Monday, May 06, 2019

Quilters, Start Your Engines!

And they are off and stitching!

Yesterday was an afternoon “head start” on our Emerald City workshop.at the Grand Hotel Needle Art Seminar on Mackinac Island, Michigan.

Some folks had arrived the day before – on Saturday – giving their bodies a chance to rest in  and soak up a bit of the island before starting yesterday afternoon.  Some others had newly arrived – just stepping off the ferry yesterday morning from wherever they came –and there was a bit of a kerfuffle of machines and luggage that hadn’t been delivered yet.  It would in due time – it just takes a bit for the luggage to go from ferry to horse wagon to the hotel, and then to be distributed by very busy bell boys that are working as hard as they can go get luggage to everyone as quickly as possible.

My thought is – if you are arriving the day of the workshop, if possible bring your machine and your project with you on the ferry – bring it up here yourself (Take a horse drawn taxi from the dock) so you will have what you need when class starts.

Other than that – it was ALL good!

The 3 hours yesterday afternoon gave us a chance to learn about the quilt, how we were going to break it down into manageable chunks, and by the end of class EVERYONE had their machines and projects delivered and were digging in.

Our goal for yesterday?  MASSES of half-square trianges – a good variety!  Because we will be blowing through them quickly as soon as we make our string blocks this morning.

Katy’s got her chain piecing going on!

And so does Nola!

(And doesn’t the quilt look great with this carpet?  Kismet!)

Stitching and trimming – just a bit!

Only dog ears and a few threads need to be dealt with!

That’s the beauty of cutting with my Essential Triangle Tool.  We work from strips – half the dog ears are already pre-trimmed in the cutting process.  The other are easily trimmed and there should be BARELY any sliver trimming going on at all.  If you are consistently trimming a lot – your seam is too narrow.  Fatten it up just a hair.  Of course, if things are too small – your seam is too chunky, slim it down.  Find that spot that gives you consistency and the least amount of trimming possible!

Triangles should be a pleasure, not a pain!

Today we move on to string blocks and put it all together!

Emerald City is found in my String Frenzy book and available at a special sale price in the Quiltville Store. You will receive a free digital PDF pattern for my Hunter’s String Star at purchase – the link will be sent to your email after you receive your receipt/invoice.  It’s a great way to play in the strings!

Gathering for last evening’s opening gala!

Fruit/cheese/crackers and wine included!

I love how Straits of Mackinac looks against the coral walls, don’t you?

Lecture over, dinner beginning!

The food here is just simply amazing – every attention is given to every detail – It’s a good thing that there has been plenty of time to walk and burn some of this off – because I am NOT going to pass on dessert at the Grand Hotel!

Yesterday morning’s walk as the sun began to warm -

Up the street the other direction -

This is Mackinac!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Even baby steps can move you forward! Don't measure the distance ahead, focus on the progress in font of you!

Vintage Crazy Anne quilt found in Grapevine, Texas during my 2017 visit.

Oh how I love red and cheddar together! (As seen in Good Fortune, right?!)

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!


  1. Love the Essential Triangle Tool! Introducing it to my 3 Granddaughters this Summer at Grandma Quilt Camp. Hsts and webbing ahead.

  2. Hope you enjoy more than one pecan ball dessert!

  3. looks like so much fun… do you give out a list of items to bring when you do a destination quilt class? Looking forward to Ireland in June 2020.

  4. What book is the Straits of Mackinac pattern in?

    1. See all the quilts in String Fling in the following quiltville.blogspot post:



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