Sunday, May 26, 2019

No time for Laundry!

I just thought I’d put this out here – right now.


If you have read my last several posts you know how things have been on the Go Go Go here -

For the past many months I’ve looked forward to May as my “only one gig!” month – and with that travel event being the opportunity to teach at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan – how could that be considered work at all?

I’ve been home from Mackinac for 2 weeks, and I’ve put in loads of sewing time to meet some deadlines – there are exciting things swirling in the background I can’t wait to share with you when the time is ready -

But my lovely month of May 2019 is flying by at break neck speeds, and no there is no slowing down.  There has been no time to fold laundry!

I post this here because this morning I came downstairs around 6am, an early wake up due to happily noisy birds (I never regret waking up to beautiful birdsong!) to find my laundry folded, sitting in a laundry basket on the kitchen table just waiting to be put away.

Evidently there are laundry folding wood nymphs on my mountainside.  Or it was Sadie.  THANK YOU!!

After last night’s round of light installation at the Quiltville Post Office I was so pooped it was bed time and lights out by 9:30 and I know I snored enough to raise the roof, because it’s just something that happens when I am THAT TIRED.

Lovely display -

Do I tell them that they have the machine back-side-forward?

I’ve been looking for fun things to decorate with – and jars of buttons or wooden spools, vintage boxes of floss catch my eye. 

Jo King’s Soft Finish Sewing Cotton.

Such a great box!

Where did I find these?  In Elkin, North Carolina – not far from the Lowes I stopped at to get 2 more gallons of paint for the Post Office – And I EARNED this side jaunt due to the crowds and waiting in line at the paint counter I endured just to get those 2 gallons!

Bigger than a bread box!

LOVELY tiger oak!  Oh my!

Hello, beautiful Western Electric!

Check out the notions “slider door” at the right of the base.

Downtown Elkin also has a Habitat for Humanity that I wanted to check out for a few things I’m looking for – and Yadkin Valley Quilts just happens to be down the street.  I stopped in for a hello and a short chat before making my way up the pass to Sparta.

Sparta sports a great little Food Lion grocery store, and I stopped for groceries and dog food before pointing Moby toward the Virginia state line, about 30 minutes away.

This 100 mile road trip between Wallburg and Mouth of Wilson, Virginia took me a whole 4 hours.  LOL.

I did bring home a few goodies for the Inn – and they are over there already without my taking photos of them, so I’ll catch up on that later today for tomorrow.

One light overhead!

6 very bright LED lights overhead!!


This was last evening’s big job – today I set in to paint corners, edges, and anywhere the airless sprayer with the roller attachment didn't reach. Then bring on the baseboard and trim painting. It's all finally coming together!

My June is busy with Minnesota, and San Luis Obispo California.

My July ramps up to insanity with The Cozy Quilter in Louisville, Kentucky (Contact the shop for available class spaces!)

From there I am headed to Pennsylvania for both my Summer Workshop Series hosted by Mary Koval and Mary’s Quilt Shop, followed by Quilt Odyssey in Hershey.

NO moving in can happen in July.

I’ll be teaching in Vicksburg, Mississippi in August!

Vicksburg Convention Center
1600 Mulberry St., Vicksburg, MS 39180

Old Man River Quiltfest Bonnie Hunter Event is a four day long event, giving quilters opportunity to learn techniques from internationally known teacher Bonnie Hunter.

Wednesday – Saturday (August 14th-17th)

Wednesday – Garden Party
Thursday- Serpentine Web
Friday- Emerald City
Saturday- Wonky Wishes

Click HERE for more info.

From what I understand there is still availability in my Thursday Serpentine Web class.  Grab your bin of strings and come play!

So with all of this going on, I am thinking that the main push to move the mail order center to the Quiltville Post Office will happen somewhere in hopefully early August.

Or piece-meal between everything.  As the case may be.

And this brings me to now.  There is a paint brush with my name on it – and off I go.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage tulip quilt found by my friend Irene in Kentucky.

I love this quilt!

Be as determined as a spring tulip-

Push through all the dirt and blossom!

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!


  1. ..........oh,my....I think I just fell in love with that Western Electric machine! can love at first sight happen over the internet? Really looked like it could still sew...

    1. I feel the same way. Wondering how I can plan, scheme, and make a trip to Elkin, N.C.

  2. Oh the joy of a folded laundry surprise...can Sadie come teach my Pepper this skill? ;) The Post Office lighting is wonderful. I love watching this dream of yours becoming a reality! I hope to someday see it in person...

  3. he does windows AND laundry... and lets you catch up on sleep at the same time?! WOW... It would appear thee needs to clone thyself!!! I get tired just reading what you accomplish!! Cats in Carlsbad, CA

  4. I am so excited to hear how things are moving along. It dawned on me that I have a lots of thimbles collected over the years, with shelves for them, maybe they would work for you....just let me know. It would be a wonderful day trip for me to drive them down there.

  5. I love that Western Electric machine! It is gorgeous! I would also love to have that kind of lighting where I am sewing. I have never seen that tulip design before on a quilt - beautiful!

    1. Yes, love the lighting, can I come and sew at your Post Office?? Loving the quilt also.

  6. The lighting id wonderful and long awaited painting getting done. Congrats. Laundry Folding is always my job. I have spoiled the Hubster at my house. Glad you could sleep after your hard work. Love the Tulips! Great find Irene.

  7. Yay for June! I am so excited that you are coming to San Luis Obispo! I signed up for 2 classes with you :-) I've been waiting years for this opportunity and am so grateful I can do it! I can't wait to meet you in person :-)

    1. Hi Loris, I'll be in two classes as well -- the Spiderweb and Straits of Mackinac. Hope to see you there!

  8. How exciting that your painting is finally happening! Lots of work yes, but a very visible sign of progress. You are documenting what it takes to achieve your dream. I read somewhere a saying that goes something like this: A dream without a plan is only a wish. So exciting to watch your progress. Inspires me...maybe I should go get a paintbrush and paint something.

  9. Hello Bonnie, I wonder if you have time to read any of these comments but I hope you will read this. I did a Good Fortune quilt but made it my own way. I can't upload an image here, so I'm inviting you to visit my blog and see why I call my Good Fortune "Field of Poppies". https://atthecornerofscrapandquilts.blogspot.com/2019/05/good-fortune-and-orange.html
    Love what you do. Good luck with Quiltville Inn. ;^)

  10. I am interesting in learning more about the little row of ceramic/porcelain busts of women in hats that is sticking out from behind the backwards machine in the first row. Are those thimbles? (Decorative, of course!) Anyone?

  11. Quiltville Inn is really coming along nicely -- love your updates on the progress. I can't wait to see it in person!

  12. Fabulous lighting will be perfect for your post office and long arm quilting, your dream is heading closer to fruition and it’s so lovely to watch your progress.
    Those machines are beautiful and that tiger wood looks amazing love the little tableaux even if the machine is back to front lol.
    You are sure going to be extremely busy with all those venues but you will have fun catching up with all the lovely ladies eager to share your quilting expertise.
    Take care of yourself and your laundry folding nymphs lol
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  13. I love the laundry sign! Guilty.....I have a dear husband that will fold when the basket of clean clothes gets really full! I’d rather sew than fold laundry!

    I’m working on an Indigo-go currently for a wedding gift for a nephew. I have really enjoyed using my scraps and making more since I ran out of neutrals....Lesson learned...you can never have too many neutrals!

  14. will try again.somehow my computer doesn't want to send my comments to you. I so enjoy seeing all of travels and being with so many quilters. I will continue to open your e-mails. Jeanne

  15. Just love your blogs and stops to the antique stores. All the best on your endeavors--Wendy Dillon Orange grove quilt guild


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