Thursday, May 16, 2019

Quiltin’ with the Girls!

I headed out to Laurel Springs NC -

Day TWO of Quilting with the Ashe County Piecemakers!

From what I understand, Kathy (left) was the “Last Quilter Standing” the night before – but according to all accounts (She was the only one who really knew, so how are WE to know?) Lights out happened by 1am.  And there she was, bright and early back at it!

This is the 4th year that the guild has hosted their retreats at Laurel Springs Conference Center – a beautiful Moravian Church run facility complete with hotel-like rooms and pre-pared meals.  Such an awesome place!

Week day retreats also give them a bit of a price break.

And they can easily fit into the center’s busy calendar which is quite full on weekends with other events.

Getting my two halves together!

I was a girl on a mission.  this top had languished as “just a pile of blocks” for far too long. 

I rarely make “duplicate” quilts – but when I finished the previous version as a baby quilt for my nephew Henry, leaving me still with 25 blocks needing a home and liking the quilt so much, I knew I would do this one again.

Things I had to re-learn?  How to press the seams on the alternate block so they would work with what was going on with the main block!  Oh, how the brain forgets after 2 years.

And what a place to display a finish!

Click to play:

Whew!  Is it any wonder I love this place?

This was not the ONLY project worked on.  The second project?  I’d been using it as a Leader & Ender while assembling the quilt top above -

Playing “Cut the Corner!”

This stack of basket blocks is the next “Thing to Go Down!” on my list.  The large bottom triangles just did nothing for my layout, so a bit of a perk-up is needed. 

I’m using Doug Leko’s Simple Folded Corners ruler to trim the corner before sewing -

And using the blocks as Leaders & Enders!

It was a quick way to power through a boring job!

And I have a whole stack of blocks ready to set now.

Let’s hope this is the last I see of THIS fabric! LOL!

I’ve gotten a kick out of using this gifted piece of Strong Men & Acrobats.  This square was hiding in my pre-cut squares box – and while digging through them for basket block corners I unearthed this one.  Hysterical.  This is even better than Millennium Y2K fabric in my book!

This also happened!

Doesn’t it feel good to use up the last of a spool?

Especially good when you have enough to finish the seam.


Trimmed and edges stay-stitched.

Next up – BORDERS!

The fabric I think I want to use is at home in Wallburg so I can gather that up when I head home tomorrow.  I’m making a quick run – hopefully the new counters and sinks will be going in here.  While that is being done, I’ll run back to Wallburg and get the mail order out, pick up what is needed – and we are hoping to be PAINTING this weekend.

No more progress has been made on the Quiltville Post Office ceiling.  Perhaps the guys will come back today and finish that up?

This morning – it’s Third Thursday!  Which means I’m out the door early and heading down the road to Sarah Cox’s Fox Creek General Store for breakfast and chatter with the locals!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Along with all of the pushing, striving, reaching, and hoping for something better, there are days when you just have to appreciate who you are, where you are right now.

Today is that day! Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. I love how you throw yourself wholeheartedly into everything you do. I know how you enjoyed your former mountain home until the neighborhood soured. Then you spent so much time and energy in looking for a new place. Now that you have found it, it is so much better than you could have imagined because you have made it that way. And using the resources around you to mold your new normal - the local activities and guilds - is what makes you one to be admired. I have enjoyed following this progress for many years, and it is almost as enriching as the progress I have made as a quilter learning from you.

  2. ditto... it must be fun to go to a retreat and be one of the quilters, one of the girls, getting to know her neighbors, as a change from being "BONNIE HUNTER".... no matter how much fun she has... you get a chance to be yourself (whoever that is) on many levels... <3 Cats in Carlsbad CA

  3. Hoping the 2 days at a quilt retreat refreshed your soul just as you refresh us when we attend your classes and workshops.

  4. I love seeing the fun at retreat. Playing Thread roulette. Empty spools means progress. I hope the sinks are in. Enjoy your day with the locals.

  5. So glad you got to be a part of a quilt retreat just for yourself. I always enjoy the quilt retreats I get attend.

  6. As has been said above it’s lovely that you found this great group of girls to join and just be one of the girls to sew and have fun. Not that you don’t always have fun your life is rich with fun and friendship, I love how your settling into this new community and sharing it all with us through your wonderful blog.
    Love your Henry quilt so pretty and your baskets will make another fabulous quilt love seeing how they are coming together your retreats at Quiltville inn are going to be amazing and all those beautiful quilts to sleep under.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  7. Oh those acrobats! I remember one Quiltcam episode where you showed some of that fabric! Such fun! :D Beautiful scenery for showing the quilt - super.


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