Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Good Fortune, Part 7!

Happy New Year to all my Quilty Friends!

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What is this, you ask?

You were expecting a REVEAL, I suppose?

You should know me well enough by now to know that I love being UNPREDICTABLE! And I’m just not ready for this wonderful mystery season to come to a close just yet.

Besides, today is a holiday. Let’s enjoy it!

I have a very easy step in store for you which will make the final reveal that much easier to pull together.

Last year I was dropping in rapid-fire clues during the last days of December in an effort to get everything done and posted before I hit the road as my 2018 teaching year ramped up into full swing. This year I don’t leave until January 17 for our Quiltville Goes to Japan tour. There is no need to rush, no need to throw clues at you on a daily basis – we are going to COAST into this reveal!

How many clues are left? 

It’s a mystery, folks – and I’m keeping it that way!

The next step uses the half-square triangle units we made in Part 2

Half Pinwheel Units!

Make 112 A units in this direction!

Press seams toward the blue center triangle.

Make 12 B units in THIS direction.

Press seam toward the center blue triangle.

Units will measure 2 1/2’’ x 4 1/2’’ and finish at 2’’ x 4’’ in the quilt.

Using 12 each of the A & B units make:

Sawtooth Rectangle – Make 12!

Press seam toward the right center neutral triangle.

Units will measure 2 1/2’’ x 8 1/2’’ and finish at 2’’ x 8’’ in the quilt.

(Save the remainder for later.)

When you are done with those, how about some of these?

4-patches into 16-patches!

Use 96 4-patches from Part 1 to make 24 total.

(Save the remainder for later.)

Units will measure 41/2’’ and finish at 4’’ in the quilt.

You may “twirl” or “spin” the seams on the back of this unit the same way you did for each individual 4 patch. It will help things to lay flatter with less bulk, lumps or bumps.

And that’s IT for this easy in-between-clues clue!

Enjoy the first day of this brand new year with those you love. Cook something wonderful to celebrate. Make a list of your UFOs and determine which you are going to finish, which you want to gift away, (Sorry, I am not giving you my address!) and choose ONE AREA of your sewing space that you would like to make better. Perhaps a stack of magazines needs to be gone through. Donate what you don’t want.

You will feel more inspired to continue if you love where you create.

I’ve placed 500 copies for wave 6 of String Frenzy in the store – go grab a copy while you can. If you’ve missed out on the previous 5 waves, you might just start this year out as lucky!

If you miss wave 6, be watching for wave 7 to go live the second week of January.

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I want to thank those who are participating in our weekly Mystery Monday Link-Ups! Did you see Monday’s Link-up for Part 6?

There is still time to share your progress. This link up will stay open until Thursday night, January 3rd at 11:55pm EASTERN.

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Wishing you all the happiest of New Years!

Much scrappy love from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwestern Virginia -

This mystery is given for personal use only. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying for sharing, scanning or by any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the author.

Please no uploading and saving of this file with intent to share, email or distribute, either digitally or in hard copy. NOT FOR RESALE.

Please send your friends to my blog to print their clues. Thank you!


  1. Yes!! Happy New Year! It's 2019 somewhere. 3 more hours to play in the PNW.

  2. Sitting here on the west coast, 3 hours till we ring in 2019,thought I'd take a quick peak on your blog, and by golly you posted GF clue 7!Thank you!

  3. I was shocked to see this clue 7 tonight. It is 9:07 PM
    on the West Coast. Happy New Year, all the very best to you and the family, and thank you from the deepest corner of my my heart. Hugs, D

  4. Happy New Year, Bonnie! 2019 here on Lake Erie! Thanks for the new clue. LOVING this mystery!

  5. Happy New Year Bonnie. Thank you for all you do for us quilters. Loving this mystery hoping much Good Fortune to you in the coming year. Liz W

  6. Weeeeeeee..... so fun! I adore you Bonnie! SOOO FUN!
    Can't wait to sew this step in the morning!

  7. To clarify: sew 96 4-patches into 24 16-patches. 112 A units is correct and you only need 12 B units. Thank you. Goodnight.

  8. Sneaky girl! Happy New Year

  9. I was more excited about the clue than I will he for the ball drop in 90 minutes!

  10. Thank you Bonnie. Now I know what I'll be doing tomorrow.

  11. This in funny when many womens do the same wonderful

  12. Scrappy New Year!!!!

  13. It’s here! And I slept in today, darn. Small steps are fine, and the tip to accomplish a little in the sewing area is welcome also. Happy New Year to you and yours as well.

  14. Happy New Year Bonnie! Thanks for the clarification too. :)

  15. I'm loving the pace and am so excited to sew this interesting clue today!
    Happy New Year and best wishes for an exciting and wonderful 2019!

  16. Thanks for slowing things down! Last year I rushed through the mystery construction to try and keep up with the rapid fire clues.

  17. Happy New Year and thank you for a new clue. I really like what I see so far even if I am not participating yet. It gives me a goal for 2019!! I went over your schedule for 2019 and I love, love all the family time. Good for you and your health.

  18. Oh how exciting! Glad you are not rushing it...(of course you do what you want) but I am enjoying my first mystery and don't want it to end, lol. Happy New Year!

  19. Like butter! Those seams on our 4-patch units fit so well, it's just a joy to sew them together. Thanks Bonnie for teaching us to spin those seams!

  20. Happy New Year Bonnie and family. So excited this clue is a joining of some of the parts before any final reveal. Creates more suspense for me. Thank you for sharing your quilting enthusiasm, knowledge, and your beautiful family!

  21. Bonnie, you are the best. I love the suspense you build into each years mystery and that you keep us all guessing. My neutrals are almost done and then I can begin on #7. I enjoy having your yearly mystery to keep me company. Happy 2019 as you move forward to make your dream a reality.

  22. On the 16-patch unit, does it matter which direction we spin the seams?

  23. I haven't received your posts since 12-31-18. Just wondering if your are O.K.?

  24. Whew! Kept trying to work out the math there......


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