Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Scrappy Bargello Times Two!

We had a super wonderful day with the North East Crazy Quilters in our Scrappy Bargello workshops –BOTH of them!

Due to so many sign ups, we offered this class as a half day workshop in two sessions in order to fit every one in!

Who doesn’t like a strip quilt that can be completed in record time?!

I don’t think they believed me at first when I told them that most everyone would have ONE PANEL done by the end of our half day workshop, but they did!

This quilt is so speedy, it is great for charity quilts, quilts of valor, graduation gifts, wedding gifts, just because I love you gifts!

And EVERYTHING goes ---go as scrappy or as planned as you want.


Grab a friend and sew strips into pairs!

Do NOT sew them light/dark/light/dark or you will just end up with a checkerboard and no up/down stair steps will be visible…mix them up ---go for broke!  No pressing until your entire panel is sewn!


Ready to be pressed!


Pressing the panel!

When strips are sewn into a panel –there is strategic pressing so that seams will nest automatically when we sub -cut and re-sew!

Check the free patterns  tab above for the pressing directions!  You know you are going to make this one, or if you have already made one, you are going to want to make another!


Giving pressing advice!


Hurry up! You are hogging the iron!


Slicing up the panel!


Re-assembly taking place!


One up hill panel DONE!

These gals got so much done, we gathered for group photos at the end of each session!


Morning Group!


Afternoon Group!

Fabulous job, everyone!

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

Scrappy Bargello, North East, PA 2015

It was a very full long day, and we restored ourselves with a bit of yumminess down along the shores of Lake Erie.


Wouldn’t I love to spend the summer here!


Of course, if your food isn’t fun, just stick a bird in it!


And let me tell you – when fitbit later sends you a message that you need 2,000 more steps to meet your daily goal…it’s an easy excuse to take a short walk for this:


Lovely evening down in Erie, PA!

I’m on my way home today.  I have some time to catch up on some computer stuff in my hotel room this morning, and then pack it up and take a noon flight to Detroit, arriving in Greensboro around 5pm.

This is my plan for the next Quilt-Cam:  I leave Sunday early early for Sacramento.  We haven’t had an afternoon weekend session for quite a while, and I’d love to do this next one at a time that is more convenient for the European Contingency. 

Our next Quilt-Cam is scheduled for 2pm Eastern on SATURDAY afternoon.  No whining – if you can’t make it, it will be in the archives and you can catch up later!

Wednesday! Make it a good one!

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  1. I love using the Fitbit steps to go get ice cream. That's my kind of gal! Wishing you safe travel today.

  2. Anonymous9:10 AM EDT

    Thank you so much for a great class and trunk show. And to the Erie Crazy Quilters for letting us Michigan girls crash your party. It was a long drive, but so worth it.


  3. I am not whining, but I will watch Quilt Cam Saturday night due to being in a quilt class all day on Saturday will miss it live. thanks for all you do for us. keep hoping I can find a class close to home in Central Illinois to attend

  4. This is a beautiful quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Bonnie, love the scrappy Bargello! I always shied away from looking at that pattern on your website, thinking the construction would be hard! DOH! What is the tip for pressing the seams? I didn't see that in the directions. Thanks for all your great work, I have converted a lot of friends to the scrappy way of quilting!

  6. I looked at the free pattern, but I didn't see it explained how to press the strips. I saw pictures, but it still wasn't clear. It looks like every other row is pressed with those seams out, but then it looks like one row was skipped and the seams were pressed down. I've been wanting to make a Bargello quilt for a long time and when I saw your scrappy version, I knew this was the one I had to make. Actually, the list is long of all your quilts I want to make. Thanks for being so generous.


  7. Enjoying today's blog with lunch and a cold drink and reflecting on your visit with us in North East. Truly the best days! Your lecture inspired and entertained many! The Crazy Quilters were nourished by your energy and humor. Loved your class and learned a new time-saver. Hard to say good-by ("Parting is such sweet sorrow"). But you are so generous and descriptive on your blog and Quilt Cam that I will still keep feeling our connection! Thank you, Bonnie! Cherry Boom

  8. Oh, that means a Saturday morning quilt-cam for me! I can come in my jammies! Husband will be gone fishing, and cat likes quilt-cam - okay, she just likes being in the sewing room with me.

    Pat in Alaska

  9. Love this pattern, just finished making two scrappy bargellos out of my 2.5" stash and they look fantastic, thank you for the free pattern.

  10. I am with the 2 gals who couldn't find the pressing directions! Read through it, eyes jumping around to get all the pictures in with the words, then realized I hadn't seen what I was looking for! Went back through the text with a closer inspection and still couldn't find it! Got lots of 2.5" strips and this looks like a good way to thin out that drawer! (After a few other things get done!)

  11. Would love to make this quilt but, I am with the others in that I could not find the pressing tip...Going to start my strips and await your response!

  12. I think the pressing instructions she referred to are actually under the Trip Around the World free pattern instead of the Scrappy Bargello. She mentioned how similar the two patterns are, so I looked there. I think I will need to start a scrappy Bargello too.


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