Friday, June 19, 2015

I’m home! Let’s Draw!

It’s drawing time!

And you have all been so busy entering while I’ve been gone!

1,511 entries!!  Holy Moly!!

I want to thank the folks at Quiltmaker for the special issue to share, Creative Publishing International for the First Time Tangle Quilting book to share, and also the lovely folks at Moda for the Summer Breeze charm pack!

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And with that I’ll fire up the Random Number Generator -





Susan Jarosz!

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This was a hot and humid Atlanta as my plane finally landed after 8:30am this morning!

Let’s just say that getting out of Sacramento last night was a BIT of a snafu.

Actually, getting checked into my flight and returning the rental car was even part of the tangle.  It goes like this:

Drive around the airport TWICE to find where to go into short term parking because the one entrance you thought you wanted is closed due to construction.

Find a parking spot somewhat close to baggage claim as there is no “curb side check in” available in Sacramento, and you can’t leave the car sitting alone at the curb while you check your bags ---so you run to baggage claim, rent a cart for $5.00, return to the car, grab the luggage and wheel it into the check in counter.

Do the self-check-in thing at the kiosk only to have it say on the screen “There has been a change to your itinerary, see Delta agent.”

Stand in a line.

For a long time.

At this time….the clock is ticking on my returning the rental car on time, and it is $16.95 extra per hour if the car is LATE…Oy, am I cutting it close!

The flight delay is causing me to miss my Atlanta connection, so I am rebooked on the next possible one….instead of an 8:30am connection getting me home and to bed by a decent time, it’s now the 12:10pm flight.  On.  No.

Check the bags, grab the new boarding passes, return the cart, head back to the car… Pay the $4.00 fee to park my car in short term parking so I could rent a cart and check my bags….and get lost finding my way back ground to the rental car return.

I’m 10 minutes late!

I begged for mercy – surely there is a grace period for all I’m going through?

Luckily there was when I explained the park/rent-a-cart/flight delay situation.

GLAMOUR JOB!??  You think you want this?  Think again! HA!

By the time I wait for the shuttle to get me back to the terminal, and get through security, my 11:24pm flight has now been delayed to 1:15am.


There are reasons I console myself with frozen yogurt!

And just in the nick of time because soon all of the eateries and airport shops are closing down for the night – and there we are.  An airport full of people who can’t go anywhere!

At 1:15 am we were still boarding.  We took off about 1:45 am, which I barely remember because I was already snoozing.  I missed the beverage/snack service.  I dozed on and off uncomfortably until suddenly it was light outside and the plane was descending.

I wandered the Atlanta airport in a zombie-like stupor for the next 3.5 hours.

And then my luck turned!  I got a first class upgrade!


And I actually stitched hexies on the last leg home!


Ready for a nap, mama??

This brings us back full circle to now.  A 2 hour nap made it possible for me to get through the rest of today, and hopefully tonight I’ll sleep all the way through.

What a whirlwind life can be!  But the saying is true…there is no place like home!

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  1. Bonnie thanks for this opportunity! I look forward to getting the magazine and planning a project.
    I appreciate all you do for us in the quilting world!

  2. Yes Bonnie, there certainly no place like home. I don't know how you do it, but know you love that you do. It shows in your wonderful pictures that you share with us.

  3. You are right...it doesn't sound very glamorous! It sounds like a nightmare! Luckily it isn't your first rodeo and you are experienced in these snafus & roll with the changes- and you made the best of it! Welcome home for moment Bonnie girl! Kath in Ohio

  4. Glad you made it back safely - that is the ultimate goal. Sleep can be gained later.

  5. Anonymous9:02 PM EDT

    Oh Bonnie, I'm so sorry that Sac airport was so horrid. I'm glad that you are home safe! Annette C. in Sacramento

  6. Glamorous...I don't think so. Seems you do hit the snafus and then get upgrades! Sleep tight for new adventures await you this week I am sure!

  7. Oh my gosh you poor thing. Sounds horrible. At least you are home now. Hope you have a couple of days to relax.

  8. I have to agree that SMF is not the easiest airport to get in and out of. Since I fly in and out of there 3 to 4 times a year due to my brothers living there,and until last year, going up all the time to see Dad, I know the pains of rental cars and those pesky airport police (GED's with a plastic badge) telling you that you cannot be curbside for more that a couple of minutes. So much for long goodbyes at the curb. Glad you made it home and thank goodness for 1st class upgrades!!

  9. Bonnie - you do know what the acronym"snafu" stands for I presume? :-)
    You had to have been very happy to finally get home. Have a good weekend.

  10. Dear Bonnie, that's the last thing you deserve but hopefully the upgrade made up a little for the trauma. Would like to think that you are sleeping soundly in your own bed whilst I am writing this comment. Best wishes. Linda

  11. How wonderful to have Sadie there to greet you after a rough trip home.

  12. Oh No Mr. Bill! What a trip, but home safe and sound. Hey, how about curb side check in? I've used that at every airport except the tin\y Piney Flats airport where they have not heard of such new fangled things.

  13. Wow...... you wear me out! So sorry you had such a rough time getting home! Sadie will watch over you now, while you sew and relax! Welcome home!

  14. Oh my, you certainly deserved that cup of yogurt! I know your travels are not easy and I'm glad to hear you reached home safely.

    Alice, Always in Stitches


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