Monday, January 21, 2019

A Day in Nara

Who are YOU looking at?

Yesterday was a day in Nara, a visit I remember vividly from my time here 30 years ago.  

As I look back 30 years, what would I have told the 27 year old Bonnie about what life would hold in store for her?

So many wonders and growing opportunities!  Life is a winding road with many twists and turns, but there is always a surprise around the corner!

I have taken photo after photo after photo - and marveled at how easily it is to do so with today's technology - I don't even know WHERE the few photos I came home from Japan with in 1989 are.  How I would love to compare!

Dare you not to smile!

The friendly deer are legendary here, and protected!

The funniest thing we saw as we were leaving for our next location - the bus pulling up to a stop light to wait for our turn at the next green-means-go - there was a deer just standing there at the street corner like it was waiting for the light to turn green also, so it could just cross the street safely and be on its merry way.  SO fun.

I have always loved deer.  Yes, they eat everything like nobody's business, but they have such a gentle look in their eyes.  They touch a place within my heart.

Temples, Shrines, Churches, holy places.

It doesn't matter what the religion is to me, this is where people bring their hearts, their prayers, their traditions.  Respect them.  Bring your own heart and your own to the equation, but respect others and listen.  And feel.  And find that little inkling that connects you to those around you with all of their differences.

Making our way to Japan's largest Buddha.

Lighting the incense.

Try not to catch your coat on fire in the process!

My thoughts and prayers are with extended family, those at home, those with medical and other issues - those I love dearly.

There is more to write about this Temple but time is short.  It was an amazing experience. To walk the path that my feet walked as a 27 year old with a small 5 year old and husband so far away at home - and little did I know I was "barely" carrying another baby inside on that trip.  I wouldn't find out that I was pregnant until I returned home.  Jeff was born 8 months later.

To entertain you a bit further, I filmed this walk back to the bus!  Click to play:

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

I am so grateful to be here with such a large and wonderful group exploring, opening our hearts, our eyes and our minds to things beyond our own existence. If you want to expand your world, travel! 

Yesterday we visited a shrine in Nara with thousands of stone lanterns covered with moss and lichen each one different than the next. 

For the life of me I can't remember the name of the place nor pronounce it. Perhaps one of you knows it?

Photos are many and I am finding it hard to find time to post them all. 

This is a life changing experience for all of us! 

It's Tuesday morning here - and it's time to get a move on!


  1. Oh bother, I was already smiling before I scrolled down and saw you dared me not to! Such cuteness! And such lovely sights. Thank you Bonnie. :D

  2. The Kasuga Grand Shrine, known as Kasuga Taisha in Japanese ( the place with the lanterns

  3. Wonderful post and video. Felt like I was there with you for a moment. So lovely.

  4. Since we moved back to the Pacific Northwest 20 years ago I have been thrilled to live in neighborhoods inhabited by deer. I will gladly share my pansies even if they decapitate them, leaving the leaves so more will grow.

  5. Why were you in Japan 27 years ago? Your family was back in the states so why?? Nosy people want to know. Thanks.

  6. So darned cute, the shrine is beautiful what a wonderful peaceful place to go. Loving that video thank you xxx

  7. Can't help myself. I'm looking at the photos and wondering if you will choose the colors for the next MQ from them. Certainly some great greens and browns and golds. Glad you are having a good time and making every minute count.

    1. Haha Paula, I was thinking the same thing!

    2. Me too, Paula! ��

    3. That's what I was wondering, too, as you were wandering - greens and browns are what I see so far.

  8. How wonderful your pictures and experience is. My youngest son is the Executive Chef at a Game Lodge here in South Africa that has the Big 5, those are Elephants, Lions, Rhinos, Leopards and Buffalo. Of course all the other buck and wild life is there too. He has to be very vigilant when walking back to his living quarters from the Main Lodge as most of these animals are dangerous, they are all wild animals, but the pleasure of seeing and respecting them is awesome!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing. These pictures are amazing!

  10. Thank you for my Japanese vacation this week. Wonderful deer pictures. All of God's creatures are so wonderful. Thanks for the exposure to them.

  11. The deer are cute in their natural habitat. I had a too close for comfort experience last year. Following and enjoying the fun pictures of faraway places I'd never go to.

  12. Thanks for taking us all along with your pictures and descriptions. I also want to wish you a Happy Birthday. I hope your travel companions do something extra special for you.

  13. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Such an awesome way to spend your birthday. Thanks for sharing this adventure with us.

  14. If you are going to Tokyo in a few days there is a free craft fair the with translators
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    January 18-23, 2019
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  15. Felicidades¡¡¡¡

  16. Bonnie,
    So Beautiful, peaceful. Thank You for sharing. I was going to ask if you were allowed to feed the deer, and you said someone had deer food. They seem so tame, and not afraid of people.

    Were you on a Quilt group trip the last time you were there?
    Kasilof, AK


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