Monday, June 08, 2015

Moments behind the Scenes!

Say hello to beautiful Lake Erie in the distance.

There hasn’t been MUCH time for sight seeing while here, but I have been able to catch glimpses of how beautiful this area is on our drives to/from workshops.

I have to say that the beautiful springs, summers and falls definitely do make up for the horrible eternally long winters that can besiege this area with what is not-so-lovingly known as “Lake effect snow!”

It was a doozy of a winter this past year, as many took time this past weekend to show me photos that live on their phones as “Snowmageddon”.

But look at this lake view!  How peaceful!


The shores of Lake Chautauqua are just as serene under a lazy cloud filled sky.

Yesterday when I was passed off from the Chautauqua Area Quilt Guild into the hands of the North East Crazy Quilters, we had a bit of time to explore while making it from one location to the other across the Pennsylvania state line.

We stopped at Chautauqua Institution!

Rows upon rows upon rows of Victorian houses flanking narrow bricked streets brought scenes of times gone by to mind.

And I found my dream house!


If I win the lottery – this is MINE!

Can you imagine the lady of the house in about 1890 on the upper porch, catching the afternoon breeze during “The Season” as it is aptly called?

Treadling on the porch?  Hand work on the porch?  Yes, please!

Yes please, lemonade on the porch as friends come to call!


Lovely textures!

The round turret is covered with pink painted scales, resembling our patchwork clam shells….what a dream house!


Beautiful flowers in the square as the whole area get ready for the opening of The Season!


I want one of these too, please!!

Found in the parking lot at dinner!

Today was an easy breeze no stress day as I settled in at my friend Jill’s Long-arm Studio, TA DA Quilting, to sew some blocks ---Jill, Melody and I had the most fun time just laughing and stitching and singing along to the oldies on the radio.  I made a good dent in what I brought along –and there was time to be relaxed and silly!

Melody and me – hamming it up!

Can’t show you what I was working on…but how fun was this?

Thank you for the permission to keep on Quilting – I do believe I will!

Back to my room for just a few – time to clean up and change and get ready for tonight’s lecture – if you are coming on over, I’ll see you there!

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  1. "Keep on quilting" was designed by our local quilt shop owner here in Olympia,WA. Two colorways. Pink and red.

  2. Looks like great FUN! YES, Keep on Quilting! Lucky them to be able to SEE what you are working on.

  3. What a beautiful area!! And that Victorian house is my dream too!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. That area is beautiful. I went thru there four years ago when my brother and sister treated me to a fall road trip back east. It's so serene and peaceful. Love that pink victorian but I think you might miss your Blue Ridge Mountains too much. It's fun to dream though.

  5. I think we forget how beautiful our area is until we see it through the eyes of another. Thanks for the reminder! And, I enjoyed the lecture and I'll see you tomorrow afternoon!

  6. Oh, it's all good--there are Blue Ridge Mountains in Pennsylvania, too, along with The Poconos and Allegheny ranges. I attended Blue Ridge High for a while. It is beautiful all around there. Love the lake pics!

  7. It is fun to drive through the Institute in the off season and see the houses all zipped up in protective tarps--like they have their jackets on.

  8. OOOH, can't show us.....could it be the makings of the next mystery quilt???? I know it is early, but a girl can dream can't she.

  9. My husband and I honeymooned at Lake Chataqua. The area is so beautiful. I couldn't get over the huge willow trees and the stunning Victorian houses. I must say, though, that none of the locals recommended living around there because of the Winters, or none that we spoke to. If I could skip out for half of the Winter, though, I think it would be my dream place to live. :)


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