Thursday, June 18, 2015

A bit of Antiquing Fun!

When I stopped to visit the Placer County museum in the Placer County Courthouse in Auburn, they had an exhibit that cracked me up –a whole wall of vintage hats, and documented newspaper articles and discussions on the “Demise of the American Hat”. 

It was so funny to read!  “Women are going hat-less, and SOMETHING must be done about it” was the cry of upstanding citizens.  “When hats go, morality soon follows!” screamed another tabloid.

Oh goodness –personally, I think THIS HAT was the hat that ended it all.  Who in their right mind would parade around town in this?

Evidently – ME! HA!

However, I have always loved hats and I can’t help but try them on when I find them in antique malls and shops.

I had a wonderful wandering day with Julie and Lexy – I told them I didn’t have a time agenda, and I didn’t care what we did – just enjoy the day.  And we did!


We went to High Hand in Loomis to visit the Tin Thimble!


Hello, Grasshopper!

The Tin Thimble specializes in fiber art, wearables, felting, wool, anything fiber related there, as well as vintage buttons, laces, notions, and SOME quilting fabric.

I loved it!  It was such a different place that I had to look at everything, and touch everything, and yes – I did come home with SOME stuff:


Just had to have half yard cuts!  Some were 40% off.


Another shop called Bricoleur was a great wander, too!

I loved this description!  The store was full of whimsical items like jewelry made from silverware, and all other kinds of knicky knackies made from repurposed items. 


We ate lunch outside at the café!

((try the fish tacos, they are to die for!))

But the most fun of all….oh the antique mall!  Antique Trove in Roseville!


Simply wonderful!


1920s Four Patch Nine Patch!


And check out this interesting beauty!


And that quilting!

This looks 1950s to me.




National treadle!


New Home in a lovely cabinet ---

The price on this wasn’t bad, only $125.00  For California, not bad at all!  I didn’t check to see if the shuttle was there, but I’m sure someone is going to snap this one up in nothing flat.


1850’s flying geese!


Oh, those fabrics!!  And I love the check!


1970s torture device!

These were the most painful thing to my tender head back in the day! LOL!


Now THIS!  I love!

Single wedding ring or Crown of Thorns!


You make my heart sing!

Now…my most favorite thing to do in an antique mall?  Find the WEIRDEST thing for the weird award of the day.  And I have two runners up!  You get to decide!

Are you ready??


Wood duck pooping a cord.

((I’m sorry, I can’t help myself!))


It’s a REAL “Duck Call!”  HA!

Or….get a load of this:


And the ugly chair award goes to….


Oh my!  I’d rather have that machine…

Or this one:


Much better!

Or maybe the hat isn’t so bad after all?? hehehe!

I’ll soon be on my way home!

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  1. Anonymous7:46 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie I have seen those ugly chairs on tv.recently I think it was on American Pickers and I guess they go for a fair amount of money haha

  2. Love going antiquing with you, thanks

    I think the Duck call was kinda of Quacky .

  3. Hi Bonnie,

    Looks like a fun day.

    That quilt with the four patches inside a nine patch would make a great leader/ender project, don't you think?

    Antlers are very "in" now. I was at a art show this weekend; there was a booth full of antler items. I'd pass on the chair, too. :)

  4. You always find the most interesting things! Wish I was close enough to go get that Treadle. The Chair wins in my book too. I saw the same Episode of American Pickers that was mentioned. HAHA. who wants one of those in their home- NOT ME!!!

  5. I love the antique mall photos! That duck phone was hilarious, but that chair cracked me up!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I saw a chair similar to that one on American Pickers, too. It was more ornate and made out of Texas longhorn cattle horns just like that one.

  7. The chair beats the duck in my book for weirdest item.

  8. Pulllll-eeeezzzzeee! give the antlers back to the animal. They must be naked without them.

  9. Just saw an Antiques Roadshow episode with a chair like that. Yes, they are pricey!

  10. Just wanted to say thanks for doing your blog, Bonnie. I love seeing the workshops and all the different color variations for the quilt chosen for the workshop. Love reading about your escapades while travelling. Wish you would do some workshops up in Canada - Victoria or Vancovuer. I'll take the ferry to come to you. PS. Finally, got up the courage to peek at my MILAW's sewing machine - it's a 99K - in beautiful condition. I'm sure hoping my sister in law doesn't want it.

  11. Anonymous1:11 AM EDT

    Bonnie, you found my hat! I wondered what happened to it. :-)
    Seriously, someone gave my husband one of those duck phones years ago.
    Thank you for sharing your trip. Sharon B brewersd@juno.com

  12. Bonnie, I love your trip descriptions. Feel like I'm there, too. You've sure been on some good ones. Edie Romano

  13. That chair is definitely a conversation piece! I wouldn't buy it for that price. Although I might like it if it came in miniature.

  14. Bonnie I would wear that hat. I collect vintage hats and wear them too. I choose to believe I am not strange, merely eccentric, nanny_of_phillip@yahoo.com

  15. My grandparents actually have that duck phone. It quacks every time it rings.


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