Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Of Jet Lag and Rejuvenation.

My body doesn't know what day it is, what time it is, and I guess that is to be expected.

When it is midnight in Tokyo, it's 10am at home in North Carolina, but only 8am here in Arizona -

I hear strains of the musical group Chicago's 1970's hit "Does anyone really know what time it is, does anyone really care?" playing through my head.

I have slept well at night, much longer than I usually do, but still find it hard to pull myself out of bed and am mad at the world that it is light outside my window.  

The struggle is real!

But it is wonderful to get out and stretch my legs -

The birds are happy with the mild temperatures.

There is something about this place that encourages deep breathing and appreciation of so many things - Palm trees have always been a favorite.  Mix that with water reflection, a bit of blue sky and the smell of fresh mown grass and it's a pleasant cocktail for the senses destined to break up the dread of a long, harsh winter.

My thoughts are also with those in the frozen mid west to east coast - stay warm my friends!  I hope this cold snap passes and warmer temps return quickly.

I was looking up the temps in Virginia, it was a brisk 9 degrees this morning which is quite WARM compared to the minus 50 temps I've seen.  Some of our Japan group were facing canceled flights to Milwaukee due to the weather and I hope they have found alternative routes and are now safely with family.

Me and Dad circa 2000!

Coming to Phoenix in the dead of winter has been a long running tradition going back WAY before internet.

My Minneapolis born & bred Grannie and Grandpa John built their winter getaway in Rio Verde in the 1970s, my first visit in 1977.  Cold winters in Idaho during my early married and child rearing years were often broken up by a visit to Arizona to thaw out for birthday celebrations - my birthday on January 23rd, Grannie's on Februrary 8, and my dad's on February 11th all falling within a few weeks of each other.  

Citrus on the trees.  What a beautiful sight in the middle of winter!

The photo above was taken before going on a hike - 19 years ago?  Where does time go?

And though Grannie has been gone many years, the tradition lives on - I'm here to celebrate my birthday along with Dad, and I have two nieces whose birthdays also fall within the month of January and I"ll be seeing them while I am here too.

And some hand stitching happened!

While at Tokyo Disney I searched for the right memento to bring home, keeping in mind that I wanted something USABLE, not just something that would clutter and collect dust.

I spied this pencil pouch with the Tokyo Disney Resort logo and instantly grabbed it, compelled to unzip and check inside:


It opened up into a little rectangular tray, perfect for keeping just a couple of hexie star kits, some papers, a couple of wonder clips, my thimble and some needles, my needle threader (with thread cutter) and thread.

It's enough to keep me busy for a couple hours - and the BEST thing - items stay in the tray and don't go rolling off of the airplane seat back tray or table.

A perfect memory of our trip to Tokyo Disney!

I was informed there is a "similar" pattern out there so that you can make your own.  Want to give it a whirl?

Free pattern found HERE

And now that we are here - let's DO THAT QUILTY BOX DRAWING!

We had a total of 5232 entries!

Christine Guenther!

The full sized Quilty Box is coming your way!

Barb Mader!

The Quilty Box Mini is yours!

I have sent you both an email.  Please get back to me with your mailing addresses and I'll have the folks at Quilty Box get your prizes out to you.  

Be looking for the February Quilty Box Gift-Away to happen SOON!

Today is another lay low day and I think there may be a movie theater adventure in store.  We want to see Stan & Ollie.

Other than that it's today and tomorrow to restore - tomorrow afternoon I head over to the West Valley, check in with 35th Ave Sew & Vac and see how set up is going for Friday's class and get excited for a class of 60 quilters ready to sew up a storm!

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt shared by Kevin the Quilter!

It is completely okay to reassess and change your mind and direction when things no longer serve you!


  1. Love that pencil box, thank you for finding the pattern! R&R is good for the soul.

  2. Perfect little pencil case will definitely check out the pattern thank you, it looks so beautiful where you are, we’ve had ice, sleet and rain today brrrrr weather. So I’m making a cottage pie, a lovely warming one pot meal.
    Congratulations to Christine and Barb your sure going to have fun with those beautiful fabrics.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xx

  3. What a great little treasure for a reminder of your trip!
    Enjoy that warm air while you can!

  4. I tried to schedule my Birthday someplace warm. Instead I was in 3' of snow in Wyoming. Good tradition to spend your Birthday with your dad. Love everything about the picture of Palm Trees. Still binding quilts for a new friend. 31° in SE Washington.

  5. Enjoying making nap blankets for the next class of kindergarten children here in Winston Salem, NC while it is a bit on the chilly side outdoors.It is so grand to see palm trees and recall earlier years spent in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Many thanks for all your travel stories and pictures.You are a daily blessing to your many followers.

  6. Bonnie I was so shocked looking at the picture of you and your Dad. We are each other's doppelganger! I showed the pic to my husband and asked him if he knew the people in the pic and he said, "It's you and I don't know who the man is". Unbelievable! P.S. we are almost the same age even!

  7. I sure wish you had been teaching in Phoenix when I still lived there! 35th Ave Sew & Vac was my go to shop as I was a West Valley girl living in Avondale. But I will be seeing you in June at the Minnesota Quilt Show. Can't wait!

  8. So glad you are able to R & R with your dad and other family members. Love Phoenix in the winter. Your quote today is on spot, as many of them are.

  9. I was a little envious of that pencil case, Bonnie. . . until you gave us the link to the free pattern!! You are one GENEROUS individual and I appreciate you every day :-)


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