Wednesday, January 16, 2019

One Day To Go -


This is really happening!

And I’m starting to panic – just a bit.

I am having to take Lyft to the airport, and I scheduled my ride yesterday for pickup tomorrow morning between 7:45am and 8:00am.  My flight is at 10:05.  I have given myself plenty of time, the airport is 25 minutes away.

I’ve never gone to the airport this way before – but my car would be parked there for 3 weeks if I drove myself, and no one else is here to drive me (which is a first experience in this household as well!  Everyone is unavailable!) and so Lyft it is.

I just got a confirmation from my driver.  Nearly 57 years old and still experiencing many firsts!


My day went like this -

2pm – ALL orders in the queue DONE!  YAHOOOO!

I almost didn’t know what to do with myself – nothing left to fill.  I was out the door for a round of appointments at 2:30 – starting with a much needed massage as these flights are long and I need to not be a pretzel when I arrive in Japan.

A HAIRCUT.  Nothing drastic, but still she took 5’’ off.  I honestly have not had a trim of any kind other than a self-induced bang reduction since Memorial Day.  My hair is trimmed up and shaped up and feels wonderfully lighter.

NEW SHOES!  The shoe store was next to the hair place, and since we will be doing major amounts of walking, a new pair of sneakers was purchased.  A good pair.  A fairly expensive pair (my feet are worth it!) with memory foam.  I can’t wear just any cheap cute shoe – and I am happy with what I found.

When it comes to this kind of travel - Fashion stops below the knees and I go for comfort all the way!


Travel umbrella in PATCHWORK!

Thank you, Target!

My last cute travel umbrella didn't make it back from England in August - it broke in the process of travel and I left it there.  This patchworky one is a must have!

From there it was over to Costco for a few things, and then Sam’s Club across the street for a few others – because neither of them carry it ALL. 

I treated myself to dinner out to celebrate the end of the String Frenzy Pre-Order Mayhem.

(Does it mean anything significant if your fortune cookie doesn’t have a fortune of any kind in it?  Just EMPTY!?) and started my journey home to pack.

And I was going to SEW my evening away -

Only I didn’t.  Because the master bedroom closet is a disaster and I’ve been watching way too much Marie Kondo in Tidying Up.  

While I couldn’t see dumping the entire contents on the bed in one fell swoop (so much overwhelming would happen with that action!) I could see just taking ONE section – my pants shelves – and going through them.  

I’ve neglected it for so long because the thought of trying everything back on and seeing what fit well and what just didn’t seemed like a complete waste of time I didn’t have to spare.  But last night – I DID.  Notice there are no photos of this process.  LOL!

There are at least 12 pair of sizes I will never be ever again, and styles that never will look good on my body again – in the GONE PILE.

The shirt drawers will have to wait until I get home.


This girl wasn’t sure what to do with herself while this was going on!

There were things that still had price tags and leg stickers that were shoved so far back I had forgotten about them!  I will continue to work on it a section at a time when I get back from this trip, but I did locate what I need.  

A 10 day tour – means 4 pairs of pants for me.  Jeans for travel, a black pair for dress, a grey pair for the show, and a khaki pair for all purpose with mix and match tops and sweaters for layered wear because it is winter in Japan too. 

And I still think I packed too much and may whittle it down again tonight.

And I am packing the ratty tatty undies and discarding them throughout the trip to lighten my load and make room for things that need to come home with  me.  

That goes for socks too.

Guess what I found on Youtube

Spark Joy Audiobook by Marie Kondo! It's going to suck you in. I know it will! LOL!

Just hit play and listen while you sew.  Come back to it later and carry on if you have to do it in small amounts of time.  I am posting it here so I can find it easily myself.

I started listening when I couldn’t fall asleep.  I’ll continue listening today as I drive over to meet with Mona and her Mom to celebrate our birthday lunches and transfer Sadie into her care.

There are about a dozen or so orders also to get out today – that’s a normal trickle around here!

This has also gone up in the Quiltville Store:


Whoooop!  We are REALLY going!

Anything that comes in past my bedtime tonight will have to wait until I get back in February.  As of 7:45am tomorrow I’ll be at the curb waiting for my Lyft ride to arrive.

Don’t forget about our Quiltmaker Bundle Gift-Away that went up yesterday – I’ll be drawing for the winner from my hotel in Los Angeles on Friday before heading to the airport to meet my Quiltville Crew. Click to THAT POST and enter!

Entries are still come in for our Mystery Monday Link-Up, Reveal 2.  They are BEAUTIFUL.  Take some time to visit those folks who have so kindly shared their projects in progress.


Quiltville Quote of the Day.

This is my reminder for myself today that there is no way that I am going to get it ALL done before this trip.

There are some things that will remain undone, and that is okay.

It will all get done in its own due time.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!


  1. I've been sucked in too! One thing I keep in mind when I come to the "stay or go?" indecision (and it pops up a LOT!) is that this process isn't a one-time thing. When I had no strong opinion about a blouse one way or the other, it went back in the closet. At least I know it's there now! If a year or so has gone by and I still haven't shown any interest in it, it'll be sent on its way with my thanks (I always placed my forehead on each piece as I thanked it before setting it in the box going to GoodWill). That realization helped the sorting go much faster.

    Pants were easier, once I accepted the fact that I was never going to lose the weight necessary to fit into some of them again (a hard reality to face).

    Safe travels!

    1. I also have to remind myself when traveling that I can probably replace ANYTHING I've forgotten once I arrive at my destination. Relieves the mental burden a bit. Bon Voyage!!

    2. Yes. As long as i have my credit card, ticket, my glasses/contacts and medications, the rest is able to be replaced.

  2. Looking forward to joining another journey with you via your blog posts. Safe travels! ♥

  3. I hope you have a fabulous trip Bonnie. I watched the Tidy Up series also, and do have a hard time getting rid of things, but am trying. I am working in the closet today and am not sure if I am folding my husbands big carhartt T shirts he loves and wears every day or leaving them on the hangers. Do they get real wrinkled up being folded up like that?? Not sure yet. Anything I do in there will be an improvement for sure. You really can see everything folded up, and somehow seems to be more space. I don't fold them quite as small as she does, it depends on the height of the drawer, doesn't need to be so short and fat sometimes to fit better.

  4. It looks like this Japan trip will be viewed remotely from TN thru several channels! I have three girlfriends from Atlanta, a girlfriend from Australia and you and your group going! Wow! What an event. I just can't wait for texts and blogs and pictures and emails to flood in while I man the post her in this office. Thank you all for traveling so I have such a rich and full vicarious life! You go girls!!!!

  5. Have a wonderful trip!!!!! I will be finishing Good Fortune while you are gone and sending you happy, healthy karma.

  6. I gifted myself a MAJOR purge (pre-Marie), and it was the best thing I've ever done. I was ready for a new adventure in my life, and I couldn't take everything with me. It was a task that took a couple of years to complete (and no I'm not a hoarder). It was a process brought on by the end of a 30 year marriage, a 16 year career, and it was past time. After numerous yard sales, I still managed to have good useable donations for every non-profit thrift store in my community, including a pick up truck load of everything new/not-so-new quilters might need or want. That load went to a group I helped establish, and many new quilters were able to build their stash, and the group made lots of comfort quilts.I've not looked back. And I'm proud to say that the only "stuff" I have added back into my life have been for creative activities, mainly quilt related. I now have three machines, including a Birthday/Christmas to me Featherweight. Have a wonderful trip and visit with family in Phoenix upon your return. Looking forward to your posts about this trip.

  7. 18 most ago we sold our home and bought a 5 the wheel. We sold or gave away everything necessities and a few bins of memories!! Each kid has 6 or so bins to store for us. The process took 2 years. I now live in less than 400 square feet. I still purge everything twice a year. Usually have a couple bags to donate. I still make quilts, 16 donates,6 gifted, 2 wip, 1 queen size on my bed. I still knit and crochet, crazy quilt and work with beads. What I have with me brings me peace and joy and I have no regrets. We've spent time in some beautiful places and seen more of this beautiful country in 18 mos than we had in 60 years. Life's an adventure, meant to be loved! Enjoy your trip!!

    1. This sounds absolutely wonderful!

  8. Love Marie Kondo. Did clothes - very freeing. Have had a pass through other items but embarking on her method for them now. Watched her on Netflix. The joy with which she handled clothes is how I handle all my quilting fabric-even scraps. My fabrics have always been organized. I love organizing them. Told my daughterthat really I should just wear quilting fabric.

  9. Looking forward to another fun trip thru your daily blog. Thank you Bonnie for taking the time to share with us.

  10. Have a safe trip and enjoy.

  11. Have a wonderful trip, Bonnie.

  12. I lol at your disposable undies and socks. My Socks drawer is the one I need to purge. If I could get it open. Watching your Japan trip from behind my Good Fortune. So, you didn't request another Fortune cookie? That's the best part.

  13. Have a great time. Looking forward to living it through your journey.

  14. Have a great time in Japan - their quiltshow is the best in the world (sorry to say so to American quilter)

  15. Average wait time for TSA is now over 2 hours. I hope you have a great time. Am waiting to see your posts and pictures.

  16. This has been my moto before every trip for years. I do the "must dos," the ones that would cost me money if I don't do them before I leave. I make two to do lists for my return, one for my office and one for home. And I leave a memo for my staff noting what I took care of, what they need to look for and do, and a reminder of what's on auto pay to not call me about! I read Marie's book a year or so ago. The main thing I learned is to pass the joy of an item on to the next person. Makes it easier for me to get rid if things. Enjoy Japan! Im looking forward to your blogs (when you have wifi).

  17. Enjoy that Japan trip Bonnie. Will be checking your blog for updates so we can enjoy it with you. Yeah! Throw away those undies to lighten the load!! LOL

  18. I just did that with my closet, and for those items I was unsure of, I hung them back in the closet with the hanger backwards - if it's still backwards 6 months or a year from now, that means I haven't worn it since and it's time to let it go.

  19. Safe travels! I look forward to sharing your trip in your posts with lots of pictures. Have a great time!

  20. I started on her audiobook right before our house sold. I only got to tackle my closet, but 5 HUGE garbage bags of clothes left. No joy left in them, not a shred.

  21. Hmmm! My Sister also had an empty fortune cookie! Maybe a marketing ploy to get us to talk about the possible meaning?

  22. Down here in Texas we don’t need much for winter clothes. I took all of my winter wear on your Alaska cruise and considered all of it “disposable”. So I left most of what I had brought behind on the ship to make room for all the fabric I had bought in every port.
    That worked so well, I now do a little of it every trip. I purposely pack my least favorite clothes and leave them behind, even if no fabric buying happened.

  23. I'm a little freaked out that you would only allow a hour and a half for an international flight during a Government shut-down which includes TSA workers! I'd allow 2 1/2 at least!. I'm all for leaving behind old clothing on a trip but undies really don't take up much room or weight. I tend to leave behind old shoes and warm (but old) coats, even an umbrella making room for my purchases. Safe travels, Bonnie! Can't wait to see what you gift us in the way of photos and information you gather.

  24. Enjoy your trip to Japan! My friend, Pam, will be joining you on this trip as well. She has talked about this over a year!

  25. You crack me up with your ratty tatty undies and socks being left behind! I've done the same thing and made lots of room for my new purchases! Have a blast and I look forward to the blog and pictures from your trip! Have fun and be a blessing!

  26. I love the idea of you putting this on your blog. I have to learn how to down load books.
    I am loving listening to this. Hope there is more to come Thank you


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