Saturday, May 25, 2019

Detours and Must-Do’s.

If only I had a place for a stove like this!

When Irene left yesterday morning for Louisville, she told me flat out that she was going to be stopping in Wytheville, Virginia to hit some antique places on the way home.

Well SHOOT!  Without me?  NO FAIR!

I had already hatched a plan to drive south to Charlotte and check on some options for pressing stations for Quiltville Inn – and if I went a certain way, I could swing by Concord on my way back to Wallburg and hit one of my favorite BIG places.

I could still get the mail out (All done last evening before bed time!) and still head back to Virginia this morning to assist in the painting of the Quiltville Post Office.

Little cart, $109.00 at IKEA.

It’s just under 18’’ deep – which is about the width of a regular ironing board – but it is too narrow to put the Accuquilt Studio on. 

I think my best bet is the work bench from Harbor Freight.  I guess I’ll pay the coupon game as only one coupon per day per person will save me the 20% off I want.  (Oh we are good at playing that game!

IKEA wasn’t a total loss, I picked up an adjustable height table to set up my mail order station at the Quiltville Post Office (I can hardly wait to get my dining room back to dining room status and off risers!) and a file cabinet.  Whoowhooo.  It’s work related stuff, but it will make life so much better.

I also came across some ideas for baskets to hold each retreater’s bath towel, hand towel, wash cloth, make-up remover cloth, etc, to be placed on their beds.  At $7.50 each I’d like to find a better deal, but these are nice and sturdy.  And I like the white.


But oh man!

Why do I love vintage furniture so much?

I had a lovely walk around – peace and quiet and inspiration, and I did find something to come home -

Little stool, sturdier than it looks!


Sometimes it’s nice in a bedroom to have a small stool to just sit and put your shoes on.  I’ll find a place for this.  I am all about the “SHAPE” of things – I like it interesting and this fits the bill.  Love the turned legs and handles.

Pretty old Brunswick!

I saw several machines of the “normal” Singer variety, but I love to see these machines of a different flavor.  Different decal details.  This one doesn’t have a tension disk knob, but what is known as a “leaf” tensioner on the top.  It’s in great condition, quite often you’ll find that tensioner knob and plates missing on these old beauties.

These are fun to watch when they sew!

The thread goes through the eye in the little post (tallest one at the top of the face plate) and as the post goes up and down, it pulls thread through the leaf tensioner…the little take up lever on the face plate moves back and forth…it’s a sweet set up.  And yes, the shuttle was even in place, and this hand wheel turns smoothly.  I hope someone picks it up.

3/4  sized Montgomery Ward!

Too cute!

This one also works with a vibrating bullet shuttle.  I love the very Art Deco shape to its head – but there was no electrical wiring on this one.  Someone had just cut it off close to the motor. Too bad.  I may have snatched it up if it had been in working condition.

Noooooo!  Just Nooooooooo!

I thought about getting the Nut House sign for Quiltville Inn.


Things I retreat not getting!


I walked away because it is chalk painted.  I’m just not a fan of fad painting.  I can understand it if the finish is beyond repair – but to chalk paint something just because it is trendy sets my teeth on edge.  This would have been lovely in its original finish.  

And I don’t have anywhere to put it.  But isn’t this just too cute otherwise?

Just say no to not even chalk paint – it’s interior semi-gloss!

At least they kept the original knobs….sigh.

Well hello, Mama!!

Need to win the lottery!

But isn’t this beautiful?

You can believe I gave it lots of attention, opening every drawer and talking sweetly to it.  WOW.  If only.

Old spiderweb, loved and worn through.

Similar burgundy sashings – but not all the same!

This would have nearly completed my set at home -

But when they want $8.00 each – they can stay there.

Or maybe they want to buy mine?

And as I sit here writing this post in North Carolina -

Primer is going down in Virginia!

Which means I need to hit the road – a text just came in asking me to pick up another 2 gallons of paint on my way.  Lowe’s is calling -

I’ll be up there brush in hand for the Memorial Day Weekend.  There may be some evening sewing and relaxing time, but not nearly the amout of machine time I’ve had this past week with Irene visiting.  It’s time to get REAL!

 Quiltville Quote of the Day

Vintage shoo-fly quilt found in Virginia.

Sometimes you've just got to change your game plan, and take that leap!

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!


  1. the old stove is gorgeous but steep learning curve to cook in...as in maintaining temperature and gauging cooking time etc....nostalgic tho

  2. I have one of those sewing stands (the green & white one you show above), only mine is the original finish and was my grandmother's, then my mother's, then my sister's and now mine. The finish isn't perfect and so my sister took it to a place to see what it would cost to refinish it and they told her it wasn't worth the price.

  3. Is your post office full? Any room for a vintage item or two in there? Maybe you could even use one that's sturdier for something such as a desk, or storage on a wall? Or just to look at and make your heart sing like that old stove.

  4. Love the little stool. I have a similar one that's a great footstool for my rocking chair. They also work as handy stands for suitcases. And thanks for sharing all your antiquing jaunts. They're almost as much fun as being there.

  5. I think you have taken a leap of faith!!!!

  6. Love that thread case! Can you give the link to the Harbor Freight workbench, please? I'm looking for a large ironing surface too. I looked at the Harbor Freight website, but only see a wooden bench for more woodworking types of projects (has holes and pegs in it). Thank you.

  7. I love antiquing! That trip was mesmerizing! I agree somethings are pricey! Sometimes I go back and haunt the place and see if they come down! I watch for sales too! I’m excited with all the changes that are taking place at you’re places!

  8. Love the old stove!! We have a similar one (not so much flash!) in our basement that we fire up when the temps drop...helps supplement the furnace. Love the antiques too, but they are really getting expensive, unless you can find them at an estate or farm auction!!

  9. Your teeth on edge and me cringing when I see gorgeous old furniture ruined with paint— especially the “chalk” paint. I gave a house full of antiques and have way overpaid to have some of them restored, but almost all of them belonged to my ancestors so they were worth it. That oak desk was to die die and the thread cabinet. Love traveling to antique stores with you!! Since I live in Virginia maybe i will meet up with you some time !!!

  10. If money was not a problem, oh how we could decorate. Have a productive weekend.

  11. I bought that 1939 Home Comfort cookstove years ago thinking I could set it up in my kitchen. But my windows were in the wrong place for the stove pipe. So for years I have enjoyed looking at it and using it as a book shelf and computer stand. Mine has a"pressure water back" on it which heated the water in a tank to warm up the bathroom. The stove was still warm when I bought it at the auction and even came with its original book so I knew when it was made.

  12. Omce again I am "unknown" so I am telling you my name
    Alice Woodring

  13. LOVE that gorgeous mirrored desk! I'm always so impressed with your knowledge of all things sewing machine..incredible, Bonnie. And I used to have a 'Welcome to the Nut House' sign at my house (with a cute little squirrel holding an acorn). Always thought it was funny.

  14. Oh, Bonnie, the whole "paint it to give it new life" point of view is why I didn't renew my subscription to HGTV magazine. They would show a beautiful piece of wooden furniture and then say, "What on earth can we do with this thing?" and then on the next page the answer would be something like, "Good thing we thought to paint it bright pink! Now it's a piece someone can bear to live with." Groan.

  15. For a hilarious tale of living with a wood stove, read "The Egg and I" by Betty McDonald. She actually named her stove...."Stove" and had quite a time.

  16. Bonnie I love,love vintage furniture and have a house full. I ready enjoy your trips around the antique shops.Oh my, the spool cabinet is close to my heart.

  17. I really enjoy “visiting” antique stores with you. You always seem to find some real gems. Your quote today is so appropriate for you with what you’re doing with Quiltville Inn. You’re bringing that lady back to life.

  18. Last winter I bought one of the Harbor Freight work benches as a cutting table. It works perfectly and because it has wheels it can be moved where you need it. Only thing - I waited for it to go on sale and headed in coupon in hand but was told coupons can't be used on the work benches (they have a number of exclusions). But it works awesome. Go for it!!!

  19. I also have a Martha Washington sewing cabinet but it is not green and white. I loved the colors of this one though. My is still the original finish because it was a wedding gift to my mother back in the '40's. I would like to strip it and finish it because it is not worth much so I don't mind doing it. Maybe this summer.

  20. https://www.lazygirldesigns.com/ikea-hack-ironing-board/?fbclid=IwAR3q9mVw4IcDKvhRQ7zbrjRw49iScR5R0my-cu-SVzdZ0mogo9G3JD-eoE4


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