Saturday, June 01, 2019

When Simple Sewing is the Goal -

I feel like I’ve been on a sewing diet.

And like I’ve been running a marathon, still 6 miles from the finish line and running out of gas.

But there is hope for sewing time on the horizon!

And even some blatant “Playing Hooky” time in the midst of all of this moving in chaos fit the bill of feeding my quilty soul when there is little to no time for actual stitching.

11:20am – 10 minutes before closing time!

It took a bit to get the printers functional.  It took a bit more to pull what orders I could get out the door before 11:15am,. so I could make it 1 mile up the road to the little “NEW” Mouth of Wilson Post Office and make my maiden drop-off of outgoing orders, starting what I hope will be a long standing friendly relationship with the postal system here.  Yes, they close at 11:30am on weekdays, 11:00am on Saturday – but if you know what their hours are, you can adjust your life to suit that time frame and everyone is happy.

Should I need a late afternoon emergency drop-off, the post office in Piney Creek NC is only 10 minutes away and they are open until 4pm.

Small batch dropped off, USPS closing – I turned the van south down highway 16 and let it auto-pilot me to the Land of Lowe’s – new toilet and bathroom mirror for the Quiltville Post Office rest room.

With a slight detour first.

The quilt you see at the top of this post?  When Irene was here, we closed the town down until 5pm wandering in and out of places, and once place I really wanted to see had closed up shop before we got to that end of the street.  Before I invested in a mirror from Lowe’s that looked like all the other mirrors anyone else had ever bought from Lowe’s, I wanted to see if I could find something vintage first.

Oh look!  It’s an H block!

Not sure if the H is intentional, or accidental – all of the other blocks have a simple nine-patch in the center.  But this quilt called to me.  Oh how I love that wonky fan quilting!  There is half a bolt of solid cheddar sitting at home in Wallburg also calling my name.  I tell it “Hush!  Soon!  Just be patient!”

Another appealing nine-patch variation -

Check out the two centers.

One with dark in the corners, one with light -

Someone actually PIECED those tiny checkerboard diamonds!

(And I thought I was nuts?!)

The colors of this one – just so folksy!  I love it.


Because the ideas keep swirling and keep me from sleeping.

This will go in the Quiltville Post Office. 


And lest you think there has been ZERO sewing at all – think again.  I said NO QUILTING, but I have made someone very happy by re-purposing this:

This big and heavy pillow ticking curtain hung in the cabin basement.

It was always too heavy for the rod, bending it so that the rings it hung by couldn’t slide. When it came down, I knew I’d use it for something – And something finally came up.

Nice and heavy cotton duck.

Perfect for a drawstring bag for The Hubster’s tennis balls!

And it had me running the machine and playing with fabric for about 30 minutes.  But I sewed!

Next project – a new ironing board cover – or two -

Or five or six! LOL!

I am out of drawstring so that is on the list to pick up today.

I’m sending this post off – doing what mail order I can get to the Post Office by 11am.  Then continue to do what I can through the day!

Our Grand Re-Opening Sale continues with free shipping on orders of $39.00 or more from the Quiltville Store when you use code FREE39 at purchase through midnight on Monday, June 3rd – Eastern Time!

 Remember to put in the code when you chose your item – there is a box below the item for you to copy/paste/type it in.  Code must be used at time of purchase, no refunds if you forget, okay?

Thanks for keeping me busy and breaking in my new space!

Oh and this strategic parking?

The Quiltville Inn drive comes off of the road in front of it in an arc – both sides have a STOP! NO THRU TRAFFIC – PRIVATE DRIVE sign at either end.

Do those signs stop anyone?  NOPE!  They come driving on through – we watched it all weekend long.  This weekend I am parked in my own drive to deter anyone from just driving up and over – Let’s see if it works!

I want to wish everyone a happy June. New month! New possibilities! May 2019 goes down in the books as awesome, and I hope it continues into this next month too.

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Vintage tumbling blocks quilt found in Kentucky.

Not everything will go as we expect in life, sometimes it throws in some wild hairpin turns.

Hang on, it's going to be a wild ride but stay on the road!

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!


  1. I bet the "drive throughs" are your fans checking out Quiltville Inn! I'm pretty sure I would do a drive by if I was in the area LOL

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. you know someone will stop by your car to "help with flat tire?' or check to see what help you need......because you are stopped....'on narrow road'....giggle

  3. This quote is perfect for my life right now. I "retired" from my x-ray job and trying to figure out what is the next step. Until then, I am trying to listen to my inner voice while I am quilting, quilting, quilting!

  4. I think it's going to take more than those two small signs to deter the curious. It may take automated gates, which I am equally certain you don't want either.

  5. The drive throughs must be the older locals who remember when there was a pay phone between those poles. I used that phone more than once when we first started coming here 15 years ago!

  6. Did you find a mirror???

  7. Bonnie, you need a big sign there that says something like "Quiltville Inn Drive" or something similar so people will know it's not the street they want, maybe paired with a big arrow. Wonder if your state rep could help you get some signs? It's worth asking!

  8. Happy June! Great use for that curtain. Win win for your helpful, tennis playing hubster! Right turns only on Quiltville Avenue. Hooray for detours.

  9. or " Quiltville Inn Scenic Route " ....kidding.... or this is a driveway not a road that is why it is not on your mapquest @#%^& @$$ ..... sorry took two vitamins this morning by accident.

  10. Try signs that say "toll road"? LOL

  11. Woot Woot! My package is in the "inaugural" mailing from the New Quiltville Post Office!

    June 1, 2019 at 11:01 am

    Departed Post Office


    Oh my word!! Bonnie, you are the most amazing woman I know. I did not expect the post to happen before next week. Looking forward to working on Straights of Mackinac first, and reading through the other patterns and the books as well. Purchased these because I wanted to help 'christen' the new facility.
    Best wishes!!!! and thank you!

  12. Sorry about the drive...we had folks going through ours at highway speeds, parked two cars cattywhompus for years. They STILL drove through, scary when my then young children were on bicycles and rollerblades. Ended up reconfiguring drive, even then we have had drive throughs when there was snow on the ground.

  13. If your parked car doesn’t stop the traffic, how about a “Road Closed” sign and barricades across the middle of the drive, physically preventing them from going through?
    Thanks for the view into your life. I love reading all about the happenings. I’m looking forward to meeting you in July in Kentucky.

  14. Your use of the Mouth of Wilson post office should be a really good thing for the whole community as it will help to ensure long term survival of the PO. In our rural towns, post offices face closings and reduced hours, but those that have higher use data do better at surviving. I love all the updates about your adventures with transitioning to Quiltville Inn!

  15. my friend made a corn bag from pillow ticking. if you have small left over pieces, i recommend making 1 or several. it's like meeting an old friend in the fall when i get it out when the weather turns cold. and it's sad putting it away in the spring. mine is about the size of a spiral notebook and has a pretty pillowcase cover. i microwave it for 1 1/2 minutes, turn it over and microwave another 1 1/2 minutes. it's a wonderful foot warmer when you go to bed or nice to put on arthritic thumbs or knees or whatever else is hurting. and hours later, it is still warm. some people say they used rice but my friend used regular field corn. it is my favorite gift!

  16. Your drive is better than most roads here in Illinois. Haha. Beautiful area.

  17. When our gates are left open we have horse riders ducking in from other traffic - lots of little hoof prints all in the grass and driveway.
    Looks like plenty of room should anyone drive past your car! How about sideways on - or fix a small trailer on the back (borrow from someone) then have a sign saying soft verges beware!

  18. Hmmmmm... I need a new ironing board cover. The commercial ones JUST DON'T HOLD UP anymore! Thanks for the inspiration. Now, to start scoping for good cotton duck ticking. It's out there, somewhere!

  19. What a co-incidence?! I have stripped duck ticking as the fabric cover on my ironing board! (It was once the cover for the bench seat in our pickup truck.) Reduce, reuse, recycle!

  20. We have a large circle drive that people love to use--just to turn around or....? I'm not sure but we really don't like people using it because it requires more maintenance (rock/sand)and because we have a large "outbuilding," we have to be concerned about what they're doing out there. So we put up a private drive sign which helped a lot but yes, people STILL think they can just drive right in. I'll never understand!! Recently re-covered my ironing board; always wonder why I don't do it more often!

  21. Bonnie- I love your sign, about your brain needing to quiet down at night. I also had to chuckle about your P.O. hours. At least the P.O. is open all days. A couple years ago when they were bickering about closing some of Alaska's P.O.s, my thought was we could live without mail one day a week if it meant keeping the village P.O.s open. Anyone can live with reduced hours, if it means everyone gets mail at least a few days a week. Well, they ended up keeping them all open, and I am sure some of the villages have more reduced hours than we do. Our P.O. is open 8-5 m-f, but closed from 2-3 for lunch. Saturday we are open 8-12 noon. Kenai and Soldotna are not closed for lunch, but they have several people working where only have 1, sometimes two people working. Your sleepy little P.O.is in for a rude awakening, when the orders really start flying out the door at certain times of the year!

    Good Luck, enjoy the weekend!

    Kasilof, AK


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