Saturday, May 18, 2019

Lay That Granite Down, Boys!

This happened yesterday!

And let me tell you, this is not the easiest feat getting this truck up around the cabin toward the back door! But they did it.

The beautiful counter tops I’ve dreamed of since we first saw this cabin, considering the possibility of moving farther out, obtaining acreage (And no HOA headaches!)

I loved the cabin and property from day one – but those blue Formica counter tops?  Not so much.

There are only a few things more stressful than renovation – childbearing comes a close second! LOL! 

And we’ve had so much going on over the past year – sometimes it feels like my life is at the crowning stage and we are getting ready to really PUSH.

I tell myself it’s just one thing at a time, and it will all get done.  And yesterday – it did!

This wonderful group of guys were fun to have around!

They knew what they were doing, and they did an awesome job.

The brown/black is BEAUTIFUL and perfectly fit my vision.

I have never had under-mounted sinks before. 

Faucets will happen through the weekend.  The adhesive needs to cure before we can use them.

Mirror selfies in the upstairs bath!

One huge and heavy kitchen counter!

Three guys were struggling under the weight to get it just right.

This is the same color as the baths – the black/brown.

It just doesn’t look like it because of the way the light is hitting it.

Fairly true to color!

Looks more black here, but it’s not!

I love how this is coming together.

I DIDN'T love how this came together:

And should you find yourself one triangle short of a quilt block…

I stayed out of the way working on some blocks for my 2020 Addicted to Scraps column with Quiltmaker Magazine.  Due dates loom!  And I was distracted enough that…well.  Pass the seam ripper, please!

I’ll be working on the rest of my issues over the next week while Irene is here (She arrives tomorrow afternoon!) so I can send them off before I head to Minnesota on June 5th.

This also happened.

How do you know when it is time to retire your old and tired busy bag?

This cosmetics bag has traveled the world with me over the past several years and it holds everything I need for long plane flights from my pieces, thread, epp papers, needles, snips, needle threader, pins, hand lotion, headache meds should I need them, ear buds for watching movies (have to have one with a cord that plugs in to the screen for that), blue tooth ear buds for listening to audio books on my phone (no cord needed for that) hand lotion, lip balm, roll of life savers, gum.  Anything else?  I’m sure there is something – Oh, yes – seam ripper.  Always the seam ripper!

I’d been looking for a while for the right thing to replace this one.  I can say I am going to miss the clear zipper pocket on the outside for holding boarding passed, etc. (not to mention the fun zebra stripe print) but the plastic now has holes and things are falling apart.  it’s time.

Yazzii Oval Organizer!

I moved all of my stuff into the organizer last night – and I had room to spare.  It fits inside my backpack, too so I can carry ONE THING, not two.  I am a happy girl.

Why did I choose the Navy?  Because it will hide the dirt from much carrying around.

My first overseas jaunt with this new bag?  Africa this fall!  It’s coming soon!

So what’s the plan for today?

It’s been a round of two steps forward one step back lately.  Sheet rock guys didn’t come back and finish up what they were doing at the Quiltville Post Office.  Which means painting can't happen this weekend.

We couldn’t get a well service guy to check out the well and no-water situation at Quiltville Inn until Monday.  

And I arrived home here to find that the A/C isn’t working.  GAH.  

I’m not complaining, but I am tucking in and saying “Okay Universe, what ELSE are you going to send me – I’m ready!  Come on!”

Saturday in May.
Morning mug.
Filtered sunshine.
Abundant green.

It will all work out.  It always does somehow.

I’m sorry that Quilt-Cam didn’t happen last evening.  After all that went on yesterday, I got a late start getting out of Virginia. 100 mile drive home, and I was wiped out by the time I got here.

This morning I sat on the back porch just to catch my bearings, and decide how I’m going to tackle what in which order.  Blog.  Mail order out.  No real curfew to get back to Virginia tonight, just by dark because Irene arrives tomorrow.

I am still thinking of squeezing a Quilt-Cam in before I leave – but the time is a bit undetermined.  Looking toward 2pm-ish Eastern time this afternoon.  That is IF this gets done.

Be watching my Quiltville Facebook page for updates.  And if you miss it, it will be embedded here in tomorrow’s blog if it does indeed happen!

Did you enter to win on yesterday’s Quilty Box Gift-Away??  It’s a fabulous one.  Enter to win ON THAT POST!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage quilt found in North Carolina.

Sometimes it's hard to not take on the chaos of others. Do what you can to preserve your own peace. Protect your own happiness!

I love that this quilt has signatures on some blocks. 

Have an awesome Saturday, folks!


  1. Sometimes no matter how you love a gadget you have it will give out and then an opportunity to find something that might work better! Loving those counter tops. Your head must be spinning with all the projects!!

  2. So agree with reno vs labor pain hahaha got a little bit of that going on in my world too. if it all works out I'll join you for quiltcam . I've been diving in my stash and trying to make a dent. Made lots of strips .now I'm crazy quilting blocks on 9" papers . I'll bring those .

  3. Your counters are absolutely gorgeous!!! What a difference they make. Would love to get rid of my blue formica and the turquoise swirl too. Your quote is spot on and one that is so appropriate to my circumstances right now. Thanks Bonnie for all you do. You are a ray of sunshine just when I needed one.

  4. Love the new countertops. Need to change the blue ones in my house but I think a couple of bathrooms will get remodeled first. Let us know how you like the set in sinks. My daughter has them and, being tall, my back hurts when I wash dishes. More bent over and all. Love all the projects. You're an inspiration.

  5. Those counter tops look beautiful! I have to agree with you about remodeling �� Honestly, childbirth is easier ������
    I just got in from splitting firewood so was watching quilt cam. Thank you for all you give to all of us. You have a very busy schedule and always find time for your many fans. I fell in love with your way of quilting the first time I saw your blog a few years ago. That was when I was working long hours so didn't find much time to quilt but now I am retired and love making quilts with your patterns. Stay true to yourself ��

  6. Making the cabin your own. The counters look great. Hope the plans all fall into place this coming week. Before the Memorial Day weekend. Have fun with Irene, she's a lucky friend to get sneak peeks as you work on your Addicted to Scraps blocks. Sorry I missed Quiltcam.

  7. Loving the countertops! I had the same granite in my previous house, and I never got tired of. And it goes with any/everything. Oh, I love your quilts, too! :-)

  8. love your new kitchen--beautiful, thanks for sharing

  9. Oh how I miss my old kitchen - nothing quite like running your fingers across the clean granite because it feels so smooth! Renovations to start next year I hope! Am so envious of your lovely new worktops - and everything else with it!

  10. I Love Your Coffee cup, and want one too! Where can I get one?

    Eventhough I do run other power tools, this is my favorite!

    Kasilof, AK

  11. Your counter tops look great! I have the exact in my kitchen and love them! They have depth! I think I need to look for your mug also. Enjoy your day - ha! Hardly need to tell you that :)


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