Sunday, May 19, 2019

On a Quilt-Cam Saturday in May -

The struggle was real!

And this had been neglected for far too long -

Nothing gets me motivated more than watching other people dig into their sewing room space and make order out of chaos.

I found myself home on Friday evening, with no energy to throw in a decent Quilt-Cam, plus – I had NOTHING with me to stitch.  That was all left 100 miles away at the cabin in Virginia. 

As I crawled into bed on Friday night – putting things in order for my Saturday ahead, I knew some things had to happen before I could do anything else.

All of the book orders that had come in while waiting for drywall guys to do their thing at the Quiltville Post Office, and the arrival of the counter top guys for the cabin – those were priority and by noon they were all waiting on the front porch for my mail lady to pick them up yesterday afternoon.

I saw an opportunity for Quilt-Cam ahead, but I needed something to sew!  And before I could cut anything to sew, well dang!  This mess had to GO!

How does stuff get like this?

And while at it – some other horizontal surfaces needed unburdening too.

Up went the announcement for Quilt-Cam via Facebook and Instagram with a start time of 2pm Eastern.  I had 2 hours to whip this place into as much shape as I could, and cut some blocks out in the process.

Some of the comments on that post asked if I would share how I tackle such a mess.

I’d like to know how I cam MAKE such a mess to begin with!

But the easiest way for me to do a studio clean up is to put everything that is out of place on top of the table side of my longarm.  And then just start putting things where they go. 

What I like about this method is that it allows me to have all of the other corners decluttered in a hurry, and I can vacuum the floor which instantly makes everything feel better. and all the “junk” to put away is at table height so I am not bending and stooping.  Some stuff hit the trash, some was entered back into the stash after folding.  Some strips were rehomed into the Scrap User’s System -  The strips you see over the rail of the machine in the top photo are sorted by size and color family making it easy to put them back where they go.

I didn’t get it 100% done before 2pm rolled around, but it is MUCH BETTER and I’m not feeling the shame anymore.  LOL.

We had some fabulous shares!

R. K√§mmer sent in a photo of her amazing Under the Sea hexie quilt  finish– made with 1/4’’ hexies!
I´m so happy to catch you on Quiltcam today, it´s always so much fun to sew with you! 
And this year I will finally attend your mystery sew along! Because my huge 1/4 inch hexie Quilt is finished! 
Meerbedeckt (Covered by the ocean)

Check out Laurie’s gorgeous On Ringo Lake blocks!

And oooh…that green vintage Bernina!

She writes:
This was the first time I’d ever seen a LIVE quiltcam, and I love it!
Rainy Saturday here in Minnesota, and I’m working on my Ringo Lake. Slow but sure as I go through my scrap stash.
Beautiful!  And it is never a race – enjoy the process! 

Wonky Wishes by Sharon!

I love the pops of yellow/gold in it!

She writes:
Hi Bonnie,  I finished my Wonky Wishes I was working on last quilt cam time!   I love this pattern and enjoyed making it so much and now ready to machine quilt it.   

Thanks for all you do, you are amazingly talented!   
Sharon in Nebraska
Sharon, it’s wonderful!  So many happy scraps in this one.  Thank you for sharing!

Beautiful Redeye Treadle!

And Geese on a String from String Frenzy!

From Cynthia:
Hi Bonnie! I’ve been learning to treadle and your pattern is the perfect project! I’m getting close to finishing building the strings and will be adding the orange. 
It’s been a crazy cold and wet couple of days here in Utah and we have more of the same in the week ahead.

No gardening so I’ll be inside treadling. Thank you for quiltcam and it’s now coming in clear for me!
Cynthia Fox
It was so wonderful to see what folks had to share, and read what they had to say about where they are and what they are doing.  Our lives are all spinning so fast – but this one thing, the love of fabric, needle and thread ties us together.  We are linked.  Knotted.  I love that!

As Cynthia eluded to – there was a section of Quilt-Cam that didn’t stream so well over on Facebook Live.  it had nothing to do with my connection, it’s just one of those glitches that happens.  There is nothing I can do to fix it, and short of ending our session and starting a new second feed (which I didn’t want to do) all we could do was to keep going. And it did eventually clear up at about 19 minutes in.

The other thing I am dealing with is VERY VERY slow download speeds here in Virginia.  I came back up this evening hoping to just download our video over cell data.  NADA!

I am actually writing this post from the Quiltville Post Office hooked to the Century Link Slow-Fi.  LOL.  It is telling me that it will take 2 hours to download the video from Facebook.  SO – I’m doing something I hope will work.

I’m just going to use the Facebook embed link and see what it does.  In the mean time I will let the download continue (for the next 2 hours) and then upload that to YouTube when I can and then switch out the video feeds because I think the YouTube version embeds at a larger size.

In a pinch – for those who DO Facebook, this Quilt-Cam is the pinned post at the top of my Facebook page.  You can watch it there.

As I said - this is the first time embedding a Quilt-Cam directly from Facebook so let’s see how it goes.

There is a little speaker icon in the bottom right of  video.  Hover your mouse over it and click it to turn on the sound and adjust the volume. 

**UPDATE** It took 2 1/2 hours, but the YouTube version is now live on my YouTube channel.  This should be helpful for those who are hearing impaired and benefit from closed captions that Facebook doesn't offer.  CLICK HERE to view on YouTube.

I loved making these blocks!

You’ll find the pattern for Blossom Time in my Addicted to Scraps column in the March/April 2019 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine.  Digital copies are also available.  I’m kitting up more and will be using these as my Leader/Ender project until our new OFFICIAL one is released in July.

And don’t forget that our Quilty Box Gift-Away is still ongoing!  Enter to win ON THAT POST.  Drawing to happen Tuesday.

This happened last night!

The doohickey you see on the right is an instant hot water dispenser. We have one at our Wallburg house and we love it.

Bathroom faucets are also in!


The only thing that remains is the kitchen backsplash – they needed to trim some off as it was too tall, so that will be coming back for installation at some point.  Who knows.  I’m just happy to have functional sinks again.

My friend Irene is on her way down from Kentucky.  I’m looking forward to having the next several days with her here.

Let the Sew Fest begin!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Vintage bow tie quilt found in Kentucky.

I find this to be so unbelievably and amazingly true!

Following my passion has been the most amazing journey-

Happy Sunday, everyone!


  1. Oh your countertops are gorgeous! I know you are thrilled to have the old formica gone. Quilt-cam was fab yesterday. I was so engrossed in it I did not hear my dog groomer arrive and then leave when no one came outside to her van...poor dog missed her spa day. (I am sure she is crushed - NOT!) It will be rescheduled, in the meantime I am purging stuff from my studio that I don't use so I can have space in there to sew.

  2. I love your idea to save bending down to pick up stuff. Sorting on the machine works if it is empty, lol. I use my poles to Measure for borders. No Blob o Borders 'waving' around here. Easy to pin at the ends and center standing up. Enjoy your girl time. The sinks look great. I'll be watching Quiltcam after Church. I was stitching on the binding of my Grandsons Wedding Quilt enroute to Tri-Cities yesterday.

  3. Hated missing Quiltcam live, and I appreciate you providing an after view. I love all the shares - colorful inspiration. The cabin is coming along nicely, as is the Inn and Post Office. You're getting there, and all three will be gorgeous. inviting, and functional. Your post about the missing triangle made me smile because I had the same thing happen this past week. Jack and I have been seeing more of each other lately. Enjoy your visit/Sew Fest with Irene.

  4. Sure hope the You Tube upload works..... Facebook does not do close captioned and without the CC I get nothing beyond your happy smile. Did you know you give all sorts of hints and back story to what you are doing??? It is great!

    1. The YouTube version is now live on my YouTube Channel HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcAW9E4b2iU

  5. Enjoyed the quilt cam yesterday thanks for inviting us in to sew with you. As always I learned something new from you. Thanks also for the email back about the block from my mother’s quilt top. Some day I will have finished hand quilting it for my sister. Cheers

  6. CenturyLink had a big fiber optic cable get cut in Omaha due to some horizontal drilling. I read that it was causing some Internet disruption all over the country. That could be what is contributing to your low speeds. It affected the televising of the State Track events yesterday. There's always something, isn't there?

  7. You are a wise woman to get your sinks installed UNDER the granite! I have always hated the lip one needs to clean around when they are set INto the granite...easier for the installer but not for the homeowner! You will so appreciate them set that way...and they look fantastic! Enjoy!!

  8. Looking forward to watching Quiltcam I have been in a quilter's block, so string blocks to the rescue. They are so addictive and fun. Gets my creative juices flowing. Thanks for all you do.

  9. 1/4" hexie quilt !!! Unbelievably wonderful. I can't imagine doing one but I certainly appreciate seeing someone else's work.
    I just got back from trip to see great grandkids so now catching up here. Over to YouTube I go. Thanks Bonnie.

  10. Bonnie-
    Happy Sunday, and I am so glad you have functioning sinks again!

    Your quote of the day is so very true. When my purpose for coming to Alaska changed because of medical challenges, and the military not letting me retire, I had to change my focus. It has taken time, but my passions of gardening and quilting have helped me to figure out my new purpose, also. I can feed people and I can make quilts for our veterans, which has always been part of my game plan!

    I love your tulip blocks, and made some like them (minus the stems) a couple months ago. Then I cut out several more in different colors to make a whole quilt, but not as scrappy as yours.

    Have a Great Day, enjoy your new counter tops and operating sinks!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where we woke up to rain, but the sun is shining now and drying things off.

  11. I love my hot water dispenser, great for tea. Great for getting a fast start when cooking. The granite looks beautiful, love the under sink mount. Much easier to clean.

  12. Oh how I love your Necchi machine!!! It is the same as the one my mom had when I was a little girl, don't even want to tell you how long ago that was, hehe and I learnt to sew clothes for my Barbie dolls on it. When my mom passed away at almost 98, she was still using the same machine. They made them good in those days!! Wonderful memories!

  13. Just tried the You Tube again and the CC is now there...... thank you thank you ..... sleep can wait going to get me some Quilt Cam...

  14. WOW! The 'Under the Sea' quilt is certainly a work of art. I sure wish I had the drive to complete a masterpiece like that. Thank you for sharing.

  15. The photo of the treadle machine with a tablet sitting on it says it all. Cherish and learn from those who have gone before while embracing those who will lead the future. Looking for a belt for my grandma's treadle machine now. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  16. I hope that R. Kammer intends to enter that Meerdebekt quilt into shows! I'm working with small hexies for three throw-size quilts, based on daily temperatures for a year in different towns in the country, but they're NOTHING compared to that creation!

  17. Bonnie;
    I first discovered you after I bought that old Bernina. I did a google search for information on it, and one of the links was to a YouTube Quiltcam video of you using your machine! From there I went on to exploring Quiltville and buying books and finally doing something with my scrap stash!
    Feels like I’ve come full circle now. ��

    Laurie in Minnesota

  18. I missed the live Quiltcam but just enjoyed it an hour ago. We finished our move and handed our river house over to our oldest and his family and will continue to settle in at our retirement lake house. Highlight of a hard working weekend? Pouring over, drooling over, and dreaming over my order of books from you - thank you! I cannot wait to get started!


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