Saturday, May 04, 2019

The Journey to Mackinac!

It’s not the easiest place to get to, Mackinac Island Michigan.

But it is worth every step of the way!

We left for the Greensboro Airport at 5:30am, flying in on a Friday where we could go from Greensboro direct to Detroit to catch our last flight to Pellston – if we flew today (Saturday) due to the flight schedules we would have added a Greensboro to Atlanta to Detroit to Pellston leg in there – And when you add up the layovers and the crazy departure times we just decided it was best to come in on a Friday.

Besides – that gives us today to wander the island and see what there is to see instead of arriving tonight all road weary with classes starting tomorrow.

An extra day on Mackinac Island? I’ll take it!

You know you’ve landed in Pellston when -

You are surrounded by everything covered in red buffalo plaid, and covered with copious amounts of wild life taxidermy! LOL!

From Pellston it was a shuttle ride to Mackinaw City where we would catch our ferry and boat on over to the Island.  The best part?  Once claiming our luggage at the Pellston airport we wouldn’t see it again until it arrived outside our door at the Grand Hotel.

Yes – temps are much cooler than in North Carolina, but 50 and sunny is also WONDERFUL after the long long winter they’ve seen up here.

Click to Play:

And there she is.  The Grand Hotel!

And Grand is not a grand enough word for her!

Geranium carpets and a long long line at check in.  Uhoh!

Room with a view (through the window screen)

We are here – see the red circle?

I had asked for a room with a desk as each room is different and one time I made due with a small round table with table cloth and glass top in a corner -

Well, technically – it IS a desk.  LOL.

Wicker!  LOL!

Late yesterday afternoon – Mackinac Bridge in the distance.

The Colors of Mackinac in the late afternoon sunshine.

I love being surrounded by these turn of the 20th century homes.

And that SKY!

There is a fabulous week ahead!

And it’s going to be JUST GRAND!

2 lbs of chocolatey fudgy welcome!

Sunrise – 7am-ish.

I fell asleep early.  It was a long travel day and I was tired – but that also meant that I had to force myself back to sleep when the body said “Enough!” at 4am.  I  made it until 7am and headed out to the front porch to see the day awakening.

Good morning, bridge!  it’s going to be a lovely day!

Click to Play:

Breakfast wasn’t quite open yet – and I was the only one present on America’s Longest Front Porch enjoying the sunshine, the call of birds and the clip clop of horses.

It may look beautiful – but it was 35 degrees or something close at 7am.  Brrrr.  But lovely.  And if you pull a rocking chair into the path of the rising sun you’ll find that it really is warm enough to be enjoyed.

Just me and my shadow, the birds and the breeze.

I am not sure how long I sat here – contemplating the day ahead, and all of the Needle Art Seminar things that begin tomorrow in earnest.  Most folks start arriving today.  This place will be bustling!  I am looking forward to greeting so many that are returning from previous events I’ve taught at – as well as meeting new faces for the first time.

From here to wherever you are – have a wonderful weekend!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Vintage applique quilt found in Wichita, Kansas circa 1930s.

Be like a persistent flower...push through the dirt and BLOSSOM!

Side note: Please tell me I'm not the only one that can look at those tendrils and vines at the bottom of the photo and not see fallopian tubes? Lol!

I just love a day that starts with giggles!


  1. I didn't think of the shape of the tendrils and vines until you mentioned it. Now that's all I can see!! Hilarious!! I bet the maker had no idea......

  2. Nope--you're not the only one! :)

    Have a wonderful week.

  3. Always fun to follow you on your travels to places I've never been! Fudge!!! I used to get some for Mother's day, when my Dh was our Bishop at Church, He knows what I like. Nice to see your Hubster got to accompany you this trip! Have a wonderfull week. I see Flowers...

  4. I do see the fallopian tubes, thanks for the giggle!

  5. Guffaw!! I saw that too!

  6. Your definitely not the only one lol.
    It looks absolutely stunning and peaceful there I hope you have a very enjoyable week.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  7. Such a beautiful place enjoy every ounce of it!!!

  8. Thanks for sharing it with us...so happy I get to enjoy it with you!!!

  9. Enjoy your stay on Mackinac Island! One of my favorite places to visit!

  10. Vines are so organic..............giggle, thanks for that! I think your Hubby might be to tall for that desk, looks like Daddies look when the have tea parties with pre-school Daughters.

  11. Poor Dave....he got the kindergarten desk! May you both have a great week!

  12. LOL - thanks for the chuckle to start the day Bonnie. Would love to see the rest of the quilt. Have fun at the Grand Hotel - it looks wonderful.

  13. This may be my first comment ever but your Fallopian tube reference was just too funny! Thanks for the giggle.

  14. Love your photos, the flags are beautiful in the morning light.

  15. I hope you brought some spring weather with you and the rain stays away for the week. You are in such a beautiful place, I have been there several times and each time I still love it. I live about five hours south east and don't get there often enough for me. I have stayed on the island twice and loved it, we usually to up one day and stay on the mainland over night and to to the island the next day and back to the main land then home on the third day. I would love to spend at least a month on the island to see how islanders actually live. I hope you enjoy your stay on the beautiful little bit of paradise.

  16. Hahahaha! Oh dear, never thought until you mentioned it! But how lovely to wake up early and enjoy the peacefulness. Looks like here - a little layer of frost and the promise of a beautiful day. Enjoy.

  17. You're not the only one: my first thought too!

  18. Wonderful pictures sharing of Mackinac Island!. I have a friend who has been there and says she wants to go again. I can see why now. Have a great time.

  19. Enjoying the early morning hush and clop-clop of the horses hooves with you was refreshing as I wait for the day to start in Lillington NC. Someday I'd like to join you in reality. Thanks for sharing.

  20. We do love living in this part of the country. Nice to know you are just across the Lake. Will be quilting with you this weekend from the Wisconsin side. (And I will be careful when I am sewing vines...) :-)

  21. What a magnificent place. Have a wonderful time.

  22. Hi Bonnie! Knowing the weather that MI has had, it is a miracle that you got to visit in MAY!!! If you ask around, I believe it was last year the LAKE was still frozen for Memorial Day and they had to fly in supplies, employees, etc. at great expense. Lovely, spectacular place - I know you will enjoy every single second there. It makes me want to pop over right now for a long relaxing, before-season visit. ~smile~ Roseanne

  23. That was my response to the quilt also!

  24. Didn't see it until you pointed it out, but now I'm giggling too!

  25. I so remember the Pellston airport...loved it. After the storm they showed last week it looks like the snow is gone and the weather beautiful even if cool. Wish I was there as it was an amazing experience.


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