Sunday, January 27, 2019

A Day at Tokyo Disney!

This was the day of great escape!

It was a day for NO QUILTING - a day to play as our last full day in Japan.

We'd seen all there was to see at the show - the press of humanity several people deep, the booths overflowing with customers and merchandise, and we just wanted to get out and about and see something we likely would never have a chance to see again.

Tokyo Disneyland!

Evidently half of Tokyo thought that this bright and sunny Sunday was ALSO a good day to go to Tokyo Disneyland! LOL!

We experienced a sea of people of a different kind - families!  Some with young children in strollers and on shoulders, and some - couples hand in hand, or groups of teens.

Let's all wear pig hats!

Evidently groups like to dress ALIKE - in every way from shirts to pants or skirts to jackets, scarves, mittens or gloves, and HATS - it's an identifying feature to keep group members easily spotable in a country where everyone looks similarly dark haired from behind!

And it isn't just limited to the teenage girls - we saw groups of boys all wearing Winnie the Pooh capes, Mickey Mouse ear hats, even a group wearing My Little Pony costumes as they wandered the park.  Everyone gets into the action.

Evidently we didn't need costumes as we were easily identifiable as "NOT FROM AROUND HERE." LOL.

It is a VERY small world, after all!

And as quilters, we are always pointing out the patchwork element!

Making our way to the Haunted Mansion ride.

We were able to do most of the rides we wanted - Space Mountain, Astro Blaster, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Carribean, Small World, and had a great time visiting the shows - the funniest thing was Country Bear Jamboree, in Japanese!

Click to play:

Oh my word, we laughed until it hurt!

I am so glad we decided to let our inner kids out to play!

Interesting snacks were shared and consumed!

Curried popcorn, anyone?  YUM!

A pagoda, and the castle, all in one shot!

It was the cleanest amusement park I've ever been to.  You had to SEARCH for a trash bin, and ask for help finding the restrooms because they were fairly hidden.

And just in case you need the peaceful sounds of rushing water and twittering birds to enhance your visit to the ladies room - Click to play: (Make sure volume is on!)

It's the whole "I can't hear my neighbor and she can't hear me" scenario, protecting your modestly from within the confines of your own private stall.  LOL!

I must also add that on this chilly day, the heated toilet seats were a WONDERFUL thing and I think I need to talk to The Hubster about having them installed at Quiltville Inn.  (Don't think he'd go for it though! Sorry, ladies!)

We smiled and laughed all the way back to the hotel!

It was a wonderful way to spend the day surrounded by some adventurous friends who weren't afraid to let their inner children out to play either.  MEMORIES, we've got memories by the boat load!

And today we are packing it up and heading off to the airport this afternoon to start our long journeys home.

Mine will land me in Phoenix, Arizona where I will have some family time before my teaching engagement this coming weekend.  Bring on the warmth!  It's been cold here - we've been blessed with sunshine, but the wind has still been bitter. 

Hexies are at the ready - I'm ready for a long flight, a movie marathon, and loads of hexie stitching, and some napping when I can.

In the wise words of Winnie the Pooh -

In honor of our trip to Tokyo Disney.

Wall tile from the ladies room. LOL!

So many treasures are tucked into our suitcases, but the memories, feelings and experiences are going home in our hearts!

My next Craftours adventure is Kenya, Africa at the end of September followed by Bavaria/Austria for the Christmas markets in December. 

Info can be found under the tabs at the top of my blog. 

Join me!


  1. Thank you for sharing your trip with us all. Safe travels to you all on the way back home from your adventures.

  2. Awesome! I bet that was just what you needed--a day of fun and laughter!

  3. Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories. Sounds like you had an awesome trip.

  4. My dear sweet Kevin would love to have been in Disney with you. Glad you got to go. Safe travels home via Phoenix.

  5. What an incredible journey you have been on. I'm so glad you got to experience it all. Have a safe trip home and enjoy your family time in AZ. Hugs!

  6. We got one of those Toto toilets when we remodeled the bathroom. I call it my husband's toy. Yes, heated seats are very nice on chilly mornings.

  7. It has been an absolute delight to share this trip with you, from home here in Oregon. Thanks for taking the time to write the posts and upload the pictures and give us the experience, too. You have a very generous heart.

  8. So fabulous you all had such a fun day to finish your absolutely wonderful trip to Japan, it’s been so lovely to share some of your adventures through your blog.have a safe journey home, and enjoy your family time take care.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  9. Thank you for sharing your adventures in Japan. Safe travels to your family in Phoenix.

  10. i can attest to what a wonderful thing heated toilet seats are when temperatures drop.....

  11. What a fabulous trip! I feel like I have been with you. Would love to go to Kenya in hopes of a safari and lots of giraffes. Of course, some quilting, too.

  12. Wow - so envious of your visit to Tokyo Disneyland! What a great addition to your trip. Loved the quilts from the show too - much different from what we see here.


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