Monday, May 20, 2019

A Cabin Retreat for Two -

Tulips are growing in my scrap garden!

There are now 5 total.

I know I am a bit late for tulip season in North Carolina/Virginia – but as of last week in Michigan, the tulips on Mackinac Island were just beginning to open and show their color.

Tulips in fabric can bloom at ANY time!  And while I am working on these…the thoughts in my bind of “biggie sizing” them and making them out of STRING BLOCKS is floating around in my head and I’m having to tell myself “Down, girl!”  There are other things that HAVE to happen this week.

And Irene is here to keep me FOCUSED!

One little cutie!

March/April 2019 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine.

Blossom Time – Addicted to Scraps column!

The objective with these is to rid myself of ALL SHORT STRIPS and clear out some pieces that are just hard to work with.  I can get the tulip and leaves from smallish pieces even the size of a charm square – those need to go away too.  They are never exactly 5’’ and languish in my stash because they are just harder for me to use.  I prefer strips.

I’ve also had a run in with a couple of Jelly Roll strips from the stash I wanted to use as neutrals – but those danged pinked edges – And I find it hard to get the full 2 1/2’’ widths out of a Jelly Roll strip as well.  I either have to trim the edges because they are a scad too wide, or trim them down to the next usable size because they are too narrow.  And you can find BOTH scenarios in the length of one strip!

Okay – that was a tangent!  Just me blowing off some quilt construction steam on a Monday morning.

Back to Happy Tulips, just make a happy tulip right there…. (In my best Bob Ross voice!)  Hahahaha!

I would make Tulips all week if I could – but I can’t.  You may notice that there is some other chain piecing going on under the presser foot. 

This is how I keep myself happy!  ANYTHING can be a Leader & Ender project.  I just simply cut a few tulip block kits, and set them by my machine.  And while I am working on the “hard and fast deadline stuff” – I am building the tulips as Leaders & Enders.  I am watching this little garden grow on my design wall while getting the other stuff done and ready to send off to Quiltmaker for my 2020 Addicted to Scraps Column.  It’s a happy way to still make progress.  In both camps.

Irene is keeping me company!

Working on her Good Fortune quilt -

And yes, Sadie is snoozing in the background.

I met up with her at Quiltville Inn yesterday and was able to give her the tour for the first time.  I think she is in love!  And I’m eager and willing to soak up any ideas she has for decorating, for how to more smoothly run things.  This is a woman who has worn many hats throughout her life and I value her input greatly!

We plan to spend the week sewing our brains out, making plans for future events – and chatting even more about my upcoming July dates teaching for her shop The Cozy Quilter in Louisville Kentucky – we’ve got a workshop series and lecture coming up QUICKLY!  Interested in coming?  

There may still be space in some of the classes.  Contact the Cozy Quilter for more info.

And while the girls are sewing -  LOL!

The Hubster was up washing windows!  I had no idea he was climbing up there to do this until I rounded the corner and saw him.  I grabbed the phone and took a photo. 

Gotta love a man who does windows without being asked!  It all started with a round of “Kill the Carpenter Bees before they turn the cabin into Swiss cheese with their hole boring.” And one thing lead to another.  I wasn’t about to stop him.

On the docket for today – do we take a little wager?

WILL the dry wall guys come back and FINISH the job they started a week ago on the Quiltville Post Office ceiling?

WILL the well guy show up and help us figure out what we need to do to restore water back to the Inn & the Post Office?

Will it break the bank in the process?  From what we can gather from a phone call to the company that installed the well – it’s more than 400 feet down.

Let’s hope it’s just the pump.  Turn your positive thinking caps on folks – we need this resolved.

Son Jeff is on his way up to mow the lawn that is so high it has gone to seed.  It’s finally dry enough to mow it on a day that coincides with his day off.

Burgers on the grill when he gets done.  Or maybe ribs – either way I am prepared to feed him for his efforts.

And this is where you will find us – stitching away!

It’s also the last day to be sure you are entered in our Quilty Box Gift-Away!  Drawing to happen in tomorrow morning’s post!  Enter to win ON THAT POST.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

What's wrong with society today: Talking trash about people you find trashy doesn't make you any less trashy than they are.

Before you put someone down, look for the one good thing in them you admire and mention that instead.

If you are listening to someone putting someone else down, change the direction of the conversation.

Or simply walk away and be the change you wish to see in the world.

It’s a brand new week – make it a good one!


  1. I love your quote of the day! It reminds me to think before I talk. I like to think that if the person was present, would I still say it? Love your quilting and your giving to us in your blog of your time and kindness. God bless.

  2. Fill a plain old paper bag with plastic bags and hang outside. Looks like a wasp nest to the carpenter bees and they will clear out. Non-lethal way of keeping them at bay. Has worked on our back porch for two years now!

  3. I love your tulips!! I will be at two of your classes in Louisville in July. I can't wait! So it looks like I'll get to meet Irene also! Fun days ahead.

  4. Time to get things done and who better to do it with: a good friend and two 301's!!! Myself and my 301A salute both of you !!!!

  5. This year we had so many carpenter bees that we couldn't enjoy our porch or deck (and they were ruining the railings). We are using carpenter bee traps and are amazed at how few we are seeing. There are instructions on how to make them on line.

  6. Thanks for making the page of all the addicted to scraps blocks! I want to get the issue of the "Meet in the Middle" block. That makes a very cool quilt and looks like it uses up lots of little bits.
    So many ideas... so little time!
    Have a great time at your mini retreat this week!

  7. Quick question. The board you have on your sewing machine with the blocks on it. How is it propped up? I don't see an easel and this would be so great to have. Thank you in advance.

  8. Oh My ! ! ! Your quote this morning certainly took me back. My grandmother, my very own needlework instructor, never said any thing bad about anyone. When others were saying bad things about someone she would say something like...."but you know she makes the best cornbread" or "her beautiful blue eyes are such an asset." I wish I could be more like her in a lot of ways. Love and miss her so much.

  9. SO VERY GLAD to hear you have problems with the sizes of jelly roll strips and charms! I take to heart you caveat about accurate cutting (and stitching) for good results and it is so frustrating to find strips aren't accurately cut, even within the strip!!! a 2 1/2" strip can be more or less and sometimes both!!!! argh... here's hoping your drywall people remember the job they said they finish, as well as the well-guys... they must have a professional label...??? hmm... loving your challenges and successes! In the fullness of time, it will all work out -- and your window washer, you have to love a man who will do windows! Congratulations what a keeper, might as well add he's lucky to have you, too! Again, thanks for all you give us, now i have to go find that magazine...asked for and received as a Christmas gift, cause of your column... up to my elbows in Emerald City, and maybe if i take a few moments to organize the tulips for Leaders & Enders project, while stripping... a bazillion thanks for your contribution to my life. Cats in Carlsbad CA

  10. Have a great sewing week with Irene. Bees are another necessary evil. Playing the Thumper quote in my head. If you can't say anything nice. Don't say anything at all. Spread kindness!

  11. Hey..I like that little block easel too. What's it made of?

  12. I love the easel idea, going to use that one going forward. Enjoy your free time sewing.

  13. Tulips were still blooming at Butchart's when I was there on Mother's day. It was beautiful to see.

    Is Irene's machine a 301 - if so - what type of table is it set in?

  14. Oh ! It's Monday morning. Thank goodness, the wind has calmed down, and the sunshine feels good. I think it's a good day to make a few of those tulip blocks. Happy Sewing Day

  15. When I moved to a cottage with a deck I was told about those bees. I decided to try spreading Vicks along the under side of the railing. Seems to have worked! Time to do it again for this year ♥

  16. Wendy, that is a Singer card table and they are awesome! I have one for my featherweight and one for my 301.

  17. In the first picture of Irene's machine and easel, you can just see the edge of what's holding the easel upright. It looks like one of those display racks for plates or small pictures.

  18. My mother was the same way and did not say anything negative about anyone. She was the sweetest person you could have met. I miss her each and every day since she passed away. Wish she were here to see how much I enjoy sewing as she made all of my clothes and would have loved seeing my quilts.

  19. I so enjoy reading your blog and hope to meet you one day. Did you notice on the polka-dot tulip how the print is almost perfectly matched throughout the body of the tulip? I love those surprises! Thanks for all you do!

  20. I think the design wall is "Cheryl's Design Wall" You can google it. They have 3 different sizes. I don't have a stake in the company and I hope this is okay to post. Love your blog Bonnie and really admire your stamina and energy!!!

  21. Did you applique the stems on or piece the white triangles to the green stem? Love your colors!

  22. No quilty but you did it. Hubby says I can get new countertops. Are you happy with their job? Please drop me a line.

  23. Bonnie...tulips are a good remedy for a wet, chilly, Spring (IL). Still reveling in the Emerald City class I took with you in Mineola last month. Blessings.

  24. I ave also experienced problems using jelly rolls. I don't like the pinked edges and have noticed the failure to be a true 2.5 inches. I love Kaffe Fassett fabrics, but would never buy another Kaffe Fassett jelly roll. I've bought two and both of them had that inconvenient dip in the center that happens when the fabric is not squared. I bought one at a museum and one at a quilt show so I could not take them back. I couldn't use either one for the pattern I had intended to use them for. Thanks for the carpenter bee tips.


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