Tuesday, January 15, 2019

March/April ‘19 Quiltmaker Bundle Gift-Away!



If you are having a difficult time dealing with the fact that TECHNICALLY we’ve got 2 months of deep winter left – never fear!

This bundle is bound and determined to get you out of your winter blahs and into some color-filled ahhhs!

I was nearly giddly when my Quiltmaker issue arrived on my doorstep yesterday.  I had HAD IT with my Monday.  You know how it goes?  I plopped myself on the sofa, opened up the envelope, and started turning pages.  MARCH!  APRIL!  Blooming things, spring colors – all things FRESH!


You can feel it just from looking at the beautiful cover!


This is also a “Designer Spotlight” extravaganza!

I don’t just like the magazine for the pretty pictures of beautiful quilts, but actually read it for the ARTICLES about others with a passion for fabric and patchwork just like me.  It’s my connectivity to what else is going on in the quilting world, and nothing thrills me more than getting an in-depth look into someone else’s studio space for inspiration.

Nancy Mahoney has always been a favorite for me, and I loved seeing how she stores her fabric, her work space, little glimpses of her life at home.


You’ll find the pattern for Nancy’s beautiful Flower Crown quilt included in this issue.

Claudia Pfeil designed the beautiful cover quilt for this issue, and she’s got a wonderful spotlight article in the issue as well as the pattern for the Garden of the Gods quilt.


There are patterns for stars -

This one by Paula Stoddard.


And sharp and spiky paper piecing for loads of scrappy fun.

Compass Points is by Connie Kauffman.


Blossom Time is my take on the traditional tulip block, and I used extra four-patches as my starting point – digging into my Scrap User’s System for the rest.  

I am definitely going to be planting more tulip blocks around here through spring – they are easy and fun.  You’ll find the directions for these blocks on page 85 of the March/April ‘19 issue.


A quick sample layout will give you an idea of what you can do with these cute blocks.


Let’s make it a bundle!

I’ll be drawing for “One Winner Takes All!” and along with the March/April ‘19 issue I’m throwing in a 100 Blocks, vol 15, a Sherbet Delight pattern, a mini felted wool pressing mat, a spool of aurifil thread, a fabby note pad, the Goddess Pressing Sheet for fusible applique and my 2 1/2’’ x 6 1/2’’ Quiltville ruler by Creative Grids!

I’m leaving for Japan via LAX on Thursday.  I’m going to keep the drawing open until Friday morning and will draw the winner from my hotel room at LAX before we take off for Osaka. Sounds good?

Entries will close Friday morning at 8am Eastern - I'll be on West Coast time and will post the winner before heading to the airport to meet my Japan crew.

January 14, 2019 at 01_11PM

Yesterday afternoon’s mail drop!

Things keep shipping!

And while I was home filling orders through an ice storm – The hubster was up to this! Click to Play:

He was plowing the 16 percent grade of our lane way at the cabin in Virginia. The boy does like his toys! 

The deer were photographed through the master bedroom window, screen and all. It's hard to believe it will be a month or more before I'm back up there.

My to-do list is a mile long.  There are things to pack.  There are still things to go out and acquire!  There is a massage to be had this afternoon in preparation for that long flight (Yes, I fly coach with my group, I want to be where the fun is!) and I was hoping to squeeze in a hair cut.

Tomorrow I am meeting Mona half-way between here and there to drop off Sadie and celebrate our birthdays (Hers was yesterday, mine is the 23rd and I’ll be in Japan) with lunch.  She will take care of Sadie until the weekend.

All of my plates are spinning and I don’t want to drop a single one!

Passport ready?  Check.  Notified credit card companies that I’ll be out of country?  Check.  What else is there?  I am sure I have forgotten something!

Oh yes!  Yesterday’s Mystery Monday Link-Up is filling with a wonderful array of shares by YOU!  If you haven’t had a chance to stop by and see the Good Fortune quilt progress and finishes – please do. 


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Don't give up! You can do this - just break it down into baby steps instead of feeling overwhelmed by the whole project!

Happy Tuesday folks – get a move on!


  1. Bonnie, your quote of the day today reminds me of why I like mystery season sooo much. You hand feed us in little bits, so it takes away the feeling of being overwhelmed by the "wow" of the finished product. I was just thinking the other day how awesome it would be if you would break up your other patterns into weekly assignments and hold us accountable for getting the "homework" done. LOL! :-)

  2. Sadie gets to visit her friend--yay! :) Have a productive day.

  3. Have a fun and safe journey to Japan! Will look forward to your blog posts as you travel along.

  4. Thank you for your blog. It's the first thing I read in the morning when I get to the office. Seeing your Blossom Time block makes me believe that spring isn't that far off and your stem and leaves remind me of dragonflies! Safe travels!!

  5. Your blog post gets my day off to a wonderful start. Especially when I have two quilts that I want to finish this week, and I discover that it's Tuesday already. lol

  6. Bonnie, thank you so much for this blog! I’ve been dealing with grief over the last 13 months and felt like I was in a hole. But being here and “watching” you as you handled your own grief has helped get me through. Your quotes and blog posts have been a source of calm and helped me smile/laugh through my tears. You are an amazing artist, a gentle and giving soul. Keep doing what you’re doing. You have no idea who’s life you may impact each day. Happy early birthday and safe travels. God bless you.

  7. Have a great time in Japan - almost counting the days (okay not really) to when I join you in Bavaria/Austria - super excited

  8. Because of your column, i asked for and received a subscription to Quiltmaker for Christmas... thanks, Cats in Carlsbad, CA Vicariously enjoying your trip to Japan... happy trails and safe travels.

  9. What lovely spring quilts! Hope you have a wonderful trip to Japan and look forward to hearing the stories and seeing the pics.

  10. I had a giggle reading about this issue of "Quiltmaker" when you wrote you like the magazine for the articles too!

  11. So I guess I get to go Wal-Mart and get my copy of Quiltmakers magazine. Enjoy your trip with all the walking I could never go along. I enjoy your trips through your blog. Have fun

  12. Thanks for the opportunity to win this bundle! Would love to win it! Love the Quiltmaker magazine and I save all of your Addicted to Scraps patterns. I have a 3 inch Bonnie Hunter notebook full of Bonnie quotes, free patterns I want to make and the Addicted to Scraps patterns. My notebook is getting full! I had better get busy!

  13. I am so tired of the winter already... But I know moor is in store. Stay warm & safe travels.

  14. Soooo tired of winter as well. Snow & sub-zero temps forecast for us this weekend. Making a trip to town for things I can't buy here and then I just might stay inside & sew for the rest of the winter. LOL (I know I can't get away with that but it's fun to think about.)

  15. whooowhoo….would love to win this prize. thanks for the chance

  16. Have a wonderful trip and safe travels!

  17. Thanks for all you do. I printed all the clues for Good Fortune. Have worked 2 days on clue one. Enjoying it immensely. Looks like I will be able to get the whole quilt out of my stash. Wonder if it will even make a dent. 😀 Have a wonderful trip!

  18. I was reading the blog today as I sat waiting on a delayed flight to arrive. It looks as though this magazine is definitely what I need to lose the Winter Time Blues for sure. I just love the quilts you have shown and definitely want to get my hands involved in a bright and springy Tulip Fliwer Quilt. Have a safe and fun trip Bonnie. Fly Safe✈️✈️✈️

  19. When I planted tulips in the woods the deer came along and made a meal out of them. Perhaps your deer will have more respect for your horticultural talents.

  20. Thank you for the great read!! Always receive so much inspiration from you! Got into your Talking Turkey class at the MN Quilt Show in June - SEW EXCITED!!!!

  21. Your lovely tulip pattern will be the only way for me to have tulips around here! The neighborhood squirrels dig up the bulbs and eat them... 😥

  22. I hope you have a faaaaantastic trip to Japan. I never traveled there but have lived in parts of Africa. I am a bit jealous but will have to contain the green-eyed feeling and hope I can go someday. Be safe and enjoy!

  23. Thank you for the opportunity to win a fabulous bundle of goodies! Addicted to Scraps? Heck no, I'm Addicted to all things Bonnie! Have a wonderful time in Japan, I'm looking forward to experiencing it through the blog. Safe travels.

  24. Safe Travels to Japan and back!
    Enjoy and savor every minute you have there.The people will love you and enjoy your teaching and you as a person too! ������

  25. I’m going to put a Quiltville tour on my bucket list. I feel so left out!

  26. Safe journeys and happy birthday!!

  27. Me,me,me,me,me,mememememememe........

  28. Have to get the "L" back in there so that the "Q" doesn't become a "G".

  29. Be safe and enjoy your trip!


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