Friday, June 26, 2015

Opening Ceremony Highlights–VQF!

This is a very cropped shot of how far away I was from the stage as the 2015 Vermont Quilt Festival was declared officially open with the annual awards ceremony, followed by a chocolate and champagne gala!

So many amazing quilts, and well deserved awards.

One thing that has stuck with me since the last time I was able to teach here in Vermont a couple years ago at the Quilt Festival, was the wonderful encouragement for young quilters to enter their first quilts --

And when I am talking YOUNG, I am really talking YOUNG here ---


The audience in rapt attention as participants were called up one by one --


Ladies & Gentleman, these are your future quilters!

Start them young!

These kids had entered last year, and were awarded tote bags with batting, fat quarters and other goodies to keep them sewing!

But the first time entrants?  Oh, this was so precious, and they were so excited….


Enter a quilt and win a sewing machine!


Bravo!!  Hooray!

All of the children who entered a first quilt into the show were gifted brand new Janome sewing machines!  Some of these kids could barely LIFT their machines, but what a momentous occasion for a job well done!

Parents were proud, photos and flash were going off like crazy, the audience went wild….these kids felt like a million bucks, as well they should.

What a wonderful way to plant a seed of creativity in these young minds and hearts.

These ARE our future quilters!

And bravo to Janome for sponsoring this wonderful event!

I was able to wander the show for just a few minutes – in search of people I needed to make contact with!


People are filing in and it is soon to get REALLY busy!

Yes, the gentleman in the bottom right is Joe Cunningham!

I was able to get a selfie with:


Latifah Saafir of the Modern Quilt Guild!


I made a beeline for Grit’s glorious quilt, “La Passion!”


Look, Grit!  I’m here!!!


Photos can not do this quilt justice and because of the people I couldn’t get far enough away to get a full photo.


Hey! I know this quilt!


Oh yeah, it’s mine!


And I spotted EASY STREET with a ribbon!

((Pattern also in MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders!))


Well done, Shelley!!  AWESOME job!

My ride was soon ready to go, and my plan is to visit the show more tomorrow afternoon after workshops are done, after my lecture is set up -- and REALLY SEE the show.  More photos to come.


This was my purchase for the night…

I love quilty jewelry.  Why not wear our passion, right?

Well, evidently, the night before I didn’t sleep too well –got up with the alarm, bumbled into the bathroom, took a shower, got myself ready to go, put in a pair of earrings, went to class…and it wasn’t until 2:30 in the afternoon that I discovered this:


I had two earrings in the same hole?!

I had worn the starfish the day before…..didn’t think anything about it ---until 2pm when I went to the ladies room – looked in the mirror…..WHAT?

What makes matters worse….it was only in THIS ear.  I HAD taken the starfish out of the other one first.

Oh yes, it’s a glamor job all right!

Awesome Jamestown Landing class today – I’ll post the slide show in the morning.  Right now all I want to do is throw on the TV,  get this borrowed featherweight humming and do some simply fun string piecing before bedtime.

Much love from Vermont!

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  1. wow, well done Janome, what a gift for the future for those young quilters. Good tools = good finishes.
    Thanks for sharing Bonnie, always love to see what other quilters are doing.
    Sharyn in Kalama

  2. All I can say is, "Well done, Janome!"

  3. What a wonderful gift for all of those young sewers! I'm sure I would have cried.

  4. So thrilled you will be posting about VQS! Not able to attend this year. Enjoy.

  5. Anonymous10:20 PM EDT

    Three cheers for Janome! What a great thing to do to get our youngsters interested in quilting.


  6. I got to meet Bonnie! I tried not to gush too much. Looking forward to seeing her lecture tomorrow!

  7. I feel like a million bucks to read & see so many young quilters & that they were gifted Janome Sewing Machines! How generous & such encouragement for our future quilters! Thank you Janome! Thank you Bonnie for sharing opening ceremony at VQF & pics of wonderful quilts & jewelry!

  8. The show was wonderful again this year. It's certainly one of the best around. The kids do a nice job with their quilts. It's fun to see the number of boys who are interested in the process. Keep up the good work kids!

  9. My heart is smiling. Love to see the young quilters being gifted with the sewing machines. How very generous to make each child feel special and contribute to a beautiful future for each!

  10. Alesha, what a lovely phrase, my heart was smiling too. Yes, I would have been in floods of tears had I been there. Those kids would really feel special to get such a generous prize so hopefully they will continue with their quilting. Thanks Bonnie.

  11. Thank you so much Bonnie, for the wonderful pictures and this wonderful post.

    Grit from Germany

  12. wow awesome hexie quilt....and future quilters looking good! what a terrific gift to inspire and motivate them....

  13. Two earring in one hole in one ear? Perhaps you will start a new fashion trend!!!

  14. Yeah for Janome. I know those kids will never forget this, when they get over the shock that is!

    With your earrings just think you are making a new fashion statement!

    Loved seeing the quilts and that hexi is stupendous.

  15. First of all Bonnie, thank you for taking the time to share as much as you do!!! And, I will always be a Janome fan for what they did for the young quilters-that was so special.


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