and safe travels.

  6. I would love to hear the Goddess tell tales of all who had sat in her chair!

  7. The cabinet is just gorgeous! and I like the goddess chair too!

  8. Quilt Goddess chair! Too funny. Glad you had a great time at the antique shop. Still playing around with my Good Fortune . New part to sew in 1 more sleep. Will I be ready, lol

  9. I love shopping along with you!!

  10. a pretty UFO quilt block could make a nice round cushion for that hard bottem Goddess chair !! LOL

  11. What a wonderful time with friends. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. The cabinet was definitely a find, and the quilts - love the triangles.

  12. I like the plate sitting on the second round bottom chair...

  13. I LOVE the face chair! How unique....I bet there is not another one like that anywhere!

  14. Bonnie- Love the Quote of the day!
    It fit me, as I try to release my stitchery creativity from my highly structured life. With 55 years of public service before I retired, plus another 8 now, it is no wonder I am still so structured. It doesn't seem like I will get away from it anytime soon, either. lol

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it was sunny, but cold today. We are getting back to somewhat normal temps for Alaska!

  15. Bonnie, Go back and buy that chair! Too unique! If you still hate it uwhen I come to Quiltville Inn, I will buy it from you. Or I will ship it to myself. Also, that gorgeous quilt should be rescued by someone. I bet Ken Burns would buy it and add it to his collection! Or maybe one of the quilt museums.

  16. What a wonderful day full of new and old memories. Love the thought to quilt from your heart not your head! Wonderful things happen.

  17. $65???? Oh wow! I've looked for one for years. How about I give you $75 for it and I'll even come get it? lol Didn't think so. I'm happy for you -- sounds like a lovely adventure you had. May 2019 hold many more for you. I'm going to stitch that "today, tomorrow, yesterday" quote up in embroidery! That's a winner. Blessings from southeastern WV.

  18. I read somewhere that the quilters of yesteryear always turned 1 block in the opposite direction as a sort of signature. Not sure how true this was, but I've seein it many times. Perhaps that was what happened here?
    You all should have pooled your money an bout that beauty that was hanging...then took turn sending it to each other with a letter of how the time was while the quilt was in your possession. 😊

  19. I too have read that many quilters in the past, especially Amish quilters) would purposely turn a block the wrong direction. They would say that only God can create something perfectly. Also, it was fun to see that you found your treasure. I have a Martha Washington chest exactly like the one you found, except the knobs on mine are glass. I was told it was a sewing chest. The woodcrafter carved his name inside one of the side lids. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.

  20. The Goddess chair looks like a Green Man design to me.

  21. I have a cabinet just like that one. I spotted it at an craft fair and my husband bought it for me for our first anniversary. He was supposed to refinish it for me. Forty-five years later, I am still waiting for the refinishing. It's become a family joke, but I can't part with it. I'm optimistic it will some day be refinished. By the way, I just finished my first Y2K quilt with signatures from all over the country. I do wish that one woman had not dated her block "1999." Enjoy your cabinet.

  22. Since I live in Boone I need to check out downtown more closely. Thanks fir sharing.


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