Thursday, May 09, 2019

Straits of Mackinac on Mackinac!

Day one of our 2 day Straits of Mackinac Workshop happened yesterday!

(Pattern found in my book String Frenzy)

This is the day I’d been anticipating with glee – the place that inspired the making and naming of this quilt, the first time this quilt has been shown in this beautiful location – everything that brought it to fruition found right here at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island and I got to share it with nearly 50 students eager to make their own rendition!

Busy bees!

And let’s face it – it’s just kismet when your quilt matches the walls and chairs and other accents in the room!

Since this is a two day workshop – we broke the units down into two easy parts -

String pieced triangles in two sides -

(yes –and the rotary cutter and the mat sense the theme too!)

I love that little bit of purple thrown in!

And Katy’s tan featherweight Annette is the star of the vintage machine fleet!

And on go the star points!

Big ones for the blocks -

Baby ones for the sashings!

When you wear flannel, your shirt becomes your design wall! LOL!

Or just go on and wear them on your head like cat ears! LOL!

Breaking this quilt up this way really helped the quilters relax and enjoy the day instead of stressing out over it. It’s the moments that make us laugh that are the most memorable!

Oooooh!  An Emerald City Block Share!

The Sit n Sew room is just down from where my classroom is and we loved the impromptu share of blocks from the Emerald City Class that waltz through on occasion – Great job!

So happy to have Patricia and Ann here at The Grand!

“The Parlor”

So iconic!

Melinda Bula’s presentation was last evening, only we couldn’t file in until 5:30 on the dot (they run a tight ship here!) and I took a moment to wander the parlor and soak up a bit of Grand Hotel that had NOTHING to do with quilting.  Just splendor.

There are ALWAYS amazing fresh flowers.

And completely over-the-top furniture.

Sofa arm detail in the trophy room.

Just beautiful!

Detail of sofa back.

What a gorgeous piece!

Section of vintage wall mural.

From where I sat -

Guests enjoying a leisurely card game.

It is truly the most remarkable place to hold a quilting and needle art event.  It’s just been fabulous being a part of this thing we all love.

My morning through the window screen -

It’s blustery and it’s raining. The current temp at 7:33am is 37.  With the wind chill, it feels like a brisk 28 according to my weather app. 

Yeah – those folks who thought they’d want a bike ride today?  A few more rounds of cards, or perhaps a few more hours of sewing may be a much better idea.

But even in rough weather – this place is vibrant and alive and full of so much history.  There’s magic in every moment.

Quiltville Quote of the Day

No sunrise today -

But even with the rain and wind outside my early morning window at The Grand Hotel, there is majesty in this place. Notice the magic!

Opportunities are like those small moments of magic, don't let them pass go by unnoticed!

Have a very happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. How is Melinda Bula? I was in Houston for the quilt show when word came she lost just about everything in the Paradise fire. I think about her and wonder what she did after that.

  2. The rain means more stitching sounds great. Love the Vase of that Floral arrangement. Beauty abounds at the Grand Hotel!

  3. Looks like fun. Mackinac is a beautiful place. As far as the weather goes, hold on to your hats, Duluth, MN got 10.6 inches of snow from yesterday into today, hopefully it doesn't continue across Wisconsin to the UP and YOU:)

  4. Love the yellow in the Vintage Ocean Waves quilt. It makes it sing!

  5. Thanks Bonnie for such a wonderful blog!

  6. Grand is certainly the perfect name for it all! I love the peacock feathers on the furniture - amazing. Another fun post and lots of beautiful things to see too - even if it is grotty outside - still quite atmospheric! Cheers muchly!

  7. I feel like I was there! Thanks for sharing!

  8. The Grand Hotel and Mackinac Island have been on my bucket list forever. To go there and have a class taught by you and stay at the Grand would be a dream come true! Are you scheduled to go back any time in the future?

  9. Loved the blue mat and cutter; loved it all! Thank you for sharing your gifts. Can't wait to begin on this pattern.

  10. Just stunning love those straits of Mackinac block so pretty that splash of purple an inspired idea.
    And just when we thought you’d shown us all the amazing things at the grand you stun us with some more, such a well thought out decor in this lovely hotel. Thank you for sharing it with all of us who are unable to attend.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  11. Somewhere In Time is "our" movie. We hope to come here one day. I am so glad I saw this blog and the lovely rooms. I just may have to make this quilt!


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