Thursday, June 11, 2015

Up for Digital Download!

With the retiring of Grand Illusion from the website on June 1st-

And figuring out how to get Celtic Solstice uploaded and functional before leaving for Pennsylvania and New York-

And having today home to work some more toward some goals that now seem obtainable-

I was able to finish the re-editing of Grand Illusion and ALSO get it uploaded into the Digital Downloads section of  Quiltville’s Store and it is ready to roll!

If you had put off making Grand Illusion because you thought the mystery parts were too long and involved ((I do treat them like a hands on workshop so there is lots and lots of text and explainations when mysteries are running)) and confusing with the steps out of order to keep it running like a mystery, you are going to love this format!

Full color photos, detailed step by step instructions IN ORDER will provide you with a great finished quilt!

Did you notice all of the Grand Illusion quilts in this morning’s slide show?  Check it out if you haven’t – these are GREAT!!


Mine with Dad, Thanksgiving Day, 2014


A preview of the cover!

When you click to purchase the pattern, you will first get a receipt for your order in your email.  Within a few minutes another email will come with the link to your download.  Click the link and your pattern will download as a PDF to your computer.  You’ll likely find it in the downloads section of your hard drive.  Open the saved file and voila!  You can print it, you can access it on your tablet or mobile device – it’s there for you!

Another reason I hid in the basement today??

Yes.  She did!

I was reading in bed when Sadie came in through the back doggie door ---She encountered a skunk in the back yard, and I would say by the smell of her – the skunk won!

Her collar has been pitched.  She needs a new one.

I have learned about hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dawn dish detergent to clean her up, but what I can’t get rid of is just the lingering aroma that fills my house from this late night foray!

Burning candles?  Doesn’t do it!

Fabreeze?  Doesn’t do it!

Odoban?  Doesn’t do it – not really.

All frangrances just clash with the stinky skunky smell so I am down here in the basement with the stairwell door shut and here I will stay until that stench goes away!

OH, SADIE!  What will you get into next?!?

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  1. Tina in NJ8:05 PM EDT

    Poor Sadie! After our teen-aged pet sitter had a pot party in our house while we were on vacation, I put a couple of bowls of white vinegar around to absorb the odor. It's worth a try!

  2. Anonymous8:28 PM EDT

    Chris here... Hi Bonnie, Why not try the solution you used to clean up Sadie in a spray bottle??? Just spray the areas or paths that Sadie normally uses and see if that helps... Just a thought.... :)

  3. It wasn't my fault, Mom!

  4. Poor darling Sadie Mae! I'm sure she is quite embarrassed by her stink.

  5. Just look at sweet Sadie! I hope she wasn't hurt and her eyes didn't get burned. I am sure she will give skunks -- at least THAT one -- a wide berth in the future.

  6. When our dog was skunked and brought the smell into the house dripping from her face, we ended up moving out after bathing the dog in your solution. Then we called a company who did smoke smell removal with "adding a molecule of oxygen to make O3" or something like that. He placed 3 machines in the house and let them run for 24 hours. Also, he asked up to turn air conditioner down as cold as tolerable as heat expands odors. It was tolerable in 24 hours, but every time the humidity was up we got just a bit of the smell back. I think it was all gone in 3 months. We had it so badly even the neighbors were all asking what had happened. :)
    Good luck and I hope you just have a tiny problem.

  7. Lingering smells are tough to deal with, and I can only imagine dealing with the skunk smell in the house. We used to have a family of skunks living in the neighborhood, which isn't great for leaving the windows open at night, but thankfully they have moved on. You might want to try burning a few candles - either scented or unscented to help get rid of the smell. I do that when I cook fish or fry foods in oil to get rid of the odor. Just remember to not leave them unattended.

  8. Oh Bonnie! Skunk!!! I would use white vinegar. Put it in a spray bottle with a few drops of soluble lavender oil, shake well & spray all over the floor, doors, wall, carpet, everywhere there is THE smell. Vinegar should neutralise the smell & lavender makes it more pleasant for you. Sprinkling bi-carbonate soda also helps to eliminate smells. You can add a few drops of lavender oil to it also. This is a good carpet deodorizer as well. Leave it on as long as possible (overnight) then vacuum off. You can use both of these on Sadie also without any risk of harming her. Mix the bi-carb with her shampoo & the vinegar in the rinse water. As you know both these products are edible. Another possibility is try striking a few matches - it is an old scouts trick for eliminating 'bathroom' odours. It might help, just a suggestion, worth a try. I hope you are all smelling of roses - or lavender - very soon. Poor Sadie was probably only defending her territory.
    Good luck
    Pam (Down-under)

  9. Karen M.1:06 PM EDT

    Vicks on your upper lip under your nose helps mask the smell. It will dissipate eventually, but not soon enough, I know!

  10. Years ago when my dog got "skunked", she came in and had wiped her face all over the bedroom carpet before I realized what had happened. I ended up "tomato juicing" the carpet, and then cleaning the tomato juice out of the carpet. It does take a while for the odor to dissipate, but periodic whiffs will return.

  11. Our dog got skunked one night before bed. We googled the problem and found that skunk spray is primarily oil based. The sight suggested Dawn dish liquid. We bathed him rather aggressively in the Dawn and it really cut the odor. After about 2 baths of Dawn he was tolerable in the house. It took several days for the odor to completely disappear. We were happy with the result and if we had had to use it on carpet I would have felt comfortable using the Dawn instead of some other product.

  12. Our dog got sprayed one night while he and hubyy were out walking, the dog had to stay outside that night and he was not happy, he's a border collie that was raised as an indoor dog mostly.
    Our daughter found some animal shampoo that was meant for getting skunk smell out so we bathed the dog outside with the shampoo and boy did it ever work good.
    I'm sorry I don't know what will work for getting the skunky smell out of your house, other than time and airing out with all the windows open. Good luck.

  13. Our dogs, got to love them!!!

  14. Thanks for giveng us usefull information about digital downloads


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