Thursday, January 10, 2019

Buttons, Badges and Giving Through Zazzle!


Did you know?

Every year my friend Forest Jane creates our wonderful mystery badges – (See the one in my right side bar that you can grab and place on your blog to show that you participated in our Good Fortune mystery!) I send her some images of the quilt, and away she goes -

And then she goes one step further.  She places the logo on things that are useful and needful in our Quiltville Zazzle Store – marking items at the LOWEST possible profit margin, and then thanks to your purchases, all proceeds go to benefit those in need – from children to adults, in giving them the gift of creativity.

I use any proceeds I get from the sale of Quiltville Zazzle items to fund the sewing classes I do at the library. 

I also teach crocheting, and knitting classes here.  Some of the folks have told me that they just 'didn't care' or weren't interested in paying attention in high school home ec.

Of course, the teenagers today don't even get home ec. in school. 

The library neighborhood is slightly economically depressed, and everyone is grateful for the free classes (with free yarn and fabric) we offer. 

Not everyone gives me permission to use their pictures, but here's some that did:


We worked through the language barrier, and had a mother/daughter team who both learned to make infinity scarves.


Here is a picture of two teenagers who tried the infinity scarves too. 
I love getting kids into sewing!


I'm getting both guys and girls involved in making the projects.

These two guys were making a Chapstick holder keychain.

These three women are learning how to cut the pattern pieces
for making a purse-sized kleenex cover.

It'd be easier if I pre-cut the rectangles,
but then they wouldn't be learning as much, would they?


A mom and two kids were all successful at kleenex pouch covers.

I buy the tissue packets at the dollar store, so everyone gets to go home with stuffed holders.  ;)


This child was SO proud of what she had done.
"I made it!  I sewed it all by myself!"

You can feel it all in this smile, can’t you?

This just makes me tear up with happiness!


We also did microwave bowl holders.


And finally, here's a picture of some beginning crochet students.

When you give the gift of creativity, you are changing someone’s life.  I firmly believe this!  

My thanks to Forest Jane for all she shares so freely with these wonderful people who just want the opportunity to learn.  Your purchases through the Zazzle Store enable Jane to offer these workshops for free, supplies and all.  People just have to show up.

I took a quick peek in the store to get this post ready – what will you find there? https://www.zazzle.com/s/quiltville+good+fortune is the link (I used the search words, Quiltville Good Fortune) for these results.


My favorite hunky guy wearing a Good Fortune Tee Shirt.


Same hunky guy as last year – still needs a a shave.  LOL!

(when I logged in there was also a 20% off coupon thing – so take advantage of the sale prices!)


Long sleeve Tee




Coffee mug is a must!

And check out what it says on the back:



The mug has a sale coupon too, but I couldn’t capture it in my screen shot when trying to get front and back of the mug.


THIS is handy!!

I love that our logo is on the pocket!

There are many more things from key chains to aprons to magnets – all you have to do is visit https://www.zazzle.com/s/quiltville+good+fortune to see them all.

And while you are at it, if you just search QUILTVILLE from within Zazzle, all of our previous year’s mystery items are still available.

With each purchase you make, you are helping a little girl make her first kleenex cover, or a mom and daughter learn to make microwave bowls, or some gentlemen make key chains.  

At no cost to them.  And the blessings are without measure in return.

SO please, grab your Quiltville Good Fortune goodies and know that you are doing something GOOD by sharing the love of creativity with others.

150 px

200 px

250 px

500 px

(suitable for label use – print onto label fabric and add your details!)

The above graphics are given in actual size.  Right click to save them to your computer where you can find them.  Use them to show your love of Quiltville Mysteries!

And again, my greatest thanks to Forest Jane and all she has done to keep the love of creativity alive in communities where it most needs it.

When you share the gift of creativity, you are changing lives!

January 10, 2019 at 07_47AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

Vintage bow-tie quilt found in North Carolina.

Find the one bow-tie block in this quilt going its own direction! Here is your example of the day!

Just like the Fleetwood Mac song, "You can go your own way...."

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. Your style of quilt making has changed my life :0) I've never enjoyed sewing so much as when I am making a Bonnie Hunter design! thanks once again for this years mystery...what a beauty " Good Fortune" is, I've been working on two of them to get me through the holidays. Thank so much!

  2. Wow! What a great way to share love of creating.

  3. I've heard, "Other peoples opinion of you is none of your business!"
    I think it is good advice! You do YOU!
    Thanks Bonnie for all your positivity and generosity!

  4. Thank-you Bonnie, for the mystery, for my new quilt in the process, for this post, and for the bow tie quilt quote. The quote really hit home because I've been really struggling with needing to quit working due to poor health and finally asked the business owner to lay me off. Surprise! She said yes. I feel so much lighter!

  5. Thank you Bonnie for posting this, I hahe done the mystrem quilts the past three years and found out about the labels and Zazzle products with the first one and started ordering them. I'm so happy the proceeds go to a great cause, and seeing the pictures makes it that much more special!! Thank you Forest Jane for all you do to teach them!

  6. Thank you Bonnie and Forest Jane. I am reminded, over 45 years ago some kind neighborhood ladies volunteered their time and taught young girls in a 4-H Club to sew. Aside from school and my family that interaction with those ladies is the most important and live changing event in my life. Quilting (sewing) is who I am. Those kind ladies have no idea the path they put me on. It really is all about paying it forward. All the best to you and Forest Jane in 2019.

  7. I first found out about the Zazzle stuff when you mentioned it while I was working on "On Ringo Lake" and loved that the proceeds go towards good causes. It's now become my "thing" to get at least a button when working on the mysteries! I splurged with the finishes of "Ringo"and "Provence" (I had worked on both at the same time) and got mugs too. I got them with the colored handles which was perfect because they replaced mugs I had of the same colors that had broken. I love to use them when I am working on a Quiltville project because then I can truly say "I'd rather be quilting with Bonnie"!

  8. That little girl with her tissue holder - priceless!

  9. Bonnie, I am so excited! I was able to put the badge on my blog for you! Had to alter some of the coding, but at nearly 3 AM I figured why not! Need to share with you as I have been trying to figure out exactly how to do this for a long time.
    Going to bed now!

  10. This whole post made me smile from ear to ear. And yes, I think I need one of those mugs!

  11. I have the tote and magnet from each of the years I have done the mystery quilt. I reward myself with the t-shirt when I finish the quilt. Since I give most of my quilts away, this is a fun way to remember the process and love that went into each and every stitch! The company, Zazzle is great to work with and I have been very impressed with the quality of the products. I'm going to order my tote and magnet today! Thanks to Forest Jane for pulling this all together and for empowering all of the people she works with at the library to give them a skill that no one can ever take away from them! Rock on!

  12. Thanks for a fun and beautiful mystery quilt Bonnie. I love your design and it all went together wonderfully. All I have to do now is get it on my longarm and it will be finished!

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  14. Dear Bonnie- I love your work- I haven't started Frolic, but I will now, your colours are always right! I was busy through Chritmas so I hadn't started but will now. Thank you for your time always, hoping we will meet 1 day! Marietta Gartner, Brisbane Australia


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