Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Quilty Girls on a Mission!

When I said there were deadlines looming -

I wasn’t joking!

As I glanced at my calendar for what is coming ahead in just the next few months I nearly get a bit of panicky feeling deep down in my belly.

Time flies faster than we believe it ever will.  Days turn to weeks, weeks into months and months into – oh my gosh!  We are nearly half-way through 2019 already – how does that happen?

The big goal this week?  FINISH all of the blocks for my 2020 Addicted to Scraps column with Quiltmaker Magazine. 

I have some blog posts also scheduled with my publisher, C&T Publishing.  Those need step outs and projects.

And folks – as soon as June hits, it’s MYSTERY SEASON for me.  Yes, it’s that close!

There have been many irons in the fire going over here – and I am flip flopping Leader and Ender projects as needed to get at least two things done at once.

It’s not a Bonnie Scrap Quilt until there is a bit of Y2K in it!

Photos of step outs – upcoming on the C&T blog are some pattern re-vamps for the runners I want to make for the dining tables at Quiltville Inn.  I’d love to have different ones for each month so as I can – I’m throwing in these blocks from my Garden Party quilt in the Addicted to Scraps book as Leaders & Enders while working on my Quiltmaker blocks.  (On sale in the Quiltville Store for $19.99!)

Can you see the plates spinning over my head?  LOL!

ALL of these – sewn as Leaders & Enders yesterday.

I’m only short two.  Those should happen today.

You can also see what is going on behind my presser foot!

When making column blocks – maybe 3 blocks per column in different colors and styles, the chains of piecing are really short.  It’s easy to throw the Garden Party blocks into the piecing.  And these blocks are all so cute and fun.

I’ve been a whirling dervish and there is only ONE MORE COLUMN to go for the magazine, and I’ll be able to do my text copy writing next week – but while Irene is here we are sewing pedal to the metal!

Today – I’ll be cutting out not only two remaining Garden Party blocks to sew up while making the last Addicted to Scraps column blocks – but I’ll also cut more.  Because there are TWO dining tables in the dining room at Quiltville Inn, and they both need table runners. 

I’ll let you know when the post on the runners goes live over on the C&T blog.  Likely some time next month.

Irene has her Pineapple Blossom top webbed!

She just needs to sew the rows together – that will happen today.

Her goal is to tackle the UFOs that are near enough to completion that she can get them to top status.  I’ve got design floor space – so she can make good use of it.

We’d be over at Quiltville Inn – but the overhead lights aren’t in yet, and the lighting situation is better here at the cabin.

Irene’s work station as I found it this morning.

(She went to bed after I did – she’s a night owl!)

Mine as I l eft it last night.  LOL!

Okay, Irene – you win!

WARNING!  If you are grossed out by critters that crawl, slither and or fly – don’t scroll further.

One time way back a screaming email came from a reader who asked me to please give fair warning if I post something “insect or reptilian” as they gave her nightmares so here you go.

No, this is not the wildlife.

This is the well guy.

And he showed up on time!

Our well for the Inn also runs the water for the Quiltville Post Office so it was imperative that we get water restored.

Luckily the problem wasn’t the well itself, but the pump. I will now treat that water that runs from faucets and flushes toilets as GOLD.  Those who have wells know that pumps are not cheap.  And as this well goes more than 400 feet deep, we are lucky that replacing the pump was ONLY a mere $1,000.00.  Clean running water is GOLD.  You never know how much it it valued until you don’t have it.

And this pump is even more high powered so the pressure at the retreat house will be better.

Son Jeff was up to mow the lawn – He mowed it three times…because it was so long it had gone to seed.

Dry wall guys showed up to mud the ceiling install.  Next time round they should be sanding and we will be ready to paint.

But thermostat guy will have to be called back – the two remotes for the fireplaces in the Quilting Quarters?  They BOTH run the same fireplace.  Not the other one.  LOL.

Ready for wildlife? (Hoping there is enough text above that those who didn’t want to see this could exit before it was up on their page.)

The water lines to the house from the well were also inspected – under the crawl space.

Do you see him?

Do you see him NOW?!

Evidently both The Hubster and the Well Guy backed out and left this guy go wherever he wanted to go after disturbing him by turning on the lights -

Down onto the step ladder, making his way away.

I think he was more scared of the 2 big burly humans than they were of him.

In these parts, black snakes like this (non venomous) are also worth their weight in gold.  They keep the rodent population down, and they also keep copperheads away.  With the creek right below us, we WANT these black snakes around.  I just don’t want to see them. And believe me, they don’t want to see us either.

And this morning.

Click to Play:

Evidently the big and beautiful Luna moth was attracted to the light coming from the cabin studio as we sewed past midnight.  He was on the inside between the screen and the glass sliding door.  After the video I slid out the screen, and unhooked his feet from the screen and placed him on the lawn.

I checked a minute a go and he is gone -

They only live a week, so it was a privilege to start my day with him this morning.

And before I forget!

It’s Quilty Box Drawing Time!

The winner of the May 2019 Quilty Box Gift-Away is -

Entry 3282

Rita Johnsen!

Rita, I have emailed you at the address you provided.  Please get back to me with your mailing address and I will have the kind folks at Quilty Box get your prize right out to you.

Be watching for another great Gift-Away to happen soon!

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

Vintage triple Irish chain found in Battle Ground, Washington.

(I think this would be a great project with 1 1/2’’ squares!)

Let there be kindness. And let it begin with me.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love how you prep your blocks, putting each block together so you are ready to sew. Very encouraging to me because I've been pulling from my big scrap box as I'm sewing and it takes way too long!

  2. Pedal to the metal and Quilt Yoga on your Cabin floor. Fun the get the Flimsies webbed and finished. Up and down with each row to add to the next. I'm a night owl too. Especially when stitching around my Quilty friends at Retreat. Eeek, snakes! Glad he left the building. You could call him Elvis, lol

  3. That's a huge snake!!

    Always more fun sewing with a FRIEND!!

  4. Ummm - Snake.... I may have screamed - All the other stuff is cool too! but snake - ackk! Glad he is a good kind!!

  5. What a sweet baby..I love snakes. .I've always tried to be kind ..it costs nothing but can do so much..thank you for all you do bonnie. ..you keep me out of trouble. ..trying to make so many quilts..I don't know how you do it

  6. Oh, yay! I'm so glad you know the snake's value and you let him go. Good for you! Wish more people realized how beneficial they are.

    Those Garden Party blocks are so stinking cute! Love that pattern. I really want to get going on one of those, but like Irene, I need to clear a few other projects off the list first. Irene - your Pineapple Blossom is so cheerful and bright. Lovely!

  7. I have been just sewing my bits together randomly until they're a useable size. After reading the last couple of posts, I am going to cut & kit some blocks for a QOV I want to make and another top for a gift. One or the other will work as a Leader/Ender. I will be twice as productive. I learn something every day from your posts. Sometimes quilt related and often life related. Love your quotes.

  8. We would be knee deep in mice, ticks, etc. were it not for possums, snakes, and other such creatures. Everything has it's place in the ecosystem.

    1. Wish more people would realize this, and stop messing with it... i.e., removing the wolves really messed up the ecosystem in their original habitats, and they didn't realize it until it was damaged, almost beyond repair. They had to reintroduce the wolves to restore it. Father's Creation is a carefully balanced system.

    2. Hallelujiah and Praise Him... the results of bringing the wolves back are phenomenal! A few ranchers are a tad upset, but I'm for the wolves!
      Cats in Carlsbad CA

  9. Do you ever hear it enough - on how much your blog, free patterns, mystery quilts, and all the rest that you do; means so much to your followers? Take a moment and really feel this gals thankfulness for all that you do. I faithfully make my day start with reading your blog. And somehow the inspiration you give spreads over into my day. Thank you so much!

  10. not too bad on your well head, not that anyone wants that outlay... ours was 4K a couple of years ago, but we have to pump 1/4 mile uphill to the house so need a pretty big one ;) happy stitching, Sharyn in Kalama

  11. I started my Garden Party in your class in Bedford a couple of years ago. The top is now finished and I love it. Thank you, Bonnie, for all that you do for the quilting world!

  12. You have your lovely black snakes and we have our lovely bull snakes...they both keep the rodent and venomous snakes away! I don't know what your copperheads look like, but our bull snakes look a great deal like the diamondback rattlers they control, so many people kill them, unfortunately. Do you have bats at Quiltville Inn? They are so nice to have to help control bugs. You certainly have your nose to the grindstone...all the time!! So glad you can have "mini-vacations" at the cabin, the Inn and Arizona...and for your mental health's sake, I'm glad you are creating Quiltville Inn so you can slow down your traveling just a little bit!!

  13. LOL @ your work station - I feel right at home with you! You do not want to see my bomb site! But I'm tidying and slicing at the same time - a little chore, a little play. As for the snake - that first photo looks like it's smiling for the photo - another chortle from me. Then the moth - most beautiful thing. Thank you so much for sharing it. :D

  14. My sewing/quilting room frequently looks like your work station. A few times a year I clean it all up (generally when projects are complete) and take a picture to show that it does sometimes look neat. Fortunately there are always new projects-or two or three-that get started so it never stays tidy for long.
    I also much prefer black snakes to copperheads!

  15. Thank you for the inspiration. I will be looking for your scrappy table runners at C&T blog. I loved making the Garden Party blocks. They are so cute.

  16. Bonnie, your work station looks more like mine would. I'm a night owl, too, but when I'm ready for bed I'm usually too tired to even think about tidying up. I really fell in love with the ironing pad on Irene's station. Is that pattern available anywhere or is it her own invention?

  17. Predators keep the balance.

  18. I love your ending sentence. Let there be kindness and let it begin with me. That speaks to me.

    Thanks with love. Always in stitches,


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