Sunday, May 05, 2019

Oh, Mackinac!

If things were just a bit warmer -

I think this would be my favorite place to sit.

Overlooking the gardens, watching folks play a round of bocci ball, croquet, or the now-popular-even-on-Mackinac – CORN HOLE! LOL!

Yesterday was a day for wandering and exploring – and temps did reach into the low 50s by mid afternoon. This meant a great day for grabbing a couple of rental bikes and biking the 8 miles around the island – it was WONDERFUL.

While biking be sure you give way to the carts pulling everything – everywhere!

These are some hard working horses and I smile to myself knowing that THIS is how not only my luggage made it to the Grand, but also the many boxes of books and classroom merchandise I had shipped ahead of my visit – UPS truck to the dock, then on to the ferry, then onto horse and cart for the haul up to the Grand Hotel where they have been waiting for me.  I’ll get to unpack that stuff and finish setting up my room this morning before our first workshop day starts at 1pm.

I fell in love with the little stone church on my first visit 5 years ago.

The water is so amazingly clear!
And unbelievably aqua blue.

It takes a moment for me to remember that this is all FRESH water up here in the great lakes.  Not salt water.  It boggles the mind.

Get off the bike and climb the 207 steps up?

Sure, why not!

Even from THIS height – the water is still crystal clear!

How many different shades of aqua to blue do you see here?

This is where I am headed!

It’s a destination location pilgrimage each time I have visited.

Just crazy gorgeous!

The view from the top above the trees.

I hope there will be a repeat visit at sometime in the future!

My soon to be class room!

I can’t get enough of these chandeliers!

Yesterday another group was hosting an event in here – but this morning after breakfast I stopped by to see how things were coming along – it was BUSY! Things are being made ready for the arrival of my students today:

Getting ready for close to 50 quilters in here!

I am very excited for their arrival – which should start any time as ferries start to bring folks over to the Island from Mackinaw City.  We’ll begin at 1pm – I can hardly wait.

Emerald City is up on deck for today and tomorrow – excited for the extra time we have with a 1 1/2 day schedule.  And so perfect with those emerald green teardrops hanging over head from those beautiful chandeliers.

My lecture is also tonight – so it’s going to be a busy day once things get rolling.  So for the next few hours I’m just going to take it easy -

And enjoy the view from the quiet of my room -

Little wicker desk, my laptop on top -

My little bit of solitude in this bustling place!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

All of the struggles. All of the dreams, hopes, trials, joys, fears, excitement, disappointment, trying again, striving, succeeding.

There are no short cuts. It took everything to get you where you are now.

And this journey has more in store! Celebrate it!

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!


  1. I love Mackinac Island! Have you been to the butterfly house? Hope you have a great day!

  2. What a view! 8 miles on a bike, Wow. Thanks for showing the carts. Good to have a slow down before the hustle and bustle!

  3. I got to go to the Needle arts seminar four years ago. It was wonderful. Have a really good time. What is the block with your quote today? I really like it.

  4. Thank you for sharing this beautiful place with us. The views are spectacular. And the chandelier is perfect for Emerald City.

  5. Thank you for reminding me of happy memories I have stored. Now I remember why I love blue/green so much! Have fun.

  6. Bonnie, I just had to chuckle when I read, “It takes a moment for me to remember that this is all FRESH water up here in the great lakes. Not salt water. It boggles the mind.” Having grown up in Michigan and having spent a lot of time on and in the Great Lakes, when I visit my friend near Galveston Island or my daughter on the Jersey shore or when my kids and I went to Hawai’i last year, I have to constantly remind myself that it’s saltwater, not fresh! Enjoy your time there!

  7. Have a fabulous time at Mackinac. It looks amazing!
    I love the red and white block with your quote--is it one of your 100 Blocks designs?

  8. This journey to your retreat is planted vividly in your mind! The aqua water/ carriage ride/ the biking around the Island chandelier with green Chrystal’s! All set up to teach Emerald City! Enjoy your lecture! I wish I were there! What an adventure!

  9. Great Quote Bonnie!

    And I do love my life where I am planted! And I Love the quilt the quote is on!

    Kasilof, AK

    1. Can't wait to be in Eagle River, AK in a couple of weeks for 2 weeks!! Hope there are some good quilt shops..
      Guthrie, OK

  10. I went to the island once. .My dad said you didn't see the real island unless you biked all the way around it...He wasn't big on the tourist traps version of the island...

  11. A beautiful island and perfect venue for emerald city, hope your having a wonderful time.
    Have you ever had one of your trunk shows filmed? I’d love to be able to see it as I’m not sure I’ll ever get across to the US to see one in person
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  12. Due to your adventures and wonderful sharing of photos, I was able to share yesterday's blog with a dear friend who was celebrating her birthday.She was from that area and now resides in NC.I cannot wait to forward today's views!! Thanks so much!

  13. Wow! Awesome!!! Beautiful! Thank you for the photos - I do love the scenery and pretty much everything else closer to see. Indoors and out - I'm happy! :D

  14. That little wicker desk might have been a dressing table/vanity in years gone by.

  15. I can just imagine the Mackinac square done in all of the lake colors. In a few weeks the lilacs will bloom and the colors will have to be included!


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