Friday, June 12, 2015

Things in the Studio!

Jeff and I escaped the slighty skunky smell lingering in my house for dinner out at Chili’s.

I don’t often get dinner with my son, he usually doesn’t get off work until 8:30pm or so – well past dinner time.  But he had yesterday OFF from work so we made some plans to go out – just the two of us.

Such a fun kid to be around, he always has a smile and a twinkle in his blue blue eyes.

Isn’t the look on that lady’s face behind us priceless? LOL!!

Back in the basement – no skunky smell down here!

Progress is being made on the fabric re-org that has to happen occassionally….

It went from THIS:

Months of pile up!  How does this happen?

To this:


Not put away yet, but at least folded and stacked!

This is mostly purchases I’ve brought home from trips, some put-away that needs to happen after some projects are finished.  Some border possibilities that were veto’d, and some pieces that were gifted!  All good stuff…just needs some order.


Folded and ready to put away!

My fat quarter drawers are bursting.  Tell me why I need more fabric??  Oh yeah, What’s need got to do with it?!?!

However, I would like to find a better way to store these FQs! The drawers are heavy and not easy to open.  IDEAS?!

((Not crazy about the idea of comic boards or wrapping..just no time in my life!))


Two boxes of scraps to cut down into strips.


But before I tackle that chore – I wanted to get a binding on!

I’ve had questions regarding my bindings –a few years ago I switched to a narrower binding when I didn’t want to chop off the points of a pieced border that ended at the edge of the quilt.  I found I really like a narrower binding.  It gives a nice edge to the quilt and it is full and tight.  So I work with 2” strips for a binding that finishes at 1/4”.


This machine is always set up with walking foot at the ready!

I hope to have time to finish sewing this binding on, and attaching a hanging sleeve and label in the process!

Trying to take today at a more leisurely pace – the only thing on my agenda is to get a shipment of cases of books ready to drop off at FedEx tomorrow before I leave for California on Sunday.  These cases are going to the Vermont Quilt Festival for my workshops and presentation!  Will I be seeing you there?

Don’t forget about Quilt-Cam tomorrow afternoon at 2pm Eastern!  It’s rare we get to cam and quilt on a Saturday afternoon around here.

I’m looking forward to it!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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  1. Your pile of scraps always makes me feel better about my pile of scraps!

  2. May Wolf10:27 AM EDT

    Oh My, the gal in the background looks like Rebel Wilson, such a funny girl to watch.She is in Pitch Perfect. Looks like a fun day.
    May, Michigan

  3. Anonymous10:40 AM EDT

    It is great you are having fun with your kids when you can. Time flies by too fast. Have as much fun as you can.
    Cathy Odle in Kansas

  4. If it's something I REALLY care about, I cut my binding strips 1-7/8". Otherwise it's 2".

  5. Pat Salsburg11:34 AM EDT

    I had to getup at midnight when registration opened for classes at VQF and was able to get into your class for Jamestown Landing. I was in one your classes when you were at VQF a few years ago. So much fun !!! When I checked at 8:00 am the first day of registration 3 of your 4 classes were full so it was a good thing I was motivated to be up at midnight !

  6. I keep my Fat Quarters in a set of Drawers. I had to sort them in groups of Florals and Novelties. I found a NEW Project when I was clearing my Table... So much for the Rest of the clearing.

  7. I store my fat quarters in drawers of an old chest of drawers. The drawers are heavy themselves, but slide in and out very easily because the piece is very well built and has the tracks for the draws to slide on. It was part of my mom and dad's first bedroom suite when they married in 1946, so it is also a sentimental piece. They have been crammed full of everything you can imagine before I started using it for fabric, never have had a problem with drawers not wanting to open.

  8. Bonnie, I have same exact plastic drawers to store my Fat Quarter fabrics. I have them sorted by colors. I feel perhaps they are not deep enough, and therefore the top edges of the fat quarters keep the drawers from sliding out freely. I have all the drawers stored under my ironing table my husband built. I also am looking for some better drawers, or system for fat quarters. Of course it would help if I did not have so many fat quarters to store! I have been cutting some up with my Accuquilt into 3.5" tumblers, but not enough. If you find a better solution, please share with us. Thanks.

  9. Great picture of you and your son! Love your Lozenge quilt!! Have fun in CA! Cannot wait to see where you will be! Wish it was with our guild! The whales are breeching here in Avila Beach, right by the pier!!

  10. When I started quilting I follows the 2 1/2 inch width rule for binding that I was taught. As I progressed and got more comfortable with what worked for ME I switched to a 2 inch binding because I also prefer a nice snug binding. I think it also looks better on small quilts and trivets, of which I make a lot. I do occasionally cut 2 1/4 for a very large quilt and then I sew it on with a 3/8" seam rather than 1/4". That way I get just a hair wider binding to go on a large quilt.

  11. Nancy MacDonald12:51 PM EDT

    I am so glad that other people use a 2" binding. When I say that I do at my guild, I get disbelieving looks and I have been told, you can't do that. I do it anyway and have always done it!

  12. Anonymous1:27 PM EDT

    I have the sterilite under bed storage boxes. You can fold and file neatly and stack them up if needed. At least you can pull them out and set it on your table to search through. I have seen where people build shelves or cubbies like in kindergarten to fit each bin. That way you can pull one out at a time without unstacking the whole collection. Julie in ms, plutosmom@gmail.com

  13. I've been on the lookout for an old library card catalogue. Or something on that line. I think FQs could be folded to fit nicely in something like that. Narrow long drawers that fully extend and be able to label the front of the drawers to indicate color content.

  14. Old quilter4:24 PM EDT

    I have rectangular baskets from BB&B that are about 6 inches deep that I slide in on open shelves. With the folded edge of a fq facing up, they can be filed in rows, easily seen and smaller chunks can be filed in as well. It's a great way to see color as long as one at least occasionally puts stuff away. Nothing goes in the basket that has not been pre-shrunk and tested for color. One basket for blues, one for greens, etc. Neutrals go in with their most "compatable" color. A full basket is fairly heavy, but there's no actual drawer to get stuck.

  15. You can store any of your fabric at my house - it'll PROBABLY be safe. ;)

  16. Anonymous5:38 PM EDT

    I have a rectangular not tall covered storage tubs on wheels that hold many of my fat quarters. I keep them under my bed and can roll them out and back as I need them. Just the right size to hold them folded BY COLOR so I can quickly look and choose without having to move any. Unfortunately as I use them up somehow others come to take their place inside. NEVER has been empty.

  17. Bonnie, I store my fat quarters in an ikea Pax cabinet. I bought the shallow depth ones. I use the metal pull out drawers, you should be able to take your fat quarters right from your drawers without re folding. I fold my fat quarters around a four inch ruler then fold them in half. It is all pretty inexpensive and holds a lot of weight, you can buy doors or just leave them off. I'll send you a couple of pictures.


  18. I store my fat quarters on book shelves for cds or dvds. They fit really well and you can see what you have easily.

  19. I'm hoping to watch you 'live' in UK 7pm - keeping fingers crossed for a connection :)

  20. I have not trouble with my Sterilite three drawer cart as long as I don't stuff it too full. I also don't have much on top of it. Would shelves the right size to hold your storage units help so that there isn't excessive weight on them? I don't have a great system for most of my fabric. It is folded to fit in paper boxes (that office paper came in) that I have labeled by color. Occasionally I have to go through and refold as they do get messed up.

    I still have some scraps that haven't been trimmed up. For the most part I trim scraps as I make a quilt now. Some of my untrimmed scraps have been added to a crazy quilt project.

  21. Anonymous9:09 PM EDT

    I use Ikea Trofast shelves and bins. I use them for all my fabric except yardage, using the smallest for projects. I love IKEA

  22. Anonymous11:04 PM EDT

    Ordering books from you -- do I send you a check directly?



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