Friday, May 31, 2019

No Procrastination Here!

Yesterday.  Oh, yesterday.

200 miles round trip on the van. Basement Office packed up and loaded, Merchandise from the storage closet/room at the house packed and loaded (Some back stock left behind as there was no room for it ALL.) Dining room set up disassembled, packed up and loaded.


I am taking a rain check on this little sign I found (great for a giggle!) and plan on calling it into action in the near future.  

When I have a day where I have little or nothing to do, can sit on my butt and read for hours with Sadie at my feet, put in even more hours of leisurely hand stitching or hand quilting with nothing else to do but worry about the weather. (Yeah, like is this ever going to happen?)

But not now.  There is too much to do, and I’ve been waiting 13 months to get to this point.

But not now.  Too much going on!

I have a dining room again!

This little dining nook as been my favorite corner of the house, with the antique step-back cupboard front and center.  I bought it at a yard sale held at an old one room school house that was being sold for something else – a whopping $2.00 and it was mine. It’s safe to say that it was much more than $2.00 to strip the 7 coats of paint off of it.  But I love this piece, and imagine all of the history it has seen.

I acquired it at the same time we were making the move to our first real HOUSE – after spending 10 years living in a single-wide mobile home.  That jump seemed so scary.  Facing a 30 year mortgage and a payment that was more than double what we were paying on the trailer house.  We were young – I was just 30 and we had two small boys.  Could we do it?

A few years later, a job transfer took us from Payette, Idaho to Burley Idaho – the step back cupboard coming along with us.  We stayed there 5 years, and again, the cupboard moved with us all the way to Sulphur Springs, Texas where it stayed in storage for a year while we rented, until we purchased a home in Waxahachie where it came to rest in the dining room.

3 years later it again made a move to Irmo, South Carolina. Once again, it found a prominent place in the dining room.

The Waxahachie and Irmo houses had eat-in kitchen nooks – those formal dining rooms were rarely if ever used.  When we downsized to move to Wallburg North Carolina, we were planning on there just being two of us.  The bungalow style house didn’t have an eat-in kitchen, and the dining room became the hub of activity – the way a dining room should.

In my mind I am thinking of just where this cupboard will live next – should we decide to sell the Wallburg house in the future.  But at least for now it stands once again the centerpiece of an actual functional dining room now that the computer monitor and printing station and book order fulfillment stuff is all gone.

My reason for heading back home yesterday?  I had an appointment with my dermatologist.  I had something on the top of my right ear that was really starting to itch and bother me.

Turns out that it was pre-cancerous and just starting to raise its ugly head, so we froze that sucker off lickety split. This is the 3rd skin cancer appearance for me – the “THING” (basal cell) over my right eyebrow a couple of years ago has me going in every 6 months to make sure that nothing else shows up.  A year ago there was a lesion also itchy, starting to appear on my lower back.  It was also frozen off. 

If you find anything out of the ordinary going on anywhere on your body, don’t just think “Oh, it’s just a mole.”  Get it seen to.  This is going to save me loads of hassle in the future.  I long for the day where I am clear for a year, and then only have to come back on a yearly basis.

I was out of the house 45 minutes ahead of my appointment time, so I did a quick stop – you know where!  I’m in search of a mirror for the restroom at the Quiltville Post Office.  The old ugly plate glass mirror with no frame and chippy edges has got to go.

How much Jewel Tea is out there in the wild?

The Jewel Tea Company of Chicago, Illinois reached a national market for its household products through salesmen and mail order catalogs from 1901 until 1981. the company's Autumn Leaf Pattern china was widely distributed and frequently graced dinner tables earlier this century. It is fondly remembered and sought by today's collectors.

In 1930, The Jewel Tea Company moved its operations from Chicago to Barrington, Illinois. The company sold household products through salesmen traveling the country until 1981. Jewel Tea supplied housewives with everything from baking powder and other grocery items to cleaning supplies, linens, cookware and china.The Jewel Home Shopping Service was phased out of the Jewel Companies in 1981.

It’s the china that I see everywhere – you can’t miss it.  Above is one of the nicest displays I’ve seen in one place. 

Why are we seeing so much of it?  Metallic gold rim and detail means “Hand wash only, do not microwave.”  But it sure is lovely!

Never put off ‘til tomorrow -

What you can do TONIGHT!

(Or last night as the case may be.)

The tubs I use to ship things did double duty to transport everything by van to the Post Office.  I began unpacking the bins in preparation for future shipping right away as long as there was still day light outside. 

Click to Play:

It’s going to take some time to whip this place into functioning!

But things are looking better already!

And I’m writing this morning’s blog from HERE!

We came down to get printers and monitors set up so I could dig into printing invoices and mailing labels and start getting things out.  Invoice printer is so far not cooperating, so we will try to trouble shoot that later today.

The rest room needs to function!

Walls have been painted – baseboard and new flooring to go down as soon as we remove the toilet.  I am off to town this morning (all roads lead to Lowe’s!) for a new toilet as this one doesn’t work well, and the finish was damaged when they used a blow torch to cut the metal bars and remove the old windows.

Oh my goodness, there is a busy weekend ahead, but it is happening!

The Quiltville Store Grand REOPENING!

I am offering free shipping on all orders of $39.00 and up! 

Your purchase may also include digital patterns as free shipping is based on your merchandise total.

Remember to use code FREE39 at purchase to redeem. No refunds if you forget.

Coupon good through midnight Monday, Eastern time! USA orders only please.

I am excited to enter this new shipping chapter!  I only hope the NEW Mouth of Wilson Post Office is ready for ME!

Quiltville Quote of the Day.
Vintage quilt found in West Jefferson, North Carolina.

We've all heard that each new day is a gift - what if we could unwrap it with the anticipation of a small child?

Be excited about the experiences that will happen today! (Even if it is as mundane as buying a toilet!)

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!

Experience wonder in all the simple little things that we are able to do!


  1. Congratulations on moving in to your post office! That's an interesting block on the vintage quilt featured today. Will it become a future Addicted to Scraps block? Sandy at sewhigh.blogspot.com

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  2. While it doesn't apply to everything, I love that sign. There are some things that just don't deserve our thinking time.
    Incredible progress you are making! Thanks for sharing this journey with all of us♥

  3. hope there will be video of the first shipment going to the Virginia U.S.P.S. a milestone.....Congratulations, and thank you for sharing this great adventure!

  4. I’m so pleased for you, exciting that you should be up and running your orders by Monday. So sad I won’t be able to partake in your sale living in the UK but I wish you lots of good wishes.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  5. Hand washing china dishes, even my cheap china is relaxing. I bought mine with the stamps I acquired from purchases at a Grocery store. Your $2.00 Stepback hutch is well traveled. Have a great Friday! Fingers crossed for the printer.

  6. Love seeing the Jewel Tea dishes. A sweet memory of my grandmother who had an entire set of it. There were sure some wonderful meals served on those dishes.

  7. I grew up in Barrington. Your picture and info brought back good memories of my time there:) You are getting a lot done, and your new space is going to be wonderful when you get everything in its place. Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.net

  8. I remember the Jewel Tea man who came to visit me! I was VERY pregnant with twins in 1966-67, purchased coloring books and crayons for my children-to-be and then proceeded to color all the pictures before they were born. That happens when you're stuck at home and off your feet for awhile! What a memory....thank you.

  9. You are getting so much done. Usually goes that way when you are so excited about the task at hand. Looking so good. I love the quote - I just need to repeat it often. Keep reminding myself. You are doing fantastic with the Inn - so much love going into it. Enjoy.

  10. It's finally happening! You must be so excited. I really think you need a nice recliner, side table and mini fridge so you can take a break with a cold drink now and then.

  11. I hear ya on the precancerous spot. Just had one frozen off my arm. BUT I had a melanoma on my shoulder, removal biopsy then a month later on May 6th surgery on my shoulder Ouch and another biopsy that came back clean. And 6 months check up, too. Good Fortune almost ready to come off the longarm, delayed by two months of health issues.

  12. We're all so excited for you! This is such a wonderful progress point in your "dream come true". Some friends from out of state surprised with a quick afternoon visit while in town, and I was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. Where we lived in Texas (the last time) I was sewing in the corner of the dining area, and now in this house I have an entire bedroom, three new machines, a huge stash, and several projects in various stages. It was so fun to show and share with my friend this afternoon. I'm feeling quite rejuvenated after fighting melancholy and doldrums this week. So once again your quote today hit the nail on the head for me. Plus I received my email that you've processed my first order. So excited! Have a great weekend.

  13. Hi Bonnie, yes as commented above...We are all so excited for you!!!

    Say, I was trying to get in to your shop and when clicking the shop button it comes up as "Not acceptable' message. So I tried with the tab at the top and going through the book section, there's a link that says 'go to the shop' and keep getting the same message. Thought you might need to know
    Wanting to get in on the free shipping sale this weekend. I am on a laptop not a phone.

  14. as a newly wed, newly pregnant, stay at home mom in the early 60s, i so enjoyed the Jewel Tea Man! During the time he came on our rural Whittier CA street, it was an "event" much like mother's Helm's Bakery truck!!! Never bought the dishes, about the only strong memory was their Banana Bread Mix! Thanks for the memory! Cats in Carlsbad CA

  15. Love the dishes! I actually live south of Barrington and there is a Jewel store near me. I remember those dishes when they were in the store. Love it. I love what you are doing to the post office. It makes me want to go down to the basement and clean out my sewing room and reorganize everything. I've not done it in a long time.

  16. So exciting to see you finally moving into the Post Office- just look at all that space! Congratulations on bringing your dream to reality.


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