Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Quilt-Cam, 6/2/2015!

Put the babies to bed! 

It’s time for Quilt-Cam!

Isn’t this cutie adorable?  This is Rosalyn and she belongs to Mallorie!

She writes:

Hi Bonnie, Rosalyn is watching with me again tonight. She blew you kisses when you said hi to her last time, it was to cute.
Thought i would share a pic of your youngest fan (13 mths).
Mallorie from Indiana
Oh how CUTE!!  I am blowing kisses right back!

It’s been a crazy busy day today, and so far I don’t have many answers from the eye doc, other than an appointment with a retinal specialist, and a prescription for steroid drops.  Four times a day.

But it’s a start!  We know that is is Cystoid Macular Edema ---which simply means what I already knew.  There are cysts, and my macula shows swelling in both eyes.  WHY?  Who knows.

I’m just glad that we are on a path to figuring it out and I am hopeful for a good outcome.

My appointment is for the 23rd, giving these drops 3 weeks to do their thing –I am hoping for improvement just with that!

So – I have NOT touched a sewing machine since early this morning when I completed the interrupted binding.

I have two seams left to sew on this:



And to jump ahead a bit, I pinned one row before quilt cam started…so we can jump right in with the sewing part.


Pins to match points!

Notice that the pins are only where pointy bits are matching pointy bits…the straight nested seams do not require pinning – besides that would take twice as many pins and twice as long to pin those!

Here you can also see that the seams are pressed to nest with each other where they can.  I love it when things just WORK like this!

A bit of a notice – we are in the midst of a huge rain storm and I have heard some thunder rumbles.  We are going ahead with Quilt-Cam regardless, but if it gets really bad and lights flicker, I’ll have to turn off!  I’m happy for the rain – but I’m not giving up Quilt-Cam!

Let’s sew!

Click the image below to view the feed!

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  1. Bonnie,
    In your teaching travels through the years, have you visited all 50 states?

    Do you find regional differences? I suspect "a quilter is a quilter" no matter where they are from?

    San Diego

  2. yay! popcorn, binding, and quilt-cam, as doctor who would say "Fantastic"

  3. Hi, Bonnie! Today was my sewing with friends day and I'm looking forward to more sew time tonight with quilt-cam! I'm working on Texas Tumbleweeds, the project I started while attending your workshop in San Antonio.

  4. Bonnie, I'm a treadle owner! Found a New Cottage (badged National brand) at a local resale shop. She came in a pretty compact parlor cabinet. I'll email you some photos. Anyway, I have a question. I got the vinyl tubing you recommended for a replacement belt. How in the heck do you get those tiny little metal connectors in the tubing? Do you have a particular method?

  5. Anonymous9:12 PM EDT

    So! Excited!! For quiltcam !!! (I was so excited I showed up last night!)
    Working on a Linda Ballard pattern that is from a quilt retreat in the late 1990s in Weaverville, CA. Doing half-square triangles in between as leader/ender....

  6. Working on my first ever stack n whack quilt. queen size, made with Christmas fabrics. Do you use a computer design program to design your quilts? Wondering if they are hard to use? Thank you so much Bonnie for all the confidence boosting ideas I get from you.

  7. Hi Bonnie!!! I'm working on my hexies tonight.....should be cutting out my sister's choice...maybe tomorrow!!! Can't wait to show you my hexie progress in person!! Erie is so excited for our trunk show and class!! See ya on Friday!!!


    On the L A Nie hehe

  8. I am doing book work on an old UFO from 2009 to see where I am. I've been known to make a duplicate block if I don't have my chart updated on this 30's Sylvia's Bridal Sampler. I have them all photographed and in my EQ7 program. Glad to have a QuiltCAM tonight. I will have a grandson here all day tomorrow so I can cut out blocks while he watches Nick Jr.

  9. Hi, Bonnie! Am looking for motivation for getting started on something new. Hubby moved things around enough in the basement to lay out my GI so I can put on the borders. Plan to measure, tomorrow.....wish me luck!!

  10. Hi Bonnie, I'm drawing lines on the star point squares for Sisters Choice. Can't wait for the class Sunday ! Cousin Jill said she'd sew some of my blocks if she doesn't get hers cut out!!! I have all my strips for the Scrappy Bargello class on Tuesday.Can't wait to see you. Melody from Erie

  11. Bonnie - I was so lucky this past weekend. I had found a White 162 at the local thrift store a week ago - price was $25, no zig zag foot, no extra cams. Went back this past Saturday & brought a foot, fabric, & thread. The case is in fair shape but that little lady purrs like a kitten after I serviced & adjusted her. Oh, and I got it for $15. Thanks for your ongoing fun lessons, patterns, and great postings. Hope the eye problem is resolved quickly.

  12. Anonymous9:43 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie, I know I am behind but better late than never.my husband passed away 2 1\2 years ago. I have had your Celtic solstice mystery cut out since you posted the mystery. I now have finished clue two and can't wait to get to the next one.it will be donated to the Georgia Baptist children home in Macon Georgia.
    I am watching quilt can tonight for the first time since my husband passed away.
    Thanks for all you do for us quilters.
    I am Latrelle from Fitzgerald ga.
    Yes you have taught our guild before.

  13. Anonymous9:44 PM EDT

    Latrelle Johns... Latrelle42@yahoo.com

  14. Anonymous9:52 PM EDT

    I'm sewing along with you on a Christmas quilt from a kit I bought in 2007. So glad I get to catch you tonight! I'm sewing on a Singer Stylist (machine with cams, wish I could find a few I need) I've had since I married in 1976!
    Kay from TN

  15. Hi Bonnie, greetings from Calgary, Alberta Canada. Thought of you and all my quilting friends when I passed the gorgeous Singer building in St. Petersburg, Russia last week.

  16. Hi Bonnie, this is my first time watching you live! I'm wearing a Murano glass necklace very similar to yours! I got mine maybe 10-12 yrs ago at the Houston Int'l Quilt Festival, and I get comments every time I wear it. Can't wait to meet you next year when you visit my guild in Cincinnati!

  17. i saw that movie too...."the homesman".....

  18. my binding project tonight are 2 baby changing matts. they will be gifts for my chiropractor who just had a baby girl.

  19. Ugh..... Looks like some rain and in the 70's. BUT NO SNOW...... Yippee!!

    Bring something to see.... I have a featherweight ready for use. Also my mom is letting me borrow her treadle!!

    Jamestown looks like about the same

  20. I hope I have got it now how to leave comment while watching. I just love your blog thank you so much for all you do for everyone

  21. Hi Bonnie
    I was wondering what longarm machine you have?
    For quilt cam time, I will be working on ancient UFOs which were started as gifts and challenged myself this year to finish as many as I can

    Ursula from Whidbey Island

  22. I'm working on nails while watching quilt cam. Thanks for all you do. Since you are finishing up last years leaders and enders, have you told us what you will use as leaders and enders for the upcoming year?
    Vicky from Alberta Canada

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Bonnie, the champagne is open and I'm celebrating your finish. Gale in Southern California!

  25. Was home tonight and caught you on quilt cam. I was working on putting a border on a panel quilt for one to practice free motion quilting on and it will be a small quilt when finished for my grand daughter who pick out the panel of my little phonys. Enjoyed sewing with you!


  26. Just heard your comment about 'pressing toward the light' and I think it would be a great title for a quilter's hymn. ;)

  27. Anonymous1:58 AM EDT

    So sorry to learn about your eye problems. I wonder whether that bright bright light that is used at your sewing machine may be a contributing factor? I understand how great it is to have sufficient light aimed at the needle area, but when it's so bright, it would seem to be an irritant. Hope the solution is something easy, and that you're soon on the way to a recovery. --Annette

  28. Good grief--I missed it. I got so involved in quilting my first "real" quilt on my 1995 LAQ, aka "The Beast" that I lost all track of time. But I had lots of fun, AND I can catch up with you in the YouTube archives. The quilt, a pink and gray version of your Playing with Jacks pattern, is for a new grand niece. It is so pretty, and it is now half quilted, in spite of frequently breaking top thread. I'll figure it out, and I will finish!! Thanks for QuiltCam--looking forward to it! LOL!

  29. Anonymous8:34 AM EDT

    Glad you will see a retinal specialist- I saw a great one here for a retinal detachment which he fixed- I know how scary it is when your eyes don't "behave" !! Love your always upbeat news -thoughts and prayers for you. Margie

  30. Need to know, when you sew your rows together, do ALL your seams line up or are some off just a smidge??? L


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