Friday, January 18, 2019

To Japan We Go!

Los Angeles at Dusk.

Getting this far wasn’t easy!

My day was frought with hiccups starting with the scheduled Lyft ride that didn’t show up as scheduled.  I thought that was what SCHEDULING A RIDE meant!  I had even added 1/2 hour just in case some traffic issues happened – but at pick up time I received a text that it would be 40 minutes until my ride arrived.


Here is Moby parked in the long term lot.

what else could I do?

Jeff is in training in Arkansas, and hopefully will be home on Sunday.  The car will be picked up next week so I don’t have to pay for a whole 3 weeks worth of parking.  I was so angry I could have spit nails.  Yet I know that in the whole scheme of things, it was an small hiccup.

Hiccups turned to smiles when I saw this shirt in Atlanta!

Hmmmm..this would be gorgeous in a quilt!

This is the kind of thing that occupies my tie while waiting out yet another flight delay.

Not much sewing happened.  I first fell asleep to my audio book, and will have to rewind a couple of chapters to rediscover what I missed, and I settled in to some movies.

Why did no one tell me that Mamma Mia 2 would make me cry?!

The credits rolled as we landed through clouds and fog and there I am wiping my eyes and trying to get myself back under control.  But oh, what a feel good feel good.  If you haven’t seen it, or haven’t seen EITHER – start with the first, finish with the second.  Love them dearly!

Yes, I lip-synched my way to LA for the entire 2 hours of the movie.  How can you sew during that?

While I’ve been traveling, I’ve been getting Sadie updates:

She is having a fun time sleeping over at Auntie Mona’s with Beanie & Max!

I don’t think she misses me at all! LOL!

I took a cue from her photo above, checked into my hotel – grabbed a bite to eat and was in bed before 8pm California time.  I just needed some horizontal Zzzzz’s to see me through the night so I could be ready for our Quiltville travelers today.


My friend Jill from San Diego is swinging by the hotel to pick me up on her way to the airport and we will be meeting the rest of our crew at the gate.  Japan Airlines, here we come!

And that brings us to now – our drawing for the Quiltmaker Bundle Gift-Away!

It’s an awesome bundle!!  Let’s pull a winner!

There are 5,746 of you who WANT this bundle!

And Jenni Hurlburt gets it!

Jenni, I’ve sent a message to the email address you provided.  Please get back to me with your mailing address.  Your bundle will be sent to you upon my return home from Japan and teaching in Phoenix.  Look for it to hit the post around the 7th of February!

We have a LONG travel day ahead.  I don’t know when I’ll next be connected to wifi to update you from Japan, and posts may be sporadic, intermittent and posting at odd hours.  If we miss anything, I’ll catch EVERYONE back up upon my return.

And if you missed this one, don't forget there is a QUILTY BOX Gift-AWAY happening as well! Enter to win ON THAT POST. 

Winners to be drawn on January 23rd Japan Time - my birthday!

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Go, fly, roam, travel, voyage, explore, journey, discover, adventure.

Don't just listen to what other people say about our world.

Discover it for yourself!

And off we go to Japan!


  1. Safe and happy travels!

  2. So pleased things are working out after your hic cup at the start of your journey. I love the new Mama Mia movie the hubster got it for me at Christmas and it was a bit tear jerking. But a fabulous sing along movie just the same. Sadie looks well settled and extremely comfy with her two pals so great that Mona and Rick are there to help you what great friends you have.
    Have a fabulous time in Japan and we all look forward to seeing the wonderful pics of your adventures.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  3. OMG!!!! I won!!!! Over 5 years of trying!!!! Thank you!!!!!

    1. Just wait until your box arrives. It will feel a bit like Christmas! Congrats!

  4. Have a fun and safe travels!

  5. Congratulations Jen! Winner winner chicken dinner

  6. I'm so happy for you Jenni! One day I'll win too!!!!
    Safe travels to Bonnie & all. Have a ball!!

  7. I hope you have safe travels today. Hi to all your fellow travelers and have an awesome time. I know you will! Enjoy!!!

  8. What a wonderful exciting time ahead for you! Thanks for your blog and your ability to take us along with you with pictures and stories you send back to us. You are a delightful person. Happy to hear you made it to the airport in time. Safe travels.

  9. Safe and happy travels. Try not to let the little stuff bother you. After all you went through last year, you deserve this trip.

  10. Doesn't Cher just make you love the movie all that much more.

  11. Congratulations Jenni!
    Have a wonderful time Bonnie.

  12. I can relate to your hiccup getting to the airport. I flew into LAX on December 22nd to visit my sister for the holidays. I reserved a shuttle to take me to her place in Torrance and waited for 2 hours with no communication and no shuttle. My sister ended up coming to get me. What a pain trying to rely on someone else. I'm glad you got to the airport and on your way. Have a great time!

  13. Jan 23 my BD also, hope there are no more hiccups on your journey!!

  14. Congratulations Jen. Safe travels Bonnie and all travelers!

  15. Bonnie may you and all of the other travelers have a safe trip and enjoy yourselves in Japan. Please take lots of pictures.

  16. Congratulations Jennie on winning the Quiltmaker Bundle Gift-Away box of goodies.

  17. Your maddening 'hiccup' is out of the way now--wishing you perfect connections from here on out!


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