Friday, May 03, 2019

Batches of Triangles–the Simple Folded Corners Way!

I shared this method of making batches of triangles from 10’’ squares during our Good Fortune Mystery, and since the mystery will be retired after a time, I wanted to save this info for the Tips & Techniques tab!


The Simple Folded Corners method using 10’’ squares!

This is a handy way to make batches of triangles in a hurry – great when you want them matching.

You are going to get 20 2 1/2’’ unfinished units that will finish at 2’’ in whatever project you want to use them in.  There are also 2 2’’ unfinished units from ends that will finish at 1 1/2’’ in another project.


Place a blue and a neutral 10’’ square with right sides together.


Using EITHER ruler -

Place either the Simple Folded Corners Mini or the full sized Simple Folded Corners ruler with the 3 1/2’’ line at the side of the fabric squares.  If using the mini, the edge of the ruler will be at the edge of the fabric. Cut off upper corner. Save corner.


Cut 2’’ strips all the way up the pair of squares.

(You can do it sideways too!)


You will end up with at least one corner that is a bit too small – that’s okay!


Sew the pairs of bias strips along BOTH long sides of each strip set.

They will be a tube!


Cutting HST’s from the tubes!

Place the 2’’ finished line along the seam line on the tube.  Make a cut, and then pivot the ruler to make a cut from the upper edge.  I find that I need to leave room for “the turn of the cloth” so the 2’’ line is just ABOVE the seam line for me, into the triangle, not into the seam allowance.  It allows the fabric to turn up and over the thread for greater accuracy.


Cutting with the Mini is the same!

Place the 2’’ line just into the triangle above the seam.  The line should touch the top of the seam.


Opening the triangles.

There will be a few stitches into the upper tip of each triangle pair.  These easily lift apart, no seam ripper needed. 


Perfection!  Now remove those dog ears.

I love that I can use the increments to measure and cut strips, squares & rectangles as well as triangles!

If you are a compulsive sliver trimmer – and I know there are some lurking amongst us, and you want to use the Essential Triangle Tool method to cut from 2 1/2'' strips, but you MUST trim everything to be happy, try this!

There is no reason to go BIGGER to sliver trim down – just scant your seam a bit!


Sew your triangle pairs just a hair scant.

And use the Simple Folded Corners ruler to trim before pressing!!

Place the 2’’ finished line just above the seam line (can you see it in the photo?!) and trim two sides  and then press. Only a hair had to come off of this one.  I love how the Essential Triangle tool and the Simple Folded Corners rulers work hand in hand with each other.

I keep both sizes of the Simple Folded Corners Rulers and my Essential Triangle Tool out on my cutting table at all times – and use them often!


  1. Gracias por tu dedicación, me sirves inspiración y aprendizaje

  2. How did I miss this great tip during the mystery? I love both these tools too, so great for accuracy and ease!! thanks Bonnie


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