Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Kicking Off and Into 2019!


Happy New Year from Max, Sadie and Beanie!

Oh my goodness, 2019 has ALREADY gone to the dogs!

We celebrated our New Year’s Day with company – friends Rick & Mona brought Mona’s mom Sandy up for a visit.  We don’t get to see her often enough and she was brought down from Ohio to escape some dreary winter weather and spend some time in the mountains of North Carolina.

Sandy has been wanting to see Quiltville Inn, and Mona was eager to show it to her so we all rolled up at the big old house around 11am for a grand tour. 

It was fun showing Mona just what has been done since the last time she was up here.

And as always – there is a hiccup with SOMETHING.  The ceiling fan in bedroom 5 has gone flooky.  We don’t know if it is the wiring or the fan itself, but the switch doesn’t turn it on, the pull chains to the fan itself don’t turn it (or the light) on….it’s another SOMETHING.

And totally unrelated – the instant hot water on demand is not working either.  I let the kitchen sink run for 10 minutes, gave up, heated water the old fashioned way in a big old enamelware pot on the stove, and added the boiling water to my tap cold water to wash some dishes and other things.  Pfffffft! 

But other than that – SWELL!!!  

We’ve got a manual for the hot water heater – and Dave looked up some things on Youtube about it last night and he thinks he has a setting wrong.  But since he is already on his way to New York for business this week (Yes, back to the grind for us both!) it will have to wait until next time we are up here to give it another look through.


Good things come in small packages!

These cute little sewing machine figurines are from Mona’s daughter Caitlin and I know they will find a place as quilty decor somewhere in the inn.  I have a 3 tiered accent shelf that was also a gift, and I think these goodies will find a place where everyone can enjoy them.  

Thank you, Caitlin!


It’s so wonderful to start off the new year in the company of good friends!

Burgers on the grill and all the fixin's – loads of chit chat and catching up and making plans for what we want to do over the course of this New Year.  The perfect kind of visiting day. 


And Sadie thought so too.

And then, poof!  It was everyone’s time to hit the road – everyone but ME that is. We said goodbye to Rick, Mona and Sandy.  Sadie left with The Hubster back to Wallburg. I have a couple of appointments to stop at on my way home tomorrow, and I can’t just leave her sitting in the car while I do those here. 

And before I knew it, I was alone.  Which meant – STUDIO TIME!

But what to work on?

I could do this:


They are ready to sew to the nine-patch centers.

Or – I could….

Do an impromptu Quilt-Cam from the cabin studio!

Click to play:

It was a bit different doing this by cell phone, and the phone had to be vertical - so it may look a bit weird in YouTube for mat, but hey - it worked, and my cell signal didn't cut out on us. That's a good thing!

So what did I end up doing?


THIS!  The Basket Block Kitting won out.


30 blocks – 10 in each baggie – ready to roll.

This morning I am headed out with friends Martha and Toni over to Boone for a day of antique mall adventures and lunch out.

We couldn’t have planned this any better.  we got a phone text on Monday letting us know that the power will be out here at the cabin from 10am to 3pm (approximately) and I’ll be gone shopping.  That’s a SCORE! 

I wonder what I will find? I am still looking for more comfy chairs for the den, and for seating areas in bedroom 2 & 3 at Quiltville Inn.  I would love a large buffet in the dining room and there is always room for cute decor stuff.  Both upstairs baths need some kind of tall cabinets for extra towels and supplies.  I will be on the look out.

Of course, if it is quilty, sewy, or fabric related I’m all in!


This morning’s sunrise.

Just a hint of pink through the clouds.

And a reminder that ALL DIGITAL PATTERNS in the Quiltville Store are currently 25% off through tomorrow using Coupon Code DIGITAL25.  Click back to yesterday’s post for instruction on how to put the code in the box to apply your discount.  Coupon code must be used at time of purchase. No refunds.

And yes, all 500 copies of String Frenzy in wave 6 are sold!  So guess what is waiting for me at home to do? LOL! Bring it! I feel relaxed and ready to tackle whatever lies ahead.

I’ll spend the next week or so getting these out the door, and will place another wave in the Store when I am just about on top of getting these out.

Thank you for working so patiently with me.  I will offer up as many as I can possibly get out before I leave for Japan on the 17th.

Our Mystery Monday Link-Up for Part 6 can include your progress for Good Fortune Part 7 as well, and is open until Thursday Night at 11:55pm Eastern.  Add another link if you already participated before part 7 was dropped as a surprise at the stroke of midnight New Year’s Eve.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Either choose to make a change or find a way to accept what you've chosen with a positive approach!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Thank you for the quiltcam yesterday. it actually was to day at my place, but in the middle of the night. I went to bed with the phone and loved seeing you again. Life is hard on you now, but you still give so much to everybody. I hope we give you something back and that you can feel we love you. All the best and a good fortune.

  2. Thank you for quilt cam. Enjoy shopping today. Doing things you love with people you love helps the depression you are feeling. I still suffer from depression due to losses. I know when I'm letting things lapse it is time to fight. I hope the new year brings better times for you and your family. I am going to do my Rainbow Scrap Challenge blok. Thank you for introducing me to the So Scappy blog during your quilt cam while working on pumpkin quilt.

  3. I'm so excited that I got one of yesterday's 500 copies of the book. I checked first thing when I got up, placed my order, and THEN read yesterday's post w the digital sale. LOL. That'll teach me! No worries. I placed an all-digital second order, no extra shipping, no extra work for you (I hope!) and all was well. And with that digital order, I've filled in three older mysteries that aren't in books and that I didn't save when they were live. Gotta have the complete collection, don't you know? :) Looking forward to working on one or more of them someday down the line. Have a lovely day, Bonnie!!

  4. My sewing space is the large dining room table we only use with company. Yesterday was a meal and game day with family so the big table had to be cleared. Today, I'll be moving the current projects back to my happy sewing place which creates the perfect opportunity to organize supplies and chase all the stray threads and dust bunnies out of my sewing boxes and bins.
    2018 was a challenging year for my family as well and I'm excited for the new year and a fresh start. I am so grateful for my quilting friends and projects--they've been what's gotten me through some of the grayest days! A special thanks to my husband who gifted me with the most beautiful home made clapper for pressing-- just rubbing my hand along its finely sanded finish makes me happy.

  5. The Impromptu Quiltcam was fun. We were driving to our Annual Family get-together. DH said. Who are you watching? He had to ask??? lol Lori from Humble Quilts did one too. Nice to hear both of your voices and see you on New Year's Day. It's a Make a list and get errands run day. I will Stitch or cut more HSTS tonight.

  6. Fun video, Bonnie! I loved seeing the tour of your Quilt Villa sewing studio. I didn't see this till this morning's post but...I'm cleaning out tools, books and extras to go to our guild auction (/yard sale) in March and I finished making 42 blocks for a quilt to go to someone of the Camp Fire community. This weekend I also pressed a bazillion bonus HST's that are now ready to trim for use.
    Thanks for all the inspiration. This has been a tough year in our family too. Hoping 2019 has more happiness in it for all of us. Happy New Year!

  7. You made me a happy girl! More quiltcam time! Bless you for pouring your feelings out to us.. we totally understand your heartache and the discombobulation that goes with it. Feel our healing hugs and know it’s okay. Girlfriends help... glad Mona was there too, this hard first Christmas. (((Bonnie)))

  8. Absolutely loved the impromptu Quilt Cam! It put a smile on my face seeing you. Love all that you share with us especially the on going’s of Quiltville Inn which is so exciting!

  9. Precious. Didn't catch you live last night so I started my day with you this morning. Our family too has had 15 months similar in nature and once again you have articulated so well the emotions that go along with it. I sewed for the first time in about 3 months two days ago, but I have read your blog most days and followed along to try and stay connected. Looking forward to the possibilities that offer themselves for this new year. Thanks Bonnie.

  10. That was so fun Bonnie to see all your projects and not feel so weird for having the same kind of creative (many projects on the go) space. Wishing you so many blessings for 2019 and many prayers for your brother's wife... that is heart breaking for sure.

  11. Happy New Year Bonnie and fellow Quiltvillians! I am new to the community but inspiration is everywhere I look , especially emanating from the Mayor, Ms. Bonnie Hunter!! A dear, dear friend of mine has been diagnosed with a rare, degenerative, neurological condition where there is no established treatment or cure. My therapy for this news is to begin making her a beautiful quilt, as I have been so moved and inspired by others in the Quiltville community. Thanks for all that you have brought Mayor Bonnie and all the other residents who live in this magical community. Bountiful thoughts are flowing for good health for everyone in 2019!

  12. Oh Bonnie, this kind of made me feel good seeing all your not done projects, I thought I had a lot; and I do; but, you may give me a run for my money. Nope I think I do. I keep trying to keep my own promise to get these all finished up. Hope no major events get in my way. Happy New Year

  13. This is a P.S. to my above. Because I forgot to say I need all these UFOs finished because I have been diagnosed with severe bone loss in my right hand. Doing much of anything ends in very painful hand and arm. But I am confident I can get some done.

  14. In the birthing of Quiltville Inn, y'all are at 7cm!! That wonderful time when labor changes just a bit, you're exhausted yet exhilarated with what is to come! Nothing really easy from here on out, just dig in and work! I have been praying for Sharolyn and your whole family, but I appreciate the reminder of when her surgery will be so I can remind God about her even more often.

  15. Praying for your sister in law that this will be her year of victory! Love and hugs.

  16. We all fall off the ‘horse of life’ at times, the great thing is finding the will, spirit and strength to keep trying to get back on! Well done Bonnie! Glad you found your horse -have a great ride wherever your journey takes you in 2019!
    Take care!

  17. I'm not on Instagram but I hope the dogs are - #dogsofinstagram

  18. Bonnie, I am so encouraged by your positive attitude. I am going to work at least 2 hours on my Ringo Lake. Blocks all don, just sewing rows together I only allow 2 new starts a year and they are my RSC project and your mystery. I just gotta get'er done! Thanks for all you give us.

  19. It has been a long day watching my 4 young grandchildren while their parents work. They go back to school next week. I missed reading your blog this morning, and so here I am tonight. What a surprise! Quilt Cam !! I loved seeing your studio, and your blocks on the wall. I have quite a few UFO's I need to get out of the way this year also. I think I like the idea of numbers in a jar and pick a project out at random. Thank you for everything you do. keeps me connected and learning new things.

  20. I needed your video to help me decide which ufo to tackle. Thank you Bonnie for all you do for us quilters. It's good to see the work going on behind the scenes. I've been working on a quilts for my adult children. The quilts have scraps from my dads shirts and my moms skirts. Reversible, his one side and hers the other. I'll just keep doing what's needed to get them done. Love you and thanks again for sharing your life with us. I identify with all the ups and downs. And God bless your sister-in-law.

  21. What fun to see around your studio such a lovely space I love seeing your jewel box on the design wall last night I cut up my second Alison Glass fat quarter pack ready to go for mine. I love the lovely bright colours and I hope it will look good liking the blocks I’ve done so far. So nice that You had a nice visit from Mona, Rick, her mum and the dogs a great way to welcome in the new year.
    Have a lovely time antiquing love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  22. happy pups, happy new year

  23. For some reason I receive your posts the day after (the 2nd is rec'd on the 3rd). So I was so happy to find the quiltcam today. Love seeing your studio in real life, and all the wonderful projects in process. I have a list of 11 quilting UFOs, could be longer if I included my other hobbies (lol). My intention for 2019 is to be creatively productive, even if I fall behind in QAL, BOMs, etc., I will work on them as time allows. Most of all I loved how you speak to us as though we're sitting in chair with you in your studio, from your heart to ours. Will keep your SIL and all of you in my prayers. I am so grateful to have found you this past year, and I hope one day to attend a workshop, or dream come true stay at the inn for a workshop with you. Thank you for all you do, and I hope 2019 is a super fantastic year for you and yours. Happy New Year!

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