Wednesday, May 29, 2019

With Love for my Son -

This man-child of mine!

My Jeff.

Not only does he work hard at his real life job, but he has been coming up to Virginia once a week (weather permitting) to take care of the grounds around Quiltville Inn.

The yard is beautiful – more than an acre of grass – bushes shrubs, edging – everything.

This is the kind of thing that I knew I wouldn’t be able to take care of myself – and he does it willingly.

Of course, having the right equipment makes it a much easier job.  We share the equipment between us.  He uses it for his own lawn care clients at home, which he does on his “off” hours when not working his regular job, and he hauls it up here by trailer to take care of what needs to be done here.

Beating back the jungle off the back porch.

It’s a hot, dirty and sweaty job – the grass had gotten so long we nearly needed a hay baler to get it taken care of.

This boy can lay down some awesome stripes!

And sometimes plaid!

(My Post Office straight ahead!)

To cool off, he comes in to the A/C of the Post Office!

It’s a good thing he loved Legos as a kid -

It led right into the challenge of IKEA assembly!

These are the trestle legs and table top I picked up in Charlotte at IKEA on Friday.  I have a plan.

We already had ONE of these tables that we were using as a desk here at the cabin.

Quiltville Post Office work station!

The tables are set at counter height.  I do my best work standing. 

We’ve purchased some lumber to put a shelf across the legs to give me more storage.  This is really happening!

Everything that has been clogging my dining room at home is about to come here.  The merchandise from the cram packed storage closet at the house is about to come here.

My printer, label printer, computer, big monitor – it’s all coming here!

Books are on the shelves!

And through all of this painting, cleaning, scrubbing, assembling – NO SEWING HAS HAPPENED.  Not really. 

I’ve played with machines to get them up and running.

The missing spring that goes here has been located!

Who would thing that this little thing would make all the difference!

Cindy is a member of one of the vintage machines groups I follow on Facebook.  She has a spare spring and screw and whatever else I need to get the beautiful mystery treadle up and running.  Let’s hope that I can get things attached how they need to be to work.

Thank you, Cindy!


Or is it C.G.??

We may never know – but hopefully she will soon SEW!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Quilt Shared by Kevin the Quilter

Things that bring on a giggle!

As much as I love plays on words, keeping your circle of friends positive and supportive and encouraging is important for a happy life.

No drama, no whining, no complaining, no judging, and don't use my fabric scissors!

Bigger image of the quilt -

Be still my string-loving heart!

But good luck removing the brown paper after sewing it in with huge stitches!

I’m headed back to the Post Office to work for a bit – today we hope to finish lining the front windows with reflective film to keep energy costs down (Boy that window is HOT from the sun in the mornings)  and hang some privacy shades as well.

Tomorrow – I’m heading home to start packing up what I need to get this Post Office of mine SENDING OUT MAIL!

I’m hoping the first packages ship from here on MONDAY.  Wouldn’t that be great?

Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends!


  1. after a quick google i'd now say c. g. hdw or hardware....

  2. I've been listening to archived Quilt Cams as I sew. Several years ago, maybe in 2014 or so, you mentioned that you wanted to have a quilt retreat center when you retired. It's great to see you bring your dreams alive!

  3. I agree with cityquilter grace that it could be c. g. hdw (hardware). On needlebar.org, I found listing of names assigned to these machines and found listed Chillico Hardware Co. and Georgia Hardware Co.

  4. Giggle....are the Post office people in Virginia ready for you ! The post office in North Carolina will miss you....and just so Jeff knows, this Greatgrandmother thinks he is wonderful...and so do quilting Moms, Gmoms & GGmoms across the quilting world, let's hear it for Jeff, YOU ROCK !

    1. I agree wholeheartedly!!!!

    2. he has a great role model, didja'all catch his dad doing windows??? Cats in Carlsbad CA

    3. Get that kid a riding lawn mower! He deserves it.

    4. A riding lawn mower is what I thought when I saw the pictures of the beautiful lawn. love the stripes and the plaids mowed in the lawn. My son used to mow stripes or plaids when he did my yard work. He is a jewel as is your son. I have two other sons and they are jewels too. All my sons are happy to help me out when there is something I can't do myself. Like the wiring on my sprinkler stations that went haywire recently or a problem with how to do something on my computer recently. It's so wonderful to have great sons and daughters too.

  5. Some how I thought you would be hiring some local person part time to do the mailings once you got it to VA.?

  6. You being able to start sending mail out from Quiltville post office on Monday would be awesome! I hope everything goes well to that end for you :-). It is so rewarding when a plan comes together

  7. How great is that. You will soon be in your own "Post Office Building". I agree with the above comment that Wallburg will miss you. It's so good to see your venture coming true. Way to go Jeff! The lawn looks beautiful.

  8. I have the same desk in my sewing room, set high enough to accommodate a draftsman chair that wheels over to the ironing board when I have a lot of ironing to do. And, it coordinates with the Ikea butcher block kitchen counter that is my cutting table. Ikea rocks! Congratulations on your dreams coming true! It has been fun to watch the evolution.

  9. So many great things you shared in this post, thank you for sharing. I love reading about your family and your journey. Quiltville Inn and the Post Office are perfect and I hope to come visit when open for business.

  10. Oh, Bonnie! I am so excited for you in that your dream of a quilting retreat center is coming to fruition. Yes, we could not follow our dreams without the help of our family and it's so rewarding when everyone works together! My husband is a cabinetmaker and custom furniture guy and I wish there was some way we could support you. Do you have cutting boards for your kitchen? Maybe custom boards saying "Quiltville Inn" He makes them on the side in his 3Twenty-One Furniture venture. He's on FB.

    I am looking forward to meeting you at the end of June for your class in Atascadero, CA. I am taking the Friday class.

  11. Hooray for dreams coming to fruition! And for the wonderful men in your life who support your dreams - and do much of the heavy lifting, lawn maintenance, and furniture assembly. It looks beautiful - Jeff does a great job.

  12. What did you put on the wire shelves? I have those shelves and need something to make them smooth. Thanks!

    1. Ikea sells a cover that fits over the wires for their shelves, I would think it would work for others if the dimensions are the same. I got one and used it so I could put my microwave on the shelves

  13. I'd think it's C.G. HDW meaning a hardware store that sold sewing machines. A quick Google search turns up C & G Hardware in Goodhue, MN. (There's a G & G Hardware in Hattiesburg, MS, but their website states they began in 1997.)

  14. I am blessed with a Lego talented stepson as well. The progress you all are making is inspiring. Kevin's quilt begs to be reproduced. Thanks so much for the image Bonnie. Let's go stitch.

  15. There is a C&G Hardware in Reading Pennsylvania that says it has supplied items for home and garden for many years...... didn't find any more detail...

  16. I love Kevin’s quilt! I keep looking at it trying to see the pattern, but can’t find it. But, I did notice that whoever made it left the buttons on the fabric from the shirts that were cut up. Too cool!! I so appreciate how much your family gets behind you in this venture. It’s great that they have the circumstances to do so. Can’t wait to see the inn up and running.

  17. That is going to be such an awesome space for you. It's nice to do the work and when it's done, walk away knowing it's done. Not looking at it throughout the day wondering if there is something else that should be done. Super excited for you as each piece comes together.

  18. Jeff is awesome, What a good young man you have raised. Excited for that 1st mailing from the Quiltville Inn. Travel safely home to get the mail out there.

  19. Your son is amazing, and he loves his Mom.

  20. Oh Bonnie, it warms my heart to see your son tackling all that yard work and loving his mom doing it. Your dream is coming true. Isn't that wonderful!!

  21. I agree you do have an awesome son. I am so happy that he is willing to help you out at the Inn. It does take a family to make things run smoothly no matter whether is a big or small endeavor sometimes. I hope one day I can have the privilege of attending a quilt retreat there.

  22. I'm so excited for you!! This is happening!

  23. You have a handsome and hardworking kid there. Every thing looks
    stunning.. You both are rock stars

  24. Jeff you are awesome! Bonnie you must have raised your awesome & handsome son right!

  25. I’ve said it before but your Jeff is a gem, such a wonderful young man a real asset to you. Your yard and lawn are looking gorgeous under his tender loving care.
    So excited for you that your mail order is about to be centralised at the post office, you won’t know yourself at home with the extra space freed up.
    Take care and safe journeys
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  26. What a wonderful son you have! You are so blessed! And your Post Office looks great.... can’t believe you will be sending packages from there soon! You all have worked so hard on that and it looks great! Wish I had the knowledge and talent to be able to do all of that work! Congrats! Betsy D

  27. It looks like a C.G. I looked it up on Google and is a Singer. Check it out! Glad you got the part for it. These old machines are something! Love your blogs!

  28. Try this website from The Smithsonian.

  29. What a wonderful. thoughtful. hardworking son !

  30. With O.G. MDW I came up with Old Guard, Military District of Washington. C.G. could be Coast Guard. But definitely, MDW. An article I read once stated that the MDW worked on re-designing uniforms to be functional for women, when they entered the military in WWII.

  31. I can see a couple of almost spiderwebs and a baby block in the quilt. Love seeing the pictures of your wonderful son. He is a winner inside and outside. I love that you have found someone with a spring for your machine. I have a Singer treadle and I like sewing with it now and then. I made a Jacobs Ladder for my husbands queen size be several years ago on the treadle. It was fun sewing with it after I mastered how or when to stop treadling so the thread wouldn't break. LOL I love the idea of your mailing center being in an old post office. Now you just need your own personalized post mark on your return label.

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  33. Bonnie- I Love the Quote of the day. Now why would you want to use your good fabric scissors to cut some not so positive or supportive people out of your life? No way! They aren't worth it any way!

    Happy Friday tomorrow (It takes me a few days to catch up).

    Kasilof, AK


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