Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Life Without Sinks…

“Sink Still Life”

5 round and one rectangle!

The demolition on the kitchen and bath re-do started yesterday in earnest.  And let me tell you – next to a loss of electricity, where you flight the urge to flip on switches out of habit – it’s really kind of unsettling not to have a sink or running water where you are so used to having it!

My kitchen is topless!

The next funny thing to flipping on switches even when there is no power, or reaching for a faucet when there isn’t one – is breaking the habit of opening a drawer when everything is already accessible from the open top.  We have laughed and laughed.

The same thing is going on in the bathrooms.

The brushing of teeth and running of the water-pik happens while sitting at the edge of the tub!  Good thing we’ve got tub water and toilets still functional.

Bye bye, ugly blue kitchen counters.

Bye bye, boring grey bathroom counters!

All of the old counters, faucets and sinks are being carefully removed to be donated to an organization that benefits women and victims of domestic violence. I hope these items will find their way to someone in need making their situation a little bit better. It feels great to donate things like this!

And I admit to being a bit humbled that my “old ugly and outdated” kitchen and bath counters could be seen as a blessing to someone else.  I’m grateful for those nigglings that remind me “But for the grace of God….”

For washing dishes and other things – there is THIS.

We’ve been here 2 years now.  And this is the first time this utility sink in the basement furnace room is getting any work out!  It’s not bad… I’ve never been as grateful for this little utility sink as I am right now!  I can do dishes, I can fill the water pitcher, I have the miracle of hot and cold CLEAN running water, which much of the world still does not.

Yes, I fully realize that if this were the ONLY functioning sink in my life – life would still be beyond GOOD – it would be WONDERFUL.

Today this is coming OFF the design wall.

It’s been 2 years since I gifted the quilt made with the “other half” of these “Wrong Way” Rolling Stone blocks to my hadn’t-been-born yet nephew, Henry. He is now 1 1/2 years old!

Picture of it in THIS post, along with the Right Way Round quilt featured in last year’s Quiltmaker Magazine that will also be included in my next upcoming book.

Family Reunion, August 2017.

That Mercedes was such a nice free upgrade!

Alternate block pieces kitted up!

But it wasn’t until I sat down to edit these photos and write this post that I noticed something was off-scale in this photo.

I cut the half-square triangles the WRONG SIZE!!  A ton of them.  So guess what may be getting a triangle border? LOL!

Back to the cutting board – there is more fabric where that came from to cut the RIGHT SIZE. (These two quilts have a lot of RIGHT WRONG going on with them.  The theme carries on – I wonder what’s next?!)

7am this morning at the salt lick.

Sorry for the grainy-ness – I zoomed in by phone from the upstairs loft landing through windows. Without my glasses I could hardly see that they were there, they blend in so well! Good morning, deer! Welcome to your Tuesday!

And I have a surprise activity myself happening this afternoon – involving a ton of fun and a great escape since there are no counters and sinks here.

Stay tuned!  You will wish you could have come too! (And no, it isn’t where you THINK it is!)

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

I admit it! I have a one-track mind and it all goes to pieces, quilt pieces that is!

I always love a scrappy good log cabin quilt, Don’t you?

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. I get so confused with the differences in Right Way Round and "wrong way round!" But I do love the quilt at the top of the post. It has been on my bucket list for a couple of years. Been quilting gifts first.

    1. That was Bonnie's Mystery Quilt for this past winter... Good Fortune. I don't know if she has the pattern available for sale, or inclusion in a future book, though, yet. It's well past the 'free' stage.

  2. ok....I will admit it...going crosseyed trying to find the difference between the two blocks.....I know if someone points it out, I will see it forever....sigh..

    1. If you look at the quilt on the diagonal, as it is shown on the hood of the car, and find the "wheel" block, you will see that the alternate block is a black cross ("plus" sign), with a red center square and half square triangles of blue and white in the corners. I have loved this quilt since Bonnie first showed it, and have been studying the photo ever since then! I'm pretty sure I will be making it in these colors - so beautiful!

  3. that looks like a lonely sewing machine under the sink. we never know when the urge will hit... Sharyn in Kalama

    1. i noticed it too and wondered?? Loving all the blogs and comments afterward... up to my elbows in Emerald City, seems so right for all the wonderful Spring time green! I happily cut 507 HST and bagged 'EM UP 100 at a time and then read where i need 507 more!!! and and and, not even stitched, just cut and bagged! whoopee loving a new project...waited patiently (YES, me patient) till the 5th round of "pre-order" and still have just begun this one! Happy Spring and everlasting thanks to Bonnie for contributing so well to my life! I have an ex-husband, Mother's Day Gift story much the same, suffice to say it's a good thing it wasn't knives!!! LOL set of stainless steel pots n pans!!!! sigh and yup, not it's funny...

      Cats in Carlsbad, CA

    2. Maybe it's just the case for a sewing machine that is presently in use?

  4. I to am on the bandwagon...trying to find the differences between the two!! Hoping it would be pointed out. The simplest things can be the hardest to see. Beautiful quilt and looking forward to seeing your magic work on the second one.

  5. I've been "sinkless" since 2/5/19...Kohler back-ordered on the sink I ordered and it isn't due until 6/15 [Kohler had a factory fire!]. No sink = no dishwasher either, and I have no utility sink, only the bathroom sink which barely allows room to slide a plastic tub under to fill enough to wash a few dishes. It will be done eventually...I hope. Happy to see yours is moving right along :)

  6. Oh Bonnie, I remember when you discovered these blocks were the wrong way. It makes me smile with all those wonderful memories of our retreat. New counters and sinks are exciting. As is a possible border ready to sew. :) Can't wait to see what these become.

  7. Have to laugh that even the often neglected utility sink has a sewing machine beneath it.

  8. Can't wait to check out the new sinks in person! LOVED the picture of the front bush yesterday, spring is finally showing up all over. I'm super excited that I got into your class in MN next month, been trying to coordinate a class this year and now, wahlah!! I'm in. See you in Rochester.

  9. Happy 2nd Tuesday! Quilt Guild Night. Got a quilt or 2 to share and a favorite tool with tips. It's your Essential Triangle Tool. I got one for each of my Granddaughters. More Hst's to play with, Have a fun day wherever you go. I'm wishing I was on my way to Kansas. Can I click my heels?

  10. I am excited to see the changes in your world. The only thing better would be to change mine!

  11. Thanks for the reminder that there is always someone who can use things that still have a lot of life in them. We call it “stewardship of the reusable” and isn't it really the historical foundation of quilting? You have blessed a worthy cause.

  12. While everyone tells you how beautiful the quilt is. Because it is. I will tell you that the deer in my yard has started eating the dirt where their salt lick used to be. So I guess I should replace it! And there is a new, all white, fawn/ yearling in the past this year. I was really sad the 8 pointer was shot a few years ago. Men, of course men, would ride up and down my road just to check out that big buck. Them poof, it was gone one day. So sad. White see are rare but not protected in Mouth of Wilson.


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