Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Drop Everything and GO!

Laurel Ridge Conference Center -

When a message came from Kathy on Monday about a local guild retreat happening over at Laurel Ridge in Laurel Springs, NC this week along with an invitation to join in – the stars aligned and I said YES!

Yesterday afternoon as we were setting up our stuff, she said – “I really didn’t think you’d be able to make it with all you’ve got going on, but you did!”

My reply?  “No sinks and no counters at home?  No brainer!”

As it turns out I was off by about 4 days on Irene’s arrival from Kentucky, making me free as a bird until Sunday.

Things are about to get very busy around here (more info on that in a bit) so I will grab the retreat time I can!

Setting up and getting stitchy with the girls!

Miles of half-square triangles – this time the RIGHT SIZE!

I’m working on the alternate blocks for my duplicate “Oh, Henry!” Quilt – for those asking what the difference was between the WRONG WAY and the RIGHT WAY:


It’s a matter of the “rail unit”!

In the correct one for the RIGHT WAY ROUND quilt, the black rectangle in the rail units at the center of each side – the BLACK is the background of the block.  It makes it look a bit different than the traditional rolling stone block – where the neutral is the background, not the black.

These all have the rail unit the WRONG WAY!

Even if they look “RIGHT” they were wrong for this quilt design:

It wouldn’t have made the ovals if I had left them THE WRONG WAY!

Have I totally confused you yet? LOL!  I love this quilt – it is in the line up for the next book down the pipeline. I’m slowly working my way toward 12 quilts and then the manuscript writing happens.  The quilt I’m making with the wrong ones?  It’s slated to be a digital download, and likely a bonus PDF pattern when you order the book, that is if I don’t also include it in the book as an “alternative” for those folks who also turn their units THE WRONG WAY! LOL!

And can I just say that this happened more than twice? LOL!

That’s how I know I’m having a good time!

The view beyond our windows – LOVELY!

The conference center has a very comfy lounge room!

And yes, the fireplace is going.  It was chilly yesterday.

The girls are getting busy!

Quit layouts are happening -

Rows are being assembled!

Batik dresdens are being appliqued to blocks!

Veteran quilt in the making.

Piano key border going on a beautiful log cabin top.

These ladies are my next town over neighbors!

I’m so happy to have a couple of days to spend with them and get to know them.

Where I left off last night.

Today – I’m headed back and assembly will begin!

I hope to have a quilt top center by dinner time.

Drywall in place!  YAY!

On the way back to the cabin I stopped at  Quiltville Inn to see what happened at the Post Office during the day.  The dry wall is up!  Some more mudding and sanding to take place, but we should be paint ready by the weekend.

Since my dates were off with Irene’s arrival – I’m going to head out of here on Friday, get home and get the mail order out and pick up a few things that we need, and attend to some other things that need doing.  I’ll be back up on Saturday for a painting party.  Fingers crossed we can get the painting done this weekend.

Then lights.  Then floors.  Then bathroom fixtures – then I can move in!

Back home – we received a call that the granite counter tops for the cabin aren’t quite ready.  They say Friday.  I am guessing Monday.  Which was too long to go without a functioning kitchen sink and any kind of work surface in the kitchen.  So guess what is back?

BIG. BLUE. UGLY!  We hooked the old sink back up along with the dishwasher so we can be functional until the time that counters arrive.  Never a dull moment.  Just keep laughing!

And while you are laughing --

Check out this tag!

I honestly didn’t know whether to lean over and say something or not – This underarm tag has clearly been worn and washed a couple of times.  Maybe it has significant meaning to him? LOL!

The lady with him was NOT his wife.  Or she would not have let him go around town with a price tag under his arm for all the world to see.

Was it a first date?  if so – there may not be another! LOL!

As for me, I’m sitting there giggling to myself…and then wondering: “Hmmmm….nice plaid….is it cotton?  It would look great in a quilt!”

As soon as I hit send on this, I’m headed to the van, and the short 27 mile drive back over to Laurel Ridge for another day of quilt play with the Ashe County Quilt Guild Girls!

Thanks to the Ashe County Quilters for making me feel so welcome!

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

It won't be easy, but it will be worth it! (And it likely will be fun!)

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Maybe the gentleman left the tag on his shirt to see how long before someone said something. Maybe that someone would get a prize - a free service call !!!! HaHa. Good to get together with a good group of quilters. I always learn so much. Robert, from northern Iowa.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, maybe Candid Camera has returned, lol!

  2. I may have said this once before, but your 'wrong way' blocks remind me of Viewmaster slides. They're adorable!

  3. Wrong way Blocks and your alternate blocks are gonna be great together. Great to be invited! Lots of fun happening there. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Maybe the gentleman's tag was his way of picking up ladies!?! HA

  5. I am so happy that the quilters in that area are reaching out to you and inviting you to come play with them and get to know your "new neighbors" When you move to the cabin as your full time residence you won't be lacking for friends! I know you enjoy this play time, have a great day!

  6. I was at a wedding several years ago and the Bride and Groom looked so good together, except when they had their first dance the price tag was hanging down under her arm.

  7. Your quilt blocks are so cute just love the difference that turning the rail made I look forward to trying this quilt at some time. Enjoy you quilt retreat looks a lovely place and nice to be with like minded people.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  8. Even funnier than that man's tag was the one on the wedding gown of my son's first wife. Same wedding, best man forgot to bring the rings! Omen?

  9. Funny to see others checking out men who obviously left home without wife checking them out (am guilty of this as well) ... Maybe it is his favorite shirt now that blankie is outgrown? :)
    Wondering name of blocks layed out above batik Dresden blocks in blog? Thank you..

  10. Finished drywall is a sign that the end is! in sight. So happy for you. I wonder how many people have seen my tags. Hahahaha


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